True Love – Sadda Haq – Part 4


Chapter 4
Next Day
Sanyukta was cheerfully telling Sanaya about her Dad’s new project. Sanaya was really happy seeing Sanyu so happy because she knows that now his best friend RD will also be very happy. Sanaya has always helped RD in everything; she also stopped him from this betting, but failed. But she was on a good rapport Sanyu and even appreciated her for standing for her self-respect. They were having a good conversation at the restrobar when they heard someone calling and talking very rudely with the receptionist. He was asking her to let him meet his son once as it was very urgent. The receptionist was reluctant to do so because his son has refused to meet him. He was shouting way too much and the receptionist was forced to call the security guards to send him out of ISRC. Who could be this person and why is he shouting like this? Sanaya asked and Sanyukta said how would I know, let’s go. When the guards were taking him out forcefully, only then Sanyu saw that the person was none other than Harshvardhan Shekhawat, Randhir’s father. Sanyu wanted to run away from there but it was too late, Harsh had already seen her and was very shocked and angry too.
You, over here? Oh, are you the reason why Rd has denied meeting me? What are you doing here, who gave you the permission to get into my son’s life again, Harsh asked Sanyu.
Sanyu – sir, please don’t create a scene over here, let’s go.
Harsh – shut up, you have always screwed up my relation with my son, always turned him against me. And this time too you have trapped him in your web of lies. I will not spare you.
Sanyu – please sir, I am quite that doesn’t mean that you can say whatever you feel like. I am not here for Randhir, and I don’t care what happened you to.

And she walked away but Harsh was not letting her go like this he followed her till her room and when they reached there he asked what are you doing with Randhir this time? Aren’t you satisfied with what happened last time? You have already spoiled his life once and again came back in his life.
Sanyu – I haven’t spoiled his life, he is one who keeps ruining my life for his ego satisfaction.
Harsh – yes he ruined your life by giving you freedom and destroying his career, his life everything right?
Sanyu – what are you talking about? What freedom? He left me alone when I needed him the most in my life and you call this freedom.
Harsh – oh so he didn’t tell you? Typical Randhir, such an emotional fool. I don’t know why he doesn’t understand that girls like you do not deserve sympathy. You deserve to feel the guilt, the pain by knowing what that idiot did for you. Do you have any idea, where randhir was past two years?
Sanyu – yes he was doing a job in America for one year and then he was crashing cars after his mother…You know?
Harsh – This is what he told you and you believed it. A job in America huh. Lair, do you know where he was in reality? Do you have the guts to face the truth?

Sanyu – That’s not lie. His certificates proved that he was in America for one year and then…
Harsh – False papers are not hard to prepare, I think you knows that and for a genius like Randhir, it’s a cakewalk.
Sanyu – so if randhir was not in America then where was he? What is he hiding from me?
Harsh – do you really want to know, nah let it be. You won’t be able to tolerate it. But I want to see you hurt so I think I should tell you. He was in Jail and that too because of you.
What nonsense Sanyukta said shocked to hear this. In jail because of me, have you gone mad?
Harsh – No this is true, my son saved you from going to the jail by taking you blame on him.
Sanyu – my blame, jail. Tell me properly what happened because I do not understand anything.
Harsh – two years back you did an accident that left your friend in dead bed right and what happened next? You just walked out of there freely. Isn’t that really so easy? I mean neither the dream team committee, nor the police asked anything to you?
Sanyu – yes because parth was not dead and it was an accident.
Harsh – yes an accident which happened because you were so determined to win the competition that you neglected your safety precautions and also risked your life and your co-driver’s life. You pressed that button to speed up your car despite of knowing that it could to engine failure. You were responsible for the accident in the eyes of dream team committee and according to their rule they could file a case against you for your irresponsibility which they did. But your mentor Ranawat and Randhir came in between. Randhir took the blame on himself, he confessed in front of the police and dream team committee that he disrupted your engine before the race and that led to the accident. Ranawat knew that he was lying and protecting you but he supported him. And that’s why he went to jail – for protecting a girl like you who have always neglected him for her dreams and ambitions.

Sanyukta was stunned; didn’t know how to react, what to say? She never thought that there could be any other reason for Randhir to leave her like that except his ego. She was blank but her heart was feeling, something some kind of pain which was increasing with each passing seconds.

Credit to: Egde Black

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