A True Love Story Never Ends (Anrica, Amiel, Ragsan) Chp 10: Meet Micah & Noah


I have decided that from now on I will write around 2000 words only and will increase the speed of the story.

Hey guys I am so happy that finally Padmaavat is out. I can’t watch it coz. Gujarat is not releasing that. I have read lots of reviews of it and it making me more desperate to watch that. I have listened it’s juke box andΒ  it’s amazing. Just listen it if you haven’t. Each songs are ???.

Hey guys. This is the 10th part contains introduction of the cast of Veronica and Andrew’s cousins. Please read, press a like button at the bottom and leave a comment If you like this.



Till now we have seen that Am andΒ  Dany have confessed their feeling towards each other. Ezekiel also introduced in the previous part.

Now Chapter 10th…..


Veronica’s POV:

“So who’s next?” I asked.

“Someone from your side.” Andrew said.

“Ok then Micah.” I said.

“Yup.” Ragini said.

“So let’s call him.” Andrew said.

“Hello.” Andrew said.

He looked at me with serious expression “What?” I asked raising my brows.

“I am ok.” He assured me with his look.

End of Veronica’s POV:

Andrew’s POV:

“Hello.” I said bit serious.

“Hello.” Micah replied from the other side.

“Hey Micah. I want to tell you something.” I said.

“Who’s this?” Micah asked little bit angry.

“You don’t need to know. But I love Veronica!” I said.

“What the heck?” Asked Veronica through her eyes.

All around us began chirping. Sanky and Am began their Awww kind of thing. I act as if I am going to punch them.

“Who the heck you are buddy? What are you talking?” Micah yelled with anger.

“I do mate. I know it’s hard to belive but trust me.” I said.

“F**k off. How even you can say this? Give me one s**t min. I am going to call police.” Micah said.

“But mate.” I began.

“Stop right there Micah.” Veronica yelled and then bite her tongue. We all hit our heads.

“I knew it. This can be only done by our miss. Veronica only.” Micah said.

“Yeah mate.” I said.

“Well Andrew you also acted nice.” Micah said.

“Very funny. Now tell him the matter.” Veronica said.

I told him the whole matter and then he said jumping with joy

“What are you freaking serious?” He asked.

“Nah. We are joking?” Veronica said with frustration.

I looked at her and then she said “Of course. We are serious.”

“Really. Oh my. Congo to both love birdies.” Micah said.

“Thank you.” Said Amber and Daniel with blush.

“Awww.” We chirped loudly making them more uncomfortable.

End of Andrew’s POV:

Ragini’s POV:

As we were teasing Am and Dany one girl came to Sanky and hugged him tightly.

“What the heck was that?” I thought and made a disgust face.

“How are you my baby Sanky? I missed you so much.” She said and then again hugged him.

“What’s this?” I asked him with anger.

“Who are you and what you are doing here? Who’s she?” She asked.

“What? You came here so you should say what’s this?” I said.

“You b****h.” She said.

End of Ragini’s POV:

Sanky’s POV:

“Shut up.” Yelled I.

“What happen baby? Are you ok?” She said.

“Don’t again dare to call Ragini that.” I said with whole anger within me.

“Who is she for whom you are yelling at me?” She said.

“She is….” I began.

“What?” She said and I just said “My Love.”

Ragini looked at me with so much shock and I also thought what the heck I did?

“What? I can’t belive.” She said and run from there.

“Why did you lie?” Ragini said softly.

I just looked at her and thought “Wow.” She was looking amazing in her dress. I zoned out for a moment.

“Hey.” She said waving her hand towards me.

“Oh nothing. She was saying wrong about you. So..” I said.

“So?” She asked.

“I can’t bare your insult.” I said and felt shocked.

“What?” I thought and she also as her facial expressions were same.

End of Sanky’s POV:

Amber’s POV:

As Veronica and BB had been caught by Micah. We all laughed so much. Them Sanky and Ragini fought with each other. “What the heck?” I thought when Sanky said those things.

I looked at Dany shocked and he too. And we both just laughed at each oher.

“So are you ok?” He asked then I nodded in response. I just side hug him and he too.

“Ahem.” Does Veronica.

We just looked at her and she smiled.

“So?” She asked.

“What?” Dany said.

“Nothing.” She said and went to BB.

“What she was asking?” I asked Dany.

“Nothing. She is mad.” Dany said and we both laughed.

“So I think we should tell our parents about us?” I asked him.

“Yeah. We should.” Dany agreed.

“So when and to whom?” I asked again.

“To mine first and tomorrow.” Dany said.

“Sure.” I said and smiled at him.

He too did the same and then we again hugged each other.

End of Amber’s POV:

Daniel’s POV:

“So finally we are going to talk to our parents.” I thought regarding that.

“Hey Dany.” Veronica said.

“Yeah.” I said and looked at her.

“Umm. I need your help. We are going to call Noah and you know he is little bit social freak. So….” she said.

“So?” I asked her.

“You have to call him.” Veronica replied.

“What?” I asked.

“You have to.” She said with wide eyes.

“Ok.” I said feeling helpless.

“Good boy.” Veronica laughed.

“But what will you ask him?” Sanky asked.

“He will say whatever he wants. We should not bother him much.” Ragini said and laughed.

“Oh my poor Dany.” Am said.

“Am you too.” I said and pout little.

“Ok love birds time for action.” Veronica said.

“Lights..Camera..Action..”Veronica said.

“What?” She asked when we looked at her like “Really?”

“I over acted it,didn’t I?” Veronica asked.

“Belive me.” Andrew said.

“What?”Veronica asked little bit loudly.

“Nothing.” Andrew said.

“Ok. I will call him.” I said. I dialed his phone and then I just looked at all. All have curious face expressions on their faces especially Veronica.

