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The story begins in 1983, where Dr. Shekhar Deendayal Gadodia anxiously paces the hall outside of a delivery room. He learns that his wife has delivered a baby boy and thanks God for the good news. A stranger comments that Mathew was lucky not to have a daughter, as he would have had to worry about her all his life. As the stranger says this, a nurse comes out of the delivery room carrying the baby, apologizing that she made a mistake, and confirming that the baby is actually a girl. Mathew glares at the stranger and praises God once again .

The story resumes in 1999 where the baby girl, Swara Shekhar gadodia, has grown up to become a tomboy and is now in grade 10. She introduces the audience to her parents. Her father, enjoys recording and listening to his own renditions of songs. Her mother is a college lecturer who loves cooking and appreciates her own culinary skills. swara also has two friends: Kavitha, a flirt, and Uttara ,a foodie.

swara’s is like a tomboywho rides a motorbike and she also had a great friendship withSujatha aunty who brews wine. Swara is the taster of sujatha aunty’s wine. During one of their sessions, she tells Pooja that she can either marry a man she loves or risk learning to love a stranger that she is forced to marry. Swara decides then that she must find someone herself.

Then she thinks about sahil, a popular boy in her school. During a trip from her school, Sahil approaches swara with a proposal. Pooja ponders whether or not to accept. The next day, she and her friends are teased by a gang of men. swara gets angry and confronts them. As she does one of the gang member twists her arm. Just then, Sanskar ,{ a farmer in her village}, comes and saves her. Swara instantly falls for sanskar and immediately lets sahil know that she does not have romantic feelings for him as he walks up to her after Sanskar leaves.

After that, swara constantly tries to attract Sanskar’s attention. At one point, she learns from her cousin adarsh that another one of her cousins (and Adarsh’s sister), Tanvi used to be sanskar’s girlfriend. Sanskar left heart broken when Tanvi was married off to another man from America. On Sanskar’s birthday, , Swara decides that she will propose to him by giving him a locket. She come to him… But suddenly it starts raining and they take shelter in a shed. Swara declares her love but Sanskar tells her that she is just a kid, and that she needs to concentrate on her studies because she is destined to become successful. Swara drops the locket and she leaves in rain crying.

Swara is distraught but focuses on her studies as Sanskar had requested. She passes her medical entrance exams to go to Kolkata Medical College. Swara tries to contact Sanskar before leaving, but came to know that he has went to China on a Kung Fu Academy trip. At the medical college, she is still friends with kavitha, and another student, Ragini . One day in their class , The professor was teaching about heart attack…suddenly the professor fell down..first the students think it as a demo ..but later they came to know he really got attack…after some days a new handsome profeesor came and he is Dr. laksh maheshwari.he was so handsome..swara and sanskar become friends ….seeing their friendship…ragini and kavitha says…they think laksh is in love with her …and also says if they were on her side..then they would have loved him…she gets afraid to hear this as she loves sanskar…

During her final year, she sees sanskar again in her collage but didn’t talked much as he was there as his mother is th hospital. Later s he confides to Dr. Laksh about Sanskar and he advises her that enough time has passed and she should pursue him if she is still interested. As sanskar’s mother {AP} is admitted to the hospital, swara takes care of her in an effort to get closer to Giri. When {sanskar’s friend} Nikki comes to visit, Swara thinks they are in a relationship and become jealous until she learns that nikki is already married.

Swara comes home to stay with her parents after completeing her collage and continues her pursuit of sanskar by helping him with his social activities like performing community weddings. During this time, she surprises him by publishing a book his mother wrote. Though swara thinks sanskar has started to care for her, she is shocked to learn that sanskar is engaged to lakshmi , {one of their childhood friends}. One day , swara’s cousin brother adarsh asks swara and sanskar for help eloping with his love Nazeema{a muslim girl in their locality}. After sanskar helps adarsh, adarsh gives sanskar a letter, telling him only to read it after they’ve left. When sanskar opens the letter, he finds out that adarsh had actually eloped with lakshmi.

Later, swara’s Wine Aunty {sujatha} takes her to Giri. They go to the same place where swara had first proposed sanskar. As she walks up to sanskar , he admits that he has loved her all along. He reveals that he kept some memories like the locket that Pooja originally gave him during her proposal. They get married soon after and later it reveals Dr. laksh married ragini ..and also reveals that laksh became friends with swara to see ragini and to propose her…Kavitha has to married sahil

after 2 year…
Pooja has given birth to a daughter named tanvi (name of sanskar’s ex-girlfriend) and at the end the story ends by saying true love never dies…



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Credit to: indeevara

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  1. Based on Malayalam ‘om shanti oshana’.. ?

  2. this is my favourite movie in malayalam– om shanti oshana,nice try btw! keep a track on d names 🙂

  3. Anu

    I didnt understand…..what happen to swasan….who is pooja
    …can u tell me again plz

    1. Same to me .. I also don’t understand

    2. i think it is swara..not pooja..

    3. RUPA

      it’s swara not pooja.

  4. Abdul hafiz(uma).


  5. “Its ohm shanthi oshana!.good attempt

  6. nice..

  7. Om shanti oshana!! Ha ha.. Nyc job!

  8. Serena

    Aww so cute..

  9. I love d movie Om shanti oshana. Nice.

  10. Mannat

    So much confusing unable to understand anything

  11. Isabel

    Really nice story, maybe you should try writing more stories..

  12. Sree

    My favourite movie om shanti oshana. Nice but u should have edited it .

  13. awesome… i think its swara nt pooja may be u gave wrng name in end instead of swara u gave pooja…

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  15. is dis om shanti osana???

  16. Harshitha

    Nice one but who is Pooja

  17. It’s so confusing ?…..I didn’t understand anything ?…..

  18. RUPA


  19. My favorite malyali move “om shanti oshanam”

  20. Ammusindhu

    so u r malayali………….

  21. My fav movie and reading swaragini in its plot thatz superb

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