True Love – Sadda Haq – Part 3


Chapter 3
One week later

Sanyukta’s POV
It’s been one week and I haven’t spoken to any of them. Aryan has tried everything to get my forgiveness but I am not affected. This time I am determined not to fall in to the web of emotions again I have just one dream, one motive to make the Mars mission successful. I have not left any stone unturned to achieve my dream. I have worked so hard that even Nirman sir appreciated me. My team mates though started hating me as I am pushing them too much to work hard. They started calling me machine who just wants to run 24 x 7. But the truth is that I am pushing myself deliberately so that I cannot let my mind even think about him. Yes I see him daily, talk to him but only like we are strangers. Many times I have seen him looking in my direction, demanding my attention but every time I failed his attempt. I could see pain in his eyes but I pretend like I am not bothered but the truth is I am bothered. I hate to behave like this but this is what he deserves. I don’t care how much it hurts me but I won’t forgive you Randhir. She reminded herself and stared working again when her phone started ringing. It was her Dad.
Sanyu – hi papa, how are you? They started talking and her father invited her to their house for one day for Pooja. She was amused when on asking the reason for the pooja; he replied there is surprise for her. She was really missing her father very much and so she agreed to visit.

Next day at Sanyukta’s house they hosted a big pooja for the starting of a new factory at their home village which was destroyed by ISRC missile. She could not believe it when her father told her that they have got collaborators who are interested in starting a factory there.
Sanyukta – I am so happy to hear this, papa you always wanted to start this factory on ma’s name. Now your dream will be fulfilled. The people of village will get work they won’t suffer from poverty. They will learn new skills and will be reestablished. She said and tears of happiness fall from the corner of her eyes. Her father consoled her and said everything will be alright now. She was happier to know that Vidushi will be handling this project as Ankit is busy with their Dubai project.
Sanyu – I am so happy for you Vidushi. I know you will do your best. But who are these collaborators and why do they want to invest in such risky project.
Vidushi – It’s a new company name Dream’s financers’ who wants to invest with our project as they understands the suffering of the village people and wants to help them. I think they also understand the changes that our factory could make in the life of those villagers. You know they contacted us just two days after your missile, I mean the missile from ISRC destroyed our village. We were also shocked that how did they knew about our plans, but I think it was destined to have our factory there. Right papa?
Father – yes, I was very happy when I got there proposal it was like your mother has send them to help me to fulfill my dream. I really wish I could meet the owner of this firm. You know he never comes to meet us. His chief executive Mr. Rawat handles everything. But they are good people, told us everything about their company.
Sanyu – Wow, good to hear that. So, there are people in this world who care for others. I wish the owner of this company gets all those things he desire. God bless him.
Only then the door bell rings and Mr. Rawat enters with his two associates and all the formalities regarding their association were done. After some time Sanyu also left for ISRC. Sanyu was really happy after so many days. More than happiness she was satisfied. Her face was glazing with happiness when she enters ISRC and saw Randhir looking at her in the same way. She did not want to spoil her mood and so she pretended as if she didn’t see him and went from there.

Randhir’s POV
A week has passed and still Sanyukta has not changed. It seems like she is punishing herself by getting engrossed in her work. She works continuously without taking care of her health. I have seen her many times noticing me seeing her but she always pretends that it doesn’t matter but deep down I know she must be thinking about me. There’s not been a single minute that I have not felt guilty of betting on her and breaking her from inside. But what’s done has been done. I cannot change that. I seriously miss her sweet smile. It tears me from inside to see her like this. Sometime I wish I could just hug her and end all our fights. I wish I could get her back but I know she won’t let me come near her. I want her back but not forcefully. I know that I have taken smile from her face and now I promise that I will be one who will bring smile back on her face. From the day of our fight it has been my daily routine to check on her in night, not just to see whether she is all right or night but also to make myself quite. I don’t know what satisfaction I feel whenever I see her sleeping peacefully. So just like other days I went to her room only to found her bed empty. I was shocked. Where could she possibly go at such time? She was not in room, lab or anywhere in ISRC. I keep looking after her everywhere but could not find her. In the morning I called Sanaya to ask about Sanyu’s whereabouts and then I got to know that she has gone to her home for some occasion. I was sitting in the restrobar thinking about her when my phone buzzed and I got the information I was waiting for so long. Yes she will be really happy. I rushed to the gates of ISRC as I did not want to miss her expressions. My waiting ended after 2 hours when I saw her entering ISRC. Yes she was smiling; I could see the amount of satisfaction and pleasure on her face. After so long I have seen some reflection of my sanyu. I wish I could just freeze this expression on her face. Her entire face was glowing with happiness and I could not stop the smile that was coming on my face seeing her like this. And then she saw me and like always went from their ignoring me completely. But I was happy because she has already given me what I was craving for from so many days. Her smile.
Well Done Mr. Rawat, he said and smiled.

Credit to: Egde Black

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  1. Hey! U r awesome dear… Hope the real track takes at least some ideas from ur ff ….
    Keep smiling….

  2. I hope so

  3. Dear….We cud experience the broken hearts of SanDhir clearly here…I wish CVS take some tips from this..

    I have a DOUBT….is *VidhArth(vidhushi+parth)gonna be there in this story?????????*
    I really miss them in the show…so just asking if they are in ur ff..

    Anywys keep up the gud wrk….

  4. Nice yr….U have described rd n sanyu’s feelings n pain so beautifully…really impressive..
    N yaa, i have the same doubt as that of liya’s…will there be vidarth pair in this ff??

  5. Yaa its so touchy n beautifullll ff …..
    Good job????

  6. Where is part 4? Pls post it soon 🙂

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