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Sanskar- Budding business man
Swara: Employee in Sanky’s company
Sahil- Sanky’s only best friend cum partner.

Swara’s POV:
It is been a year since I joined this office. In the beginning I was afraid about the word “ BOSS” as many of my friends explained how rude and angry they will be. But sanky sir is different. He is very cool and adjusting. Even someone makes mistake he helps them to rectify in the best way possible. May be all his activities made fall for him. I wanted to stay in office as much time as possible. I don’t have the guts to express my felling to him.
He is not against love. If so why will he help for love marriage for his staff and make things right. OMG what all are the things I am thinking. Anyways within 2 months I will confess my feelings no matter what. I can’t take it anymore. She composes herself and gets out from the auto and walks to office.
As usual Sanhil were the first ones to arrive at office. And ya I am the second one.
Swara: With her bright smile: Good morning sir
Sanhil: Good morning swara.
Sahil: Our presentation is ready, plz arrange the conference room and make sure everything is set on time.
Swara: Sure sir.
Like this a month was passing, still swara was not able to confess her feeling. Sahil knew that Swara had feeling for sanky and the way she is battling with her emotions. One day Swara came to office and was shocked to see sanky was not there. She was very eagr to know about his whereabouts.
He is very punctual and if he is not coming he will let Swara know about it a day before.
Swara sadly: good morning sahil
Sahil : could sense her disappointment : good morning Swara
Swara: sanskar sir did not come today
Sahil: no he has important work , anything important.
Swara: but he did not inform….
Sahil: ya he is preparing for his tomorrow’s engagement that’s y
Swara felt like her whole body is becoming cold and numb. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. She is not able to accept what’s happening and she just want to die at the very moment. She did not even dare to imagine life without sanky. She ran away from there.
She was standing in the conference room alone and crying badly. Sahil rushes and finds her sitting in the floor and crying vigorously.
Sahil: He makes her stand, Swara I am sorry I just told a lie. Sanky went for a urgent meeting. He is not getting engaged.
Swara: gave him a tight slap. Sahil was holding his cheek. Realized what she did. I am sorry I was ….
Sahil : Its ok Swara, I can understand. You love sanky right.
Swara blushed and shocked by his question. Yes I love him but I am not that strong to accept his rejection.
Sahil : ok then I want to tell you something important about past. I will be the most happiest person if you both get married.

Before 3 years Sanky and I was working in an MNC. It was our happy days; we never cared for anything and anyone. Kavitha joined our team. She was so innocent and naïve. We 3 became good friends. We shared a good bond, helped each other, ate together, roamed together. All were very jealous of our friendship. Rajat in our team especially. Kavsan took their friendship to love.
Swara who was listening quietly, felt like someone stabbed when he mentioned about Kavasan. But she still managed to listen to him.
Sanky was ready to sacrifice anything for Kavitha. Kavitha came from a middle class background and always wanted a luxurious life. She always dreamt big and shared everything with us. Even we were excited to listen to all her plans. We were on cloud nine until that black day came to all our lives.
There was a lay off in our company. From every team there should be a person who should leave. Out team consists of 5 members. 3 of us and other 2 others Adarsh and Rajat. Adarsh was no that rich and his family rally nedded his salary. Rajat was a rich guy but his cousin was manager so he does not want to leave. I opted to leave the company but sanky did not allow me. We know each other since our birth.
Kavitha was against us. She did not want us to leave the job as it will badly affect our growth.
Kav: Guys what the hell, what are you talking about do u have any idea
Sanky: So what Kavitha we can find a new job. If u want you can stay we have no problem.
Kav: No you are not understanding, we worked hard for this team and you dont deserve this.
Sanky: But Adarsh had to support their family and this job is everything for him . You know Rajat right.
Kav: But what about us
Sanky: what about us, nothing will change Kav, u will be working here and we will find a job soon.
We left the job and after couple of months we joined a new company. Kavsan started to fight for each and everything, sanky tried his best not to get parted but all went in vain.
Kavitha broke with sanky and decided to marry Rajat. Sanky and I know rajat is not a good guy but Kavitha did not believe us. After couple of days we met rajat in theatre with another girl kissing shamelessly.
Sanky dragged him, started to hit him badly. Stay away from Kavitha.
Kavitha slapped Sanky: You stay away from me.
Sanky: You dnt know about this rajat and a few minutes ago and was about to say. Kavi stopped him
Kav: Dnt try to cook up stories, I know Rajat and u very well. U stoop so low I hate the fact that even I loved u. Dnt u dare to show my face again.

