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Hey guys back wid a new concept ,new story. Hope u will enjoy and i will not make u people go bore….

Here we go

Nearly at 11, a girl was seen staring some people who were playing in the ground and a person doing commentry sitting on a bench. This was her daily work to follow the man and his voice. She dont know anything abt him bt she was so lost in his charm and voice ki she wanted to talk to him at any cost. She after following him for a long tym got to know that he is a gud human and an orphan no one is their for him in this cruel world and he is illiterate bt still she was falling for him bcz of his gud deeds. Bt after so much struggle she was only able to find the name of the person nothing else( house, job etc…). She always wanted to talk to him…
And today she was determined to talk to him, somehow she got courage and go towards him…
Girl- oh ho tw why are u so much tensed he will not eat u dont u know he is a gentleman. Kunj even cant think to hurt anyone. So no problem go and talk to him.( to herself)

Tw(- to kunj) hey kunj!!!! I wanna talk to u
Kunj- coldly- i think u shud not talk to me. Just leave.
Tw- was totally shocked- kunj plz once i wanna talk. I really like u.
Kunj- are u leaving or shud i leave. Saying this he started leaving.
Tw- no its ok i am going.
She goes from their crying..

Kunj-to himself- i am sry tw i dont want to hurt u bt i dont deserve u. U better stay away from me. I know u like me and u were following me. I too like u bt i cant make ur life hell bcz of me. I cant do anything for u….

Somedays passes tw tried a lot to talk to tw bt always he replies coldly. This hurts tw like hell.
One day
Tw- i love u kunj.
K- plz tw u cant force u on me. I do..ont love u plz try to understand and nxt tym dont follow me ….
(In mind)plz tw dont make it difficult for me leave and i love u tooo plz i cant play wid the emotions of a pure soul….

After few days
Tw was now totally lost. She was totally madly in love wid him bt he even dint look at her…. Bt she still dont loss her hopes.
Once on following him at late night she reached a hotel. ( kunj was unaware of it)

Their she saw the most fearful scene of her life. That was a area where people come to please themselves, to get physically satisfied…..
On asking nearby
Tw- what is kunj doing here????( to a man)
Man- who kunj????
Tw points her finger towards him.
Man- he is rocky a worker. Do u want to fix ur appointment wid him today??? And smirks
Tw- (she was disgusted at the thought now it was all clear for her why always kunj avoids her- )
(in a trembeling voice)- Yyyes…
Man snd her to his room…

In the room
Tw enters the room and knj was facing his back towards her so was not able to see her.

Kunj- sit madam
Tw- kku..njj
Kunj realises the voice Nd was shocked. He turned immediately and their he saw tw standing he was literally shocked to see her there…
Kunj- tw tu yaha kya kar rhi hai
Tw-(in straight tone)- wahi jo sab karne ate hain. I dont have tym rocky. Plz do fast

Next thing is a tight slap on tw’s face
Kunj- hw cud u say that?? Hw cud u think to do all this???
Tw- why cant i???
Kunj- see tw jst leave from here isse pehle main kuch kar baithon….
Tw- kyun rocky i am here to… Ok if u are not ready thn here are many more i will go to any of them…
And again tw’s cheek and kunj’s hnd 😉
Kunj- hw dare u tw??? Plz stay away from all this. This is not meant for u.
Tw ws crying now
Tw- one hand on cheek- why will u decide wat is meant for me and wat not??? Who r u to me???
Kunj- loudly- i love u dammit i love u.
I dont want u to know all this thats why i never said that bt why are u here. Jst tell me
Tw hugs kunj – i love u too kunj.. Bt why u do all this . I know u also dont like all this otherwise u cud have used me before bt why kunj why are u bearing this torture????
Kunj completely breaks down- i was 10 wen i lost both my parents in an accident. My relatives left me all alone on the road. I dont know for how long i stayed on footpaths, eaten things by stealing and all. No i wass ready to give me even small work as i dont know anything nd always do some trouble. Wen i was 17 , i ws sitting on the bench near a park. She talked to me casually and learnt everything abt me . She offered me a job and i accepted it without knowing much. She took me to the farmhouse and she taught me all this and gave me money. Firstally i used to hate all this, myself. I even tried to kill myself bt….. Then slowly i admitted it as a part of my life and then deal wid it. After so many years u met me. I was fallen in very first sight wid u bt bcz of my reality i never said it….. I know u will hate me know bt its ok i m ready for it leave me tw leave me
Now kunj’s cheek and tw’s hand
Tw- hw cud u think i will leave u here??? I loved u kunj and will always do. My love is not this much weak it will vanish this much easily u hve to bear me for all ur rst life and have to leave all this.
And hugs kunj

