True love (swasan and raglak) Episode 3

Thnks guys for your comments but I think my ff is bored that’s why I am not getting good response if you tell I will stop it
Episode start with ragini going inside the house and swara goes to lucky
Lucky is about to say something swara intrupted him
Swara: I know what you want to say

Lucky get surprised
Swara: don’t get surprised I know that time you were not talking your frnd you are talking about yourself right I know u started liking her but you are dumb u have to talk to her but no u are behaving like dumb
Lucky: but swara listen to me
Swara: ok ok I know u are dumb I will come tomarrow with ragini to your house ok u will get time to talk to her
Suddenly dadi call swara

Swara: ok bye dadi is calling
And swara goes from their and lucky hit car tyre with leg
Lucky: shit I have to tell her tomarrow only
And goes from their
Swara comes in goes to ragini
Shekar: ragini are u happy with this marriage tell me your opinion matters to me
Swara: papa happy she is doublr happy see her face how it is glowing
And ragini runs towards her room and all other smile
Sumi give food plate to swara and she goes in and smile seeing ragini happy
Swara: oh some one is blushing
Ragini: swara please
Swara: ok my sister

Swara: you know ragini your going to be better half is little dumb but I like the way he propose you directly engagement not bad
Ragini: swara he is not dumb
Swara: oh now only you are taking his side don’t know after marriage u forget me
Ragini put her hand on swara mouth
Ragini: dare you talk like this when I will firget to take breath I will forget u u are my sister a beautiful gift of god I never forget u

And tear come in her eyes swara holds her ears
Swara like a child: soory ragini
Ragini see this and smile and put her hands on her cheeks
Swara: promise me u will not talk like this
Swara: promise
And both hug each other and swaragini music plays in background
Swara: I am so hungry shall we eat
Ragini noded and they feedded each other

Here in mm sanskar is sleeping in his room while lucky is thinking how he announced the engament in front of whole badi
Lucky: no I cant do this I love swara very much I have to tell her any how and start thinking
Here in gh swaragini eats food and sleep
Next moring swararagini with all family member goes to mm and all members of mm are sitting in hall sanskar is also sitting their all get happy seeing gadodia family sanskar goes and hug swara
Sanskar: you know dost I am wating for u
Swara smiles: really so sweet of you and pulls his cheeks softly lucky see this and fell bad and all family member smiles
They all sit and ragini sit beside ap and swara is standing with sanskar
Sanskar: what is happening dost why this much people
Swara: sanskar your bahi point towards lucky and my sister point towards ragini are marriaring
Sanskar: really then I will also marry
Swara: no sanskar isa nahi kehte ok
Sanskar noded and see towards swara and swara is seeing towards ragini happily while lucky is seeing towards swara

Shekar: dp we are happy with this relation ship
Dp: yeah if our children are happy we have no objection
At that time pandit come and all great him and he tells that subh murat of engagement is tomarrow and saadi after 5 days
Dp: we don’t have problem
Shekar: we are also ready
Swara gets happy and ragini get shy and take all elders blessing and goes to swara and hug her
Swara: I am so happy for u
Ragini smiles
Swara: sanskar congras her from now she will be live here
Sanskar smiles : can I call you sister
Ragini: yeah why not
Sanskar smiles: you are also nice like my dost
Lucky is seeing sadly towards swara all gents started talking and ragini and all ladies go to kitchen for lunch and sanskar take swara to his room and lucky go behind her
Sanskar and swara come to room

Sanskar: dost what is this marriage
Swara: sanskar its relation of in which two hearts get one if one fell pain other will also fell pain and you know it’s the best realtion in this earth
Sanskar: like us na
Swara get surprised and see sanskar while sanskar smiles
Lucky is hearing this from outside fells bad hearing this
Sanskar: what happen dost
Swara: nothing you know sanskar today is my happiest day of my life I sister is getting her love I am so happy don’t know why I am telling u this but I want to tell u
Sanskar hug her and swara surprised by this
Sanskar: you are my dost you can tell anything to me
Swara smiles and break hug
Swara: yeah that’s right now u sit here I will bring your luch you have to take medicine na ok don’t go from here
Sanskar noded and swara goes out as she was going some strong hand pulls her inside swara shout and it is heared by sanskar and he stand and see no where and go towards a room and see from window lucky is holding swara sanskar fells bad seeing swara with lucky
Swara: what is this lucky

Lucky: swara I want to talk to u something important
Swara: what lucky tell me fast I have to take luch for your bahi and give him medicine
Lucky: swara I love u
Swara is shocked by listening this and get stunned
Swara: lucky you know I don’t like this type of jokes
Lucky: swara this is not a joke I really love u and hold her hands
Swara jerks him and sand shocked and tear come in her eyes
Swara: what are u telling lakash are you gone out of your ming you are getting married to ragini and u telling me this and what was all that why you declare your enagement among a;; badi members
Lucky: swara I did only for my bahi dadi is not sending you and bahi here het mad and tell that he will kill herself if you not come so I have to do that but I don’t love ragini I love u
Swara: what you think of yourself lakash maheswari my sister is a doll whenever you want her you tke and where you don’t just throw her dare you mr. lakash maheswari I have seen my sister hert broken once but not now don’t you cre about her felling what she fells when she heard about it you had think that no you only love yourself mr. lakash maheswari and I will not let my sister go in that hands who is selfish tears coming from her eyes

Sanskar is listening all this and fell bad seeing swara in tears
Lucky hold swara hand
Lucky: I know swara I become selfish but swara I love u

Swara jerks her hand: but I hate u its my mistake that I had make a frnd like u I have shame on me and goes from their and lucky fell and start crying and sanskar goes to his room and closes the door and sit in bed and closes his eyes and think sanskar what is happening to you why you fell happy when swara is with u why you are felling sad by seeing her tears you are distracting from your goal you are here to take revenge from lucky so concentrate on it bcz to him you have lived 3 years without your family and a small drop of tear come in his eyes and he wipe it
While ragini in kitchen helping all of them and smiling and swara is seeing outside tears in her eyes

Screen splits in painfull face of swasan and lucky while smiling ragini face

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