True Love – Sadda Haq – Part 2


Randhir’s POV
This is enough I won’t do this. How can I hurt her like this for such stupid bet? Randhir thought punching his punching bag. No I cannot do that. Wait why am I thinking like this? I always wanted to hurt her, snatch away all her happiness and when this is happening why am I feeling bad? Was it true then what Sanaya said? Do I still love? No I can’t, I hate her but then why her pain is bothering me- Randhir said. He punched is bag once more in frustration. No whatever be the reason I don’t want to punish Sanyu like this he said and turned around only to find Aryan standing there and smiling.

Aryan was blabbering about his victory and left but my mind was on just one thing. How can he hurt her like this when he say he love her. No I have to stop Sanyu. She can’t fall for a guy like this who doesn’t care about her. This anger is not because I am hurting sanyu but because she is getting hurt by someone else too. I can’t tolerate that. No one, no one can hurt you or Love you Sanyu except me. And that’s final. Randhir said and left to see the girl who affects him the most – Sanyukta Agarwal. He searched for her everywhere but he could not found her. Finally, he reached the research lab and found Sanyukta and Aryan. No I am not late this couldn’t happen. Randhir said to himself thinking about worst.
Sanyukta’s POV

I have decided that I won’t lose focus on such stupid emotional things now. I won’t let anyone else decide my future. It’s my life my choice. She was working on her codes with full concentration when Aryan enters and held her hand from back.
Aryan – Tum kuch bhool rahi ho? He said softly coming beside me.
Sanyukta – accha mujhe toh kuch yaad nahi. Ohh you are talking about that. What the hurry its just 9 o clock now, the day ends at 12 na, so you still have 3 hours to win.
Only then Randhir enters shocked to see Sanyu and Aryan together.
Sanyukta – oh great you are here too. I was wondering when will I get to see both of you together.
Randhir – what are you talking? I am here just to check…

Sanyukta – just to check what, have I said yes to Aryan or turned him down. To know whether you win or him?? Yes I know about the bet. I know how you people think about me. So much of respect for me. I am so lucky to have people like both of you in my life.
And she bashed them both saying all that she wanted to. Both Aryan and Randhir have betrayed her. They have broken her trust but she didn’t show them her pain, her tears. In fact she showed them her stronger side and told them to stay in their limits. And so she decided to cut off all her personal links with them. There will be only professional relation between them and nothing else. And she moved on.

Amidst all these tension there was just person who was really happy because he was successful in doing what he wanted to do. To be lead astronaut, Sanyukta should cut off from all emotional ties and it happens today. Well done Nirmaan. He congratulated himself.
Randhir POV

I was shocked when Sanyu said she knew about our bet. God what have I done? She was shouting on both of us, saying how we betrayed her and insulted her, but not a single tear came in her eyes. Typical Sanyukta Agarwal. I know she won’t show her weakness to us, but don’t know why I could feel her pain. I could not bear to see her like this. I want to just hug her tightly, apologize to her, ask her to punish me, beat me but not be like this. So cold, so emotionless. No you can’t be this Sanyukta. I was about to say something but her eyes stopped me. And looking at her this time I realize that I have lost her, broken her deep down and she won’t be able forgive me easily. Hey I should be happy I always wanted this. Sanyukta – alone, lonely without anyone’s affection but then why I am feeling as if something is dead inside me, as if I have lost everything? She was going away and with her each step I felt as if I ruined my life with my own hands. How can I stop her now, when I have forced her to move away from me? I stand there looking at her direction.

Credit to: Egde Black

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  1. Pls continue …I think sadda haq should take some lessons from u to show some sandhir scenes..not sanarya scenes..awesome update

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    I really wish to see this current track of urs in the show….
    Randhir realizing his mistakes nd all is really my dream…
    Nd thnx dear for updating fast!!!keep writing!!

  4. Wow! Really explained sanyu’s side so well.. Sometimes we need to stop being emotional and be practical..hoped the current track might be like this..
    Its important to be emotionally balanced..
    Loved it
    Keep smiling………..

  5. Thank you so much..your comments do motivate me to continue writing 🙂

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