True love (swasan and raglak) Episode 2

I am soory to all who want sanskar to be mad but i will make that he is acting so guys enjoy the story and please comment if u like it
sujata and lucky come home with sanskar and all see him and get stunned ap started crying and goes near him and hug him but he resist and stand away from her
ap: what happen sanskar
sujata tell her whole incident
dp: i cant allow sanskar to live here after that incident
sujata: bahisa look at his condition where he will go
ap: we get our sanskar after 3 years dont become like a stonr
rp: bahisa please its a request give permission to my son to live here
dp: ok i will allow
all get happy hearing this and
here sanskar fell dizzy and about to fall lucky hold him he gey faint lucky take him in arms and take in the room
sujata: lakash jaldi docter ko phone kar

lucky call docter and docter come and check him
ap: docter what happen
docter: he faint due to weak ness and i will take some test to him ok
and docter goes from their
here in badi swaragini are sitting in room
swara: lakash dint tell that he has a elder brother other than adarsh bahi
ragini: yeah swara dont know who make his situation like that
swara: yeah so sad for him
ragini: but i am happy that lakash get their brother
swara: yeah now all your happiness is connected with some one
ragini blushes
swara: ooohh some one is blushing
ragini: swara
swara smiles and hug her
scene shift to mm
sanskar get wake up and panic seeing many people
ap: beta take this breakfast and then this medicine
sanskar throws the plate
sanskar: i want my dost call her call her
lucky: bahi calm down
sanskar: no i want to meet her and shout call her

and see a knife on side table and take it
sanskar: call my dost other wise i will cut my hand
lucky: bahi keep it u get injured
sanskar cut his hand all shocked by this
lucky: ok bahi u wait i will take her here ok
sanskar: paka promise
lucky: promise
and they come out of room and sanskar sit on bed and uttra is with him
sujata: lakash please take swara here other wise he will do anything to itself
lucky: dont take tension i will bring her
and lucky goes towards badi here sujata and ap come in room
ap: beta eat something
sanskar: no i will eat only with my dost hands
here in badi swaragini here some voice and cane out to room and see lucky folding hand in front of dadi
lucky: dadi please send swara with me other wise bahi will do something to him
dadi: kabhi nahi i dont forget what dp did with us
swara: dadi please
dadi: dont talk in btw swara
lucky: dadi i will do what u want to tell me to do but please send swara with me
dadi: ok then u have to do marriage with ragini and with that dp permission then i will send swara
lucky hear this and go abd hold ragini hand and in front of whole badi enouncr his engagment with ragini
lucky: dadi now please send swara with me
dadi: ok but ragini u also go with her
and lucky take swaragini to mm

swara goes to sanskar room and sanskar see her and go and hug her
sanskar: dost you come i am so happy come sit na
and sanskar hold her hand and make her sit on bed ap give sanskar breakfast plate
and first aid kit
sanskar: tell all of them to go from here
ap: ok sanskar we are going
and they all go from room but raglak wait their
swara: show me your hand
and sanskar show his hand
swara: what you did see this much blood is coming
sanskar makes pout face: they are not calling u and you also not come na so i fell scared
swara: ok now i come na smile
and sanskar smiles
swara clen his wound with dettole
sanskar: dost its paning
swara blows air
swara: soory

sanskar: sooru accepted
swara: sanskar promise me u will not hurt you again
sanskar: promise dost
and after dressing swara feed him break fast and then give medicine and make him sleep sanskar hold her hand and sleep
on the othet side raglak
ragini: lakash dont take tension your brother will be alright
lucky: ragini i get my brother aftet 3 years but he is not remembring me
ragini put her hand on his shoulder
ragini: i understand your pain lakash
and lucky closes his eyes
at evening swara make sanskar eat dinner and make him sleep and then goes to hall
ap: swaragini beta u also di dinner here
swara: no aunty ma has called us so we have to go

ap: lucky go and drop them to badi
lucky: ok ma
and they goes near car and sit and lucky drove the car
as swaragini was chatting lucky is thinking about the incidents happend with him how he announced engament with ragini and his frnd word echohed in mind lucky you love her idiot u love swara
and badi come and lucky come of thoughts
lucky think i have to tell her this and swaragini and lucky came out of car
swaragini: gn lakash
and about to go
lucky: swara i want to talk to u
swara see ragini
swara: dont worru ragini i will tell each and every thing of your going to be bettet half
ragini blushes and smile and lucky fell little uncomfertable
ragini goes in and swara goes to lucky

did lucky propose swara theb what was her reaction read episode

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