Sanky was completely broken. After that it was hard for me to put him back on track. We started this business and working on it. I wanted to you to know all this. So still u stick with ur decision to love sanky.
Swa: Wipes her tears, till 2 hrs before I was not sure, but now if I am 100% sure that no matter what I want him in my life he is my everything now.
Sanky was hearing this conversation with teary eyes. Swara sees him standing like a statue, wipes his tears and leaves. Now Swara and Sahil became close friends and started to hang out so Sanky had no option but to hang out with them.
Sanky satrted liking Swara’s antics, her childish behavior, her unconditional love, brought a smile on his face. On a Sunday all 3 went to a restaurant as it was Sahil’s treat. Sahil wantedely made excuse and left Swasan alone.
Swara: Can I ask you something
Sanky: nodes positively
Swara: You had a love failure, if someone was in ur place, they would have grown beard, or be a drunkard. The person will develop hatred towards love and girls, but u still support love, help others how can u do this.
Sanky: with a paint smile, could sense his pain. Kavitha ditched me it does not mean that all girls or love is bad. Love is not wrong, I chose the wrong person. Love is always emotion and it will remain the same. Swara was moved by his words and wondered how can he say all this after all what happened to him.
All were returning home, on the way there was a bus crash. People were helping them. Sanhil also went and helped them. One of the victim was kavitha, sanhil was shocked to see her in this state after all these years. They rushed her to hospital.
Swara was broken completely, now she knew she and Sanky can never be one. The way he cared Kavi and the painin his eyes.
Sahil :Swara you ok
Swa: With teary eyes ya , I have to leave its getting late.
Sahil: Swara its night 2 and how will u go at this time
Swa: Its ok sahil I can mange
Sanky: No need Swara, wait for few minutes we ll drop u. Dnt go alone and that’s final with a bossy tone.
Now she had no other go but to wait. Kavi regained conscious. All 3 go to see her.
Sanky caringly: You ok. Are you feeling better. Sahil was not giving a dam , was with Swara all the time.
Kav: Ya I m ok feeling better
San: If u want to call someone or want us to drop.
Kav: She asks them to drop.
Sahi: What about Rajat
Kavi with tears he ditched me before marriage and showed his true colors, I wish I listened to you guys, but now its too late.
Sanky: We ll leave.
Kav: looks at swara with a question look
Sahi : she is my bestie side hugs her.
They were all driving back. Swara was completely lost and looking out the window. There was complete silence. They first dropped Swara. The whole night was very difficult for Swara. She was not well and skipped the office for 1 week as she ould not face sanky.
She gained courage and wanted to let sanky know her feeling no matter what he decides. She came to office after 1 week .

As usual sanhil were present. She greets them. To her surprise Kavi wished her and was before her in office.
Swara goes to conferonce room to pour her heart out to sanky. But She overhears Kavsan conversation.
Kav: I love u sanky. I want to marry u. Will u give a second chance.
Snky: Sorry Kav, now its too late. If u want I can transfer all this business and properties to ur name.
Kav: Happily still u r in love
In office everyone spoke about Kavsan, their care and their bond. Swara could not take any more. She typed her resignation and went to Sanhil.
Sahil: Hi Swara, come is there anything important
Swara: Hands over the cover
Sahil opens and taken aback . What the hell is this Swara
Swara: I want to leave that too now
Sahil: Thn what ur promise ur love
Swara: Now that has no value. I loved him I wanted him to be happy no matter what.
Sahil: Ur taking the wrong decision listen to me noo
Swara runs from there teary eyed. Sahil drags her to conference room.
San: Yes kavi , I am in love…. Kavi becomes dam happy. But its not u . I love Swara.
Kavi: But . Sanky : let me finish. Love is not a choice that u keep on changing ur decision. She showed me unconditional love. I know if I ask her to die, she will die for me. Love should be like that. That day u left me for Rajat but I will not do the same mistake. I will not leave her for u.
Swara runs and hugs him happily.I love u Sansky sir. He smiles and hugs her back. Sahil too joins them and have a group hug. Kavi leaves the room silently.
Second chance is not deserved for all in true love.


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