True love (swasan and raglak) Episode 4

Thnks for reading my ff to all
Todays epissode star with swara seeing ragini and goes to her and hold her hand
Ragini: swara what happen
Swara: ragini I want to tell u something
Ragini: yeah swara tell
Swara: ragini lakash don’t love u
Ragini get shocked hearing this
Ragini angrly: what type of joke is this swara
Swara: ragini this is not joke he don’t love u he only accepted this alliance bcz of his bahi he don’t love u he is just playing with u for his benefits
Ragini slap swara hard
Ragini crying: plase swara tell this is wrong please
Swara crying: no ragini this is true
Ragini fell on floor and shattered
Ragini: now I don’t want to live anymore and cry bitterly
Swara holds ragini shoulder
Swara: ragini please don’t say like this
Ragini stand up and jerks swara and swara fall ragini runs towards teerace and swara also go behind her
Ranini come near celling and swara is at some distance
Swara: ragini wait you cant do this
Ragini: no swara he is my life when he is not with me I cant live and ragini jump from the celling
Swara shout: ragini
All members see towards swara ragini run to swara tear coming from swara eyes

Ragini: swara what happen tell me
Swara see ragini
Swara: ragini are u ok na please tell me
Ragini shakes swara: yeah I am ok
Swara comes in reality and thinks it’s a dream and hugs ragini
Ragini: sona tell me what happen
Swara: ragini I see a bad dream I which you are leving me
Ragini: sona dontworry I will not leave you
Swara hug her more tightly and then ragini break the hug and wipe swara tear
Ragini: oh my sister love me so much
Swara: more than myself
Ragini: you know swara moring dreams true sometimes
Swara hits her: no ragini don’t tell like this if that happen I will die
Ragini: soory swara I am just joking
Swara: how dare you to joke like this ragini go I will not talk to u
Ragini holds her both ears: soory sona
Swara trun her face

Ragini: swara if you don’t talk to me I will die automatically
Swara hear this and turn and put hand on her mouth
Swara: dare you talk like this if something happen to u then I cant live
Ragini: so forgived me
Swara nodes
Ragini: then give me my sona smile
Swara smiles and ragini hug her all ladies see the bonding of both of them abd gets happy and swaragini plays in background and then they break the hug
Ragini: see swara you make me senti
Swara: soory
Swara: I came to take lunch of sanskar
Sujata: ok I will give you the plate
Swara: ok aunty
Sujata make the plate and swara take it and goes and ragini goes in kitchen swara is going and thinking how to tell ragini truth and goes inside the room and see sanskar is sitting with his eyes close

Swara goes near him and try to wake up him
Swara: sanskar wake up
And sanskar wake and see swara near her and see her swara then sit on bed and start fedding him and he is staring her only
Sanskar: what happen dost why are you looking sad
Swara: no nothing see I am smiling
Sanskar thinks I know swara u are felling greatest pain bcz of that lakash but I know u will get hurt by me also but I have to do that I am soory swara
Swara fedded him and after completion of food she make her sleep and sanskar pretend to sleep and swara goes and sit in couch suddenly lucky come their
Swara: what are u doing here slowly as sanskar is sleeping
Lucky goes and hold swara hand
Lucky: swara please try to understand I love u
Swara jerks him

Swara: don’t you dare to come near me lakash maheswari other wise I will not better for u what u think of yourself you tell me I love u and I came running to u betraying my sister you know I can do anything for her and u know you don’t desrve any ones frndship and anyone true love I will tell everything to my sister I cant let her marry to a selfish guy like u you get that
And start pushing him
Lucky: swara please listen to me
And swara pushed him out of room and closes the door
Lucky: swara please once
And swara goes and sit in couch as sanskar is pretending to sleep he hear all this and think I am soory swara but I have to take my revenge
Here lucky goes to his room and cry and swara in sanskar room crying
Swara: how I tell ragini about this she love him so much how sge will react god give me strength to tell truth to ragini and cry bitterly
Sanskae see this and fell bad and turn his face and thinks no swara I know u cant tell her I want ragini to get married to lucky then he will know how it feels when are loved one goes away from us and I have do this to give him pain soory swara I really soory I know I am playing with your emotions but I have to do this with you and some flah back start in with sanskar is pleading that he has done nothing and no one is hering and then tear come in in sanskar eyes and he wipe it
Screen splits in swasan crying face


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