my true love (shivika os)

hi guys I am new here and this is my fist story hope u guys like it
this is just an os on shivika

here u go

The story starts with a small girl of 3 years running from the corridor collide with some one she was about to fall and she cry loudly and close her eyes to feel pain but she dont feel any then she slowly open her eyes and see the person holding her in his arms very carefully then a small smile appears on her lips and wispers dada the guy who is holding her make her stand properly and says (voice filled with concern and care) be care full princess u r only my life , till now we haven’t got any information about ur mumma and now if any thing happens to u then I cant survive a lone tear escape his eyes
the girl wipe his tear and says dada don’t cry nothing will happen to me nor mumma she will be fine and come to us soon don’t worry ok

the guy take the girl in his embrance and says yes princess ur mumma will come soon and we will find her any way now say why u r running in this speed and where u r going
the girl says I am searching u dada
the guy and y u r searching for me
girl because I want icecream
guy oh my princess want to eat ice cream so lets go
girl ok and they go to an ice cream parlour and order ice cream and sit on the table then one man come to him and says hello mr shivay singh oberoy you here
shivay : hello mr singhaniya actually shika (showing towards the little girl ) want to eat ice cream
mr singhaniya: oh hai shika how r u
shika: I am fine uncle wt abt u
mr singhaniya: fine dear
shiay: how come u here mr singhaniya as I know u r so busy with ur patients then today here some one special

mr singhaniya: ya some one special but she is my patient
shivay: oh from when u r going out for ice creams with patient and give naughty look
mr singhaniya: not like that shivay she is like my sister she has lost her memory in an accident
shivay:sorry I didn’t know that who is she. have u informed to her relatives may be they were worrying about her
singanya: I don,t know anything about her just by seeing her I got some feeling of knowing her for long time u remember when u came with shika to hospital as she as high fever on that night only I have found her on my way to home in critical condition I treated her and came to know that she dont remember anything
shivay: how can I forget that day on that day we are celebrating shika 3 bday and goes into flash back

10 july 2016

a girl wearing black saree with red border and long hangings and light make up was searching some thing then she heard on voice from back

shivay: anika what r u doing here all the guest are arriving and u r here in kitchen
anika: shivay u came at right time did u saw cake which I ordered from her favourate restaurant
shivay: no I didn’t saw it must be misplaced we will check it out don’t worry
anika: how could I don’t get worried today is my princess bday and we don’t have cake then her phone rings
she see the caller id and attends the call
anika: hello
other side: mam we r really sorry there is heavy rain so we can’t supply ur cake at this time if u want u can come and take it
anika: how can u do this at last minute my daughter bday is today and u r saying this now all guests are arrived also
manager: sorry mam but due to heavy rain we r unable to deliver the cake
anika: ok fine I am coming

manager: thank u mam and call get disconnected and she take her purse and go towards car
shivay: where r u going anika shika will be coming if she don’t see u she will start cry
anika: I am going to bring cake I will come before shika get ready
shivay: but out side is heavy rain we will make cake dont go out
anika: no need I will bring the cake soon ok bye take care of shika till I arrive
shivay: u to take care and come soon
after 20 minutes he get a phone call which shattered his life
in that call he come to know about accident of anikas car and she is drown in the river
shika: come out and ask about her mother
some one who heard about accident blurt out infront of shika and she get unconcious after listening abot her mother accident
he take her in his arms and go to singhaniya hospitals and admit her as she get shock about her mother and high fever
their r. singhaniya give assurance of getting her treated well the shivay rush to acccident spot and search for her but he dint find her the flow of river is too fast that she cant be traced . shivay intimate police to search her and go to hospital and find shika in un concious state murmering mumma mumma he immediately go to her and hug her and says
shivay: don’t cry princess I will bring u r mumma back at any cost from that day he is searching every nook and corner of city but he didn’t found her
he come out of his trance when singhanya shakes him and asks
singhaniya: where u have lost shivay

shivay: nothing dr how can I forget that on which i have lost my love my life my anika
dr: not only u she(showing towards direction of a girl and says) she also lost every thing u have ur daughter with u but she even dont have her memory also
shivay: looking to the direction where he shown and gets suprisingly shocked by seeing the view infront of him
their was his lady love taking with there daughter and he get mesmerised by her smile
he goes to her then she says do I know u
this hurts her heart so much he recognize dr words abt her memory loss and says ya u know us we r family u are back bone of our family
anika: sorry but I didn’t recognise u but my heart is feeling some relaxed being with u guys
shika:mumma u will come with us na we missed u so much
anika looks some uncomfortable so shivay says
shivay:princess mumma is ill na she has to go to hospital after wards she will come with us
dr: oh she is anika then only I remeber shika face by watching her like mother like daughter by this anika feels bit comfortable
shika: dr uncle pls we will take mumma to home u come to home and treat har
dr: ok shika u cn take her with but don’t give her sress ok and slightly nod assurinly to anika that she will be safe
anika;ok I will come with u
shika: wow mumma will come with us and start to dance by seeing dance shivika smiles an their daughters craziness
dr: ok then by anika now u got ur family but dont forget this brother
anika: when I have no one u r with me how can I forget u u r a brother to me
dr: and u r my lil sister and shivay(by giving prescription) give this medicines daily to her she will be fine soon
shiv: thank u so much u did a great favour for me by saving my life my love
dr: it my duty not only as a doctor but also as a human also ok bye see u soon
shivay: ok bye

shika: dada come we will go to home now
anika : ya i also feeling some tiredness
shiv: ok come and they go home and from then shivay treat anika as a child and make her take medicines on time and fulfil her wishes
one day I want to know how we met our marriage and all am not remembering anything and catch her head in hands
shivay: don”t take sress much I will say every thing and says we met 5 years ago in a friends marriage and we fall for each other as our parents are friends so they also agreed for marriage so easily and we get married and u know u said u r going to be mother and I am father I was the most happiest man in the world and when we decided to choose name guess what
anika: we chose different names right
shivay: no we chose same names one for boy and one for girl
anika: what are they
shivay: for baby boy ay+an= ayaan and for girl shi+ka=shika as their r going to be born from our genes there names are also taken from our name
first time when I took shika in my hands I can’t express how happy I was and on her third bday when u went missing I was unable to survive if shika was not in my life I would have died on that day only and tears come out of his eyes
anika: wipe his tears and says from now on I will not go any where how can I go by leaving MY TRUE LOVE my soul mate
yes its ur love only that kept me alive after that critical accident also its your true love only that brought my memory back
shivay:see her in shock she nod her head and says
anika: when u r saying about our past each and every incident ran through my mind i rembered every thing


sorry for any typpo or grammatical mistakes
I know its not that good but hope its not worst too ope u guys like it do comment to know your views
thank u for reading
bye take care

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    1. Sana1819786

      thanks dear…. I am glad u liked it

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