Kunj- tw leave me. U dont know me u know i dont know anything except this leave me and plz dont spoil ur life bcz of me. I am useless….

Wat u expect tw shud do ??? Ya u guessed it right …
Again chhhhatttakkkk…..
Now kunj was holding his face ( hisab barabar 😉 😛 )
Tw – i willl never leave u. And u r nt useless i know wat u will do. Bt first let us leave.
Kunj and tw left frm their

After 6 yrs

92.7 fm
Hello, namaste, salam, sat shree a kal people. How are u?? Am i ur fav r. Rj kunj is back wid lots of songs and new stories. His program goes on. At the end he left to his house where his wife and a son of 4 yrs are w8ing to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary….

No one is bad and useless. It is ones view to think and also. The rays of hope can give a person a new life. In this story for kunj tw ws ray of hope. Who changed him. He left his past and moved on and know he is the no. 1 rj of the city wid a huge fan following. This was alll bcz of tw who had sseen his hidden talent and made him recover from his past..

How ws it guys ???? Leave ur comments.

Love u all :-* 😉

Credit to: ridhima

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  1. damn how do u find to write so find. amazing writing skills. i luv u ridhima.

    1. thanks dr
      i write all this bcz of motivation from u guys

  2. tanishaa sharma (tanya)

    Very nice dear no words to say just want to cry

    1. oh plz dont cry dr
      i am sry really
      bt thanks for the appreciation

  3. Yaar loved it u r fab all i wannaa say is a big round of applause fr u dats it i just clapped aftr reading it ilu nailed n rocked love u fr it….

    1. thank u soo much dr

  4. Wow it is too good…amazing…
    waiting for ur nxt one shot… Nd ur ff too…

    1. thanks dr
      hopefully u have not to w8 more
      already work in progress

  5. Hey ridhima u r a vry nyc ritr n yah u r amazing bt jst d thng in dis ff ? hrting me a lil was d role of kunj n nthing else odr wise u r amazing☺??

    1. thanks dr
      even it hurts me to make kunj play this role bt ….. 😉

  6. wow its just awesome I loved it very much…. eagerly waiting for next episode.

    1. thank u dear

  7. What a one shot loved it

    1. thanks dr

  8. U thrilled it..
    Have no words to express ..
    I read many ff and os on Twinj..
    But up till now this concept was best of all..
    N msg was the bestest..

    1. thanks dr
      i am soo happy that u liked all this

  9. Really great naaa…

    1. thanks dr

  10. woooow amazing os Ridhima….u nailed it

    1. thanks dr

  11. superb os yaar ……. loved it from d bottom of d heart yaar ….. u r jst superb yaar ……

    1. thank u soo much dr

  12. I loved it a lot I can’t express…U r a great writer your is are too good Yaar..plss write more os like this

    1. thanks dr
      thank u sooo much

  13. Omg u r sooooooo superb yr♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. thanks yarr

  14. It’s fabulous.

    1. thanks yaar

  15. Omg amazing just loved it awesome

    1. thank u sooo much

  16. Awesome os yar .. Loved it ..

    1. thanks yaar

  17. oh ridhima……u r outstanding dear………. i like ur concepts very much……each a new variety……mind blowing dear……….

    1. thanks dr thank u soo much

  18. It was an outstanding story ….. Hats off to you . I really love the way u write , pls continue writing such stories

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