the true love story of twin sisters swaragini [epi 2]


Hi guys its me befllin. So im very happy that u all like my ff. so u guys asked me to give a big part so now im giving u a big big part enjoy it.
Sanky: ma papa whats the matter? Y u asked us to come to india urgently?
Dp: sanskar u r grandpa and grand want to see u both. I have already booked train tickets to u both so get fresh up and get ready to go.
Lucky: papa but now only we came to Mumbai even we didn’t stay for one day.
Ap: we now that beta but u can stay here after coming from grandpa’s home so get ready to go
Sanky and lucky get ready and leave to railway station and reached their grandpa’s village. It was raining there.
Lucky: sanky did u see the rain is very happy about our arrival and they are welcoming us.
Sanky: ha lucky u r right but I thought they crying because of u r arrival
Sanky burst out laughing to see the face of laksh
Lucky: bhai u always make fun of me.
While they are talking their look two girls dancing and mesmerized seeing their beauty. They are none than other our swaragini’s [ so what u guys gussed is correct thatha and paatti are grandpa and grandma of sanky and lucky and ap is a tamilian daughter of TP and swaragini is not relative for TP but they are like blood relatives] Naare naare song is playing and our heroine’s are dancing both hero’s become flat seeing them.

After finishing dancing swara notice they both.
Swara: hello y r u staring us
Sanky: oh we didn’t see u we r just enjoying the rain. Btw can u tell this address
Ragini: show oh this out thatha’s… was interrupted by swara
Swara: u wont this address walk straight for 1km then turn left and again turn right u will find this house
Lucky: thank you so much.
After walking to the instruction swara give sanlak reached to the border of the village both r fuming in anger. Here our swaragini laughing about thinking their position bcoz they know that now sanlak will in the village border.
In the night
Ragini: appa[papa] we made gulab jamoon taste it ang tell how it is
Shekar: hmmm awesome my daughters having some magic in their hands
Swaragini become happy
Swara: ragini come lets go to thatha’s home and ask to him.
Ragini: swara u go ill come after finishing the kitchen work
Swara: ok but come quickly
Swara run to thatha’s home and bang the door
Swara: thatha thatha open the doo.
She was shock and become tensed seeing someone
Sanky: u??
Swara : what r u doing in my thatha’s home
Sanky: oh hello this my grandpa’s home
Swara: what don’t try to make me fool. Paithiyam[pagal] Sanky: kya
Swara: oh hindi. Don’t know tamil right. But I know hindi.
Sanky: what did u say before sth I heard that paithiyam or sth
Swara: ya paithyam means pagal

Sanky was fuming in anger. Swara push him aside and went inside. Hug thatha and patti
Thatha: swara want is special today
Swara: thatha patti I and ragini made julab
Patti: so that’s y my doll is so happy. Give let me taste.
Swara: no no before that tell what is the surprise
Ragini also joins
Ragini: ha thatha tell what is the surprise
TP: sanskar laksh ome here
SL: coming grandpa
Thatha: swara ragini this my grandsons sanskar and laksh
Patti: sanskar laksh this my dolls swara and ragini
Swaragini in a big shock and sanlak smirks and smile evily.
To be continued…….

Precap : not decided yet

Phew….. so guys im done with another epi. Plz comment and thank you for those who comment for my first episode.

Credit to: befllin

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