True Love Starts with Her – (Episode 2)


Hello guys I am back sriya is here thank u everyone for commenting on my ff. Keep commenting and special thanks to dolly sis for accepting my request start love u swasan season2 soon dear. Will be waiting and when u gets time only that time. And ya dolly I commented on Ur ff meri aashique season2.

So here we go with second episode:-
Recap: – swasan and raglak romantic scenes and swara gets labour pain.
They all have bf and boys go to office. Swaragini takes permission from AP and go to shopping.
@ Shopping mall: –
After coming from shopping mall suddenly swara shouts in pain. Ragini consoles swara. Swara faints on the road and she calls to laksh and tells him to come with Sanskar to hospital and also tells that swara fainted.
@sanlak office
Laksh tells Sanskar this and Sanskar is worried they both reach the hospital there they see swara is been taking to the operation theatre.
Sanskar (crying): – swara please open ur eyes. I love u so much swara please don’t leave me alone swara u are my life swara without u my l am incomplete.

They take swara inside the operation theatre. Operation is finished. Everyone hears baby crying. Doctor comes out of the room.
Doctor: congrats ur wife had given birth to twins both are boys. Your her family u can meet her she has opened her eyes. She is fine now.
Inside the operation theatre: –
Sanskar kisses swara’s forehead in happiness. Nurse hand over the baby to swasan.
Sanskar: – swara u know u give me that happiness which every man wants when he is married. I don’t need anything else.

Swara: – but today I have another surprise for u. But u have to wait for it.
Swara(thinking):- Sanskar today I have a surprise which u will never forget.
Sanskar (thinking): – what surprise she has for me?? God knows.
Sanskar: – swara I think two boys name should be arav and karan.
Swara: – no I think their names should be kabir an arjun.
Sanskar: – no
Swara: – yes.
Sanskar: – no
Swara: – no
Sanskar: – u only said no see u agreed with me. Now the boys name will be arav and karan.
Swara: – okay fine.
@ Night

Home: –
They all have their dinner and swara took the twins and made them sleep and went to her room.
@ swasan room
Sanskar enters the room. Someone hugs him from back.(it is none other than our cute swara.) and she offers him to dance with her.
The song plays
Saans.. mein teri
Saans mili toh
Mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi.. (Repeat once)
Rooh ne chhoo li
Jism ki khushboo
Tu jo paas aayi
Tu jo paas aayi
Tu jo paas aayi
Saans.. mein teri
Saans mili toh

Mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi..
Kab tak hosh sambhale koi
Hosh ude toh
Ud jaane do
Dil kab seedhi raah chala hai
Raah mude toh
Mud jaane do
Tere khayal mein
Doob ke aksar (Umhun..)
Achhi lagi tanhaai
Saans mein teri
Saans mili toh
Mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi..
Raat teri baahon mein kate toh
Subah badi
Halki lagti hai
Aankh mein rehne lage ho kya tum
Kyu chhalki

Chhalki lagti hai
Mujhko phir se chhoo ke bolo
Meri kasam
Kya khaai.
Saans mein teri
Saans mili toh
Mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi
Rooh ne chhoo li
Jism ki khushboo
Tu jo paas aayi (Mujhe saans aayi)
Tu jo paas aayi (Mujhe saans aayi)
Tu jo paas aayi (Mujhe saans aayi..)
Tu jo pas aayi
The song finishes. Swara starts unbuttoning his shirt. Swara kisses his lips and he too starts kissing her. They both go to bed. Swara is on top of Sanskar. They both intimate. The lights go off.

@ raglak room
Laksh enters the room and is shocked to see the room is fully decorated. Someone hugs from behind it was our Ragini. She places a soft kiss on his lips first he was shocked then he to joins her. Later Ragini tarts unbuttoning laksh shirt. They both go towards the bed laksh is on top of Ragini. They both start kissing each other. Laksh kisses her everywhere. They both consummate. Finally the lights go off.

Precap: – swasan and raglak to go Singapore for enjoying.

Guys so how was the episode. Sorry if u think that i shouldn’t have this much romance. Let me know through ur comments. Positive or negative all are welcomed. Wait for next episode. till then bye.

Love u all
Keep smiling always

Credit to: Sriya

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  1. Awww how romantic…

  2. Awww… romantic dear ….again started for second baby …huh …lol .
    I loved today’s episode it was simple and cute dear ….
    Ya I have seen ur comment …but couldn’t respond sorry for that dear ….
    By the way u r doing an amazing job …keep doing it dear
    Keep smiling

  3. Awesome

  4. thank u everyone

  5. Sriya…the story seems to be nice nd romantic but the track is moving fast….

    like in starting u should have showed swara irritating sanskar …nd could have made labour pain one more intresting…nd the idea of consuming so fastly after giving birth is not at all appropriate as mother is very weak after giving birth to a child….nd how can swara go to singapore leaving her childrens as mother is most important for children at begnning nd even she cant take them due to passport…

    Story was nice…u can show some funny track in which babies are crying at night nd pampering swasan some nok jhok of swasan (funny ) over the children….

    Plzz make story funny as well as romantic ….this is just my opinion…
    Sorry in advance if u felt bad of what I wrote…actually I want to make ur story more intresting so that more nd more people get attracted towards it…
    Once again sorry if u felt bad…I just pen down how I felt after reading ….

  6. sorry dear ur right actually it is continuation of my before ff. and ya I will make it intresting i actually think that swasan can’t leave their babies but don’t worry something would be happened when they will be about to go singapore and ya don’t think about what I said in
    precap anything can happen.

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