“Hello.” Noah said little bit low.

“Hi Noah. I am Dany.” I said making him more comfortable with me.

“Hey. Do you need something?” He said with little hesitation in his tone.

“No actually I was saying that Veronica wants to meet you.” I said and looked at shocked Veronica.

“What the heck?” She did act and I murmured sorry. All of them laughed little except Veronica.

“Whaaaattt? Why she waaannnttsss to meet me?” He said sounding little scared. I can understand.

“I am just joking. Actually Am and IΒ  have confessed their feelings so now we are going to do party at xyz at 5 pm. ” I said.

“Oh ok. Phew. You have scared me. Ok I will you all at venue.” Noah said.

I hang up the call.

“What the heck?” Yelled Veronica and smaked my arm. All laughed while she yelled “Shut up.”

“How can you do this?” Am said.

“You have done so wrong.” Sanky said.

“Yup. You have done a big this time.” Ragini said.

“Ok. I am sorry.” I said.

“Whatever.” Said Veronica and began walking out.

End of Daniel’s POV:

Ezekiel’s POV:

I was sitting on my chair in my cabin of office. Suddenly someone knock the door.

“Come in.” I said and looked at the person. Oh its Mr. Christopher my secretary.

“Mr. Christopher have they found the file?”I asked.

“Nope sir.” He said with little fear.

“Ok. Forget that. I have a news. I have to attend some party so I am going home now. Call me if any urgency come. Understood?” I asked.

“Yes sir.” He said.

“Ok.” I said and left my cabin.

As I started my car the one thing that caught my mind again was “Finally. My cousin sibling Am confessed her feelings. I am happy for both of them.”

“Hahaha.” I laughed again as I remembered Veronica’s call incident.


I went to the dinner party including all Smith’s and Jhonson’s. As we were discussing about some business stuff. Veronica throw a rant.

“What the heck guys? You are talking about business on dinner party also.” Veronica said.

“Seriously guys.” Am said.

“So what we should do?” I asked.

“Yup. Tell us.” Andrew said.

“Why don’t we do something crazy.” She proposed.

“Why I am finding evilness in your mind?” I said with fear as she always have crazy ideas of hers.

“I have it.” She said while looking at me.

“So we should do something different. Ok you have to say that you love only me to the girl who will come first from the door.” She said pointing to me.

“Deal?” She said and looked at me.

“Sure.” I said and wait for the girl to arrive. As the door opened I was shocked to see Claire there. I looked at Veronica and she smiled evily.

“Hey Claire.” I said with little hesitation.

“Hey Ezekiel. How’s you here?” She asked.

“Oh he is on dinner date with me on triple date.” Veronica interrupted and I looked at her horrified.

“What the heck you are saying girl?”She asked.

“Nope.Β  I am saying truth only, don’t I Eze?” Veronica said and blushed little.

“Hopeless. What the heck?” I thought looking at her drama.

“Is she saying truth?” She asked.

“Yup. I love her only.” I said and closed my eyes for a while.

“Hahaha.” I heard Veronica and Claire laughing and hugging each other.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Oh. It was planned by both us.” Claire said and again hugged her.

End of Flashback:

“Veronica. You are unbelievable.” I murmured and smiled little and continues my ride.

End of Ezekiel’s POV:

Micah’s POV:

I was sitting on the sofa of my house trying to replay all the things Andrew have said.

“What? How can Andrew like girl like Veronica? She is such a bundle of craziness.” I thought and laughed little.


One day we went to the Church. As we all were sitting on the bench. Andrew was sitting besides me.

“Hey Andrew. Nice to meet you man.” I said.

“Hey Micah. Good to see you too.” He said and we both hugged each other.

“So what are you doing now? Any sort of plan like marriage or something else?” I asked.

“About that.” He began but cut off by one and only miss. Veronica.

“Oh. He had already proposed me and I said yes. We have plan out marriage and children’s names also.” Veronica said blushing.

“Whattt? No wee haven’ttt.” Andrew stuttered.

“Haha.”laughed Veronica.

“Micah what the heck are you asking? Just stop this future thing here at least.” Veronica yelled.

“Ok mummy Veronica.” I said and murmured sorry.

“Good boy.” She said.

“So Andrew have you planned about your future.” I asked.

“Like career.” I said and looked at Veronica.

“Pathetic.” She rant and went to the oher side.

End of Flashback:

“Poor Andrew. I don’t know what will happen if they both will be with each other!” I exclaimed and chuckled over my imagination.

“Forget that. But Dany finally confessed. Oh my God. Yaayyyy.” I shouted in exitement.

End of Micah’s POV:

Noah’s POV:

I was sitting in the room reading my favorite book regarding Science. I was sitting there physically buy my mind was storming regarding the call. I am good freind of Dany but Veronica is exact opposite of mine. She always tries to make me little more social yet I never gave in. Sometimes may be.


We were at the house party of our freind. As they were enjoying I sat at the corner reading my faviroute book.

“Tap.” Someone tapped my table and I looked at the person. It’s Veronica.

“Hey what are you doing here?” Veronica asked.

“Umm. I was just reading my book.” I said.

“But why? All are enjoying over there and here you are sitting alone. Just come and enjoy.” Veronica said.

“Nah. I am perfect here.” I said.

“I know that you like to enjoy your privacy but sometimes you should enjoy h**l out of yours.” Veronica said.

“Yup. But then also.” I began.

“Just once.” She pleaded.

“Ok.” I murmured.

I closed my book and went with her. Trust me, I enjoyed a lot.

End of Flashback:

“Veronica. You are crazy.” I thought.

End of Noah’s POV:

End of the Chapter:



Entry of Nahum and his and Veronica’s track.



Hey guys so this is the 10th Chapter. Tell me how much you liked it.

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