True love (swasan and raglak) Episode 1

This is my second ff hope u like it

i start my story from sanskar entery in show but here is some change now dadi love both swara and sumi all characters are same as in show so here we start
swara and dadi are in hall while ragini is in her room
suddenly a boy come having a knife in hid hand and run and puy knife on swara neck dadi shocked by this and shout by hearing shout ragini come from room and shocked to see swara
ragini: swara and try to come near her
boy: away be away
swara: ragini wait
at that time some people come and they have sticks in their hand and shekar sumi also come and shocked to see swara
boy get feared by seeing this

person1 : he is mental he can fo anything
dadi shout: someone save my sona
boy get feared by her shouting and leave swara and i this process he cut his hand and ragini hold swara
as dadi shout and boy break the flower pot and all get shocked the people who are standing started coming towards boy he get afraid and hold swara hand hide behind her
boy: please save me they are bad bad
swara see this
dadi: swara u come here let them take him
boy: no no i will beat me and cry

here lucky come to badi and see people at swara home he goes inside and see someone is holding her hand he see the face of boy and get shocked and tear start flowing from his eyes
lucky: sanskar bahi
sujata also come their behind lucky and see it from window but didnt see the face of boy
lucku goes and hug sanskar sanskar resist and push him but ragini hold him and sanskar goes behind swara and hide
swara: you all go please he is fearing from u
person2 : but he is pagal he can do anything
lucky: shouts he is not pagal he is my brother all gadodia menbers shocked
sujata here this and think whome lucky is telling his bahi
swara: you all go he will not do anything

and all people go from their sujata is also about to go but stop hearing something
lucky comes near him
lucky: what happen sanskar bahi why are u behaving like this
sanskar hold swara hand
sanskar: away away
sujta hearing sanskar name run inside the house and see sanskar is hiding behind swara
sujta: my son alive and goes and hug him but he pushes her but sumi hold her
sanskar: sanskar gandi aurat stay away from me
swara: sanskar dont tell like that
sanskar noded
ragini: swara i think he is only agrrening with u
sujata see the wound in his hand
sujata goes and hold his hand but he jerks
sujata: swara do first aid na
swara: ji aunty

swara: sanskar come sit here and sanskar goes and sit on chair
swara: i will come i sit here only
and swara turn and about to go sanskar hold her hand
sanskar: dont go na dost they all are bad
ragini: swar you wait here i will bring the first aid box
ragini goes and swara sit with him and sanskar smile seeing her
ragini come and give first aid box to swara and goes to lucky and hold her hand and lucky see her with teary eyed

swara bandges him and after dressing
sanskar: i an hungry
sujata : come beta i will make u eat
sanskar: no i will eat from my dost hands
swara: ok but meri ek baat manani padegi
sanskar gestur in yes
swara: u have to take first bite with that aunty hand ok
sanskar: ok
ragini bring food and sujata gives first bite to sanskar and get happy with teary eyed and then swara feed him
after food completed
dadi: enough sujata ji take your child from here yeh meru sarafat ha ki itba subkuch hone ke baad bhi aap yaha kade ho
sujata: sanskar beta chalo

sanskar: no i dont go with you you are bad i will live with my dost
swara: sanskar dont tell himbad she is your mon ok
lucky: swara tell him to hug me once please swara
swara: sanskar he is your brother lakash go and hug him sanskar goes and hug him
swara: thats like a good boy now tell this aunty mom and hug her and sanskar do that
sanskar then goes and again hold swara hand
sujata: swara you have given me all the happiness by telling sanskar to told me mom
dadi: enough of your drama now take your son
shekar: ma
dadi: no one will talk in btw
sujata: lakash come we wil take him
sanskar: no i will not go with u
swara: sanskar u belive me na

sanskar: yes
swara:then go with them i will come after some time
sanskar: paka promise
swara: paka promise
and sanskar goes and hold lucky hand and they go at door sanskar turn and waves by to swara and swara also bye him
please give me sugesstion

i will make sanskar mad and then he well by caring of swara or he is donig acting of being mad
please tell me your suggestion and if u like it please comment

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  1. let it be this he should be acting like mad

  2. Plzzzzzzzzzzz rani make sanskar mad and then he well by caring of swara.Nice start ing yaar.

  3. don’t make sanskar mad or act to made him mad but make the story interesting by showing him as memory loss patient then after that show him improving by swara’s care and make them fall in love with eachother i.e., completely swasan’s loce story

  4. Nice but make it as swara is sanskar first love but she doesn’t know about this and when he came to know that laksh loves swara he come back to get his love ..
    and don’t make the entry of kavita .you can make sanskar wanted to stand on bis feet but his badepapa refused him
    don’t make sanskar mad let him acting to get his love

  5. and he has some hiddem revenge from laksh u can di this but don’t make the entry of kavita

  6. Make him mad and then well by swara s caring ….

  7. Wow nice….let it be acting…..and love blossoms in pairs……No kavita please……let the twist be different…..some wrong allegations against sanskar by dp……revenge…..but cute love story between pairs..

  8. It good. Sanskar should be acting to be mad. Plzzzz

  9. He should be acting like mad yar…

  10. dont show like he is acting as mad.. show he have some past because of that he became like that due to swara care he became normal and love between them.. dont bring kavita here.. or show he is acting as mad and take revenge from dp and laksh no kavita and past love of sanskar …

  11. Prakriti Akuli

    nice… superb…

  12. 1 one is good because 2one se puri story original serial jesa ho jayega

  13. He should be acting & awesome awesome awesome awese awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome love it

  14. Very nice and make him mad

  15. Plzzzz…der shud be no motive hidden under his madness….show dat he is actually mad bcoz of some trauma…there shud b no entry of kavita

  16. Nice plz next jaldi upload karna I can’t wait anymore

  17. Very nice episode

  18. awesome. ..plz make him mad

  19. so nyc yaar… super…

  20. Interesting yr plz don’t make him mad

  21. nice don’t make him mad make some memory loss 2 both swasan and sans forget then he vill do married swara and then swara get memory by caring of sans if u like do this r try it own I village support u dear

  22. yaa..ur story is awesome..

  23. It will be better if u show he under gone a shock n became liken slowly slowly he recovering by swara care…

    N ya pls no kavitha drama..

  24. Really nice…all d best…sanskar acting as mad will be good…no Kavitha pls…

  25. Superb! That is all I only wanted in the real serial. You completed my wish. Thank you soooooo much…….God bless you sister…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I remembered you but I’m not getting the name can you please tell me the name.

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