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Birds were chirping the cool breeze was dacing to a rythm of union of two love birds who were sleeping peacfully in eachother embrace cuddling and holding eachother tightly such tat sanskar was top of swara sleeping on here holding here tightly like she is a most percious diamond for him no no more than that.. She was

Just then the sunrays on swara disturbing her sleeping she opened her eyes and saw the most important person her love her life sleeping on her peacfully she smiles seeing his cute angelic face and blushes remembering last night..
She was lost in thought when her cute woke up and saw her some where lost ..she came to sense when she felt tight grip on her waist
Swa: sanskar when u woke up.
San: when u lost in dream land.. Now tell what u r thinking.
Swa: nothing ..jst thinking he my life change get it’s already late we to go back ..get up na u r still inside me..
San: let sleep sometimes na..
Swa: sanskar plz ..before she comple her sentence sanskar kept his rough lips on her soft lips and engrossed in there love making.. Its after noon..both drove back to sm mansion ..both got fresh and having lunch with some romance .
Swa: sanskar let’s go to temple… After that we will maa and dida.
San: as u say mai love both had there lunch and went to Temple..both done Prayer sanskar got call he went a side while Swara sat on the stairs ..soon her eyes fall on mm family.. They to came to mandir .. Even they saw swara bt she jst ignored them remembering her sanskar pain and there betrayal she went and took blessing from from ramta without any one notice..Bcz all are front and ramta is back one pair eyes this .feel proud for her selection its non other than sanskar who jst came in search swara and saw her with his parents.. Ramta saw sanskar from far and blessed him from their only both drove from their to badi ..they spend some time and back to sm mansion ..
Its evng both sanskar is sitting on bed ..sanskar is sitting with support of headboard where swara is sitting with support of sansakr her back is touching his chest and his one hand is on belly where other is intertwined with her hand ..he was giving wet kiss on her neck ..swara was mourning with pleasure ..something strike on her mind ..
Swa: sanskar
San: hmm still kissing..
Swa: sanskar tell na when u sw me first plz ..I want hear ..sanskar stop kissing ..and told.
Sanskar: first I saw u when I was going to CLG and I stoped my bike on signal and I heard melodious voice.

Sanskar was standing on signal he heard a melodious voice ..its voice of gilr who is complaining some one not someone she is complaining to her scooty ..sanskar followed the voice awestruck to see the beauty..swara was going on her scooty ..then he heard her talk and fall on her antic ..
Swa: u knw bubbly. .I always get late jst bcz of this stupid traffic and that Hitler always scold me u knw that meera she always fill that Hitler ears ..and he as always shout ..u knw yesterday that chudail meera what have done..she spill juice on my assignment and my all effort went lost ..and that Hitler scolded ne .and he given punishment that I should write that assignment 10 time and I should submit that today ..u knw whole night I wrote ..u knw bubbly my hand is paining ..she is complaining like child ..he could not control himself to admire her seeing her cute antic his heart Skip signal cleard she drove her scooty fast Kolkata university sanskar was lost in his dream girls then he feel a hand on his shoulder. .
Person: buddy wer u lost .
San: u knw adi bhai she is so cute. Her antic .I can’t admiring her .( yes the person is aditya swara brother ..guys I ll not drag adi and sona love story)
Adi: who buddy
San: I dnt kne he told everything ..adi started to laughs..another person cane their.
Person: adi y are u laughing.
Adi: u knw sona u brother is in love.
Sona: what ..buddy is it true .who is that girl tell na..plz.
San: hold on di .even I dnt knw bt I feel find soon ..
Like this a week pass ..
Again next day sanskar and his frind was paasing by an orphanage then sanskar eye fall on his lady love who is playing with kids..he came to sense when he hear horn sound left to CLG ..third he found two lobe birds sitting under tree ..sona is sitting with support of tree and reading book where as adi sleeping beside her and covering his face with her duppatta.
Soon sanskar went to them.
San: hi love bird .
Sonadi: he buddy..
San: guys u knw again I saw my angel ..she was playing in orphanage..adi who was sleeping suddenly sat ..which both sonsan.
Adi: Buddy which orphanage..
San: some things sanjeevani orphanage..why ..
Adi took his mobile and show him one girl that ur angel..
Sanskar saw pic and was happy.
San: yes bhai she only my angel …bt hw u gt her pic..
Adi: actually buddy the day when ur telling abt her talking with her scooty and u told she call her scooty bubbly then i got some doubt and today when u told playing in orphanage so I asked .
San: han bt hw u knw her
Adi: Buddy she is my doll my shona ..
San: what she is ur sister.
Adi: yes ..I m happy for u both ..I ll talk abt this to sumi maa.
Like this days passed and adi always help him to get her pic and location where is now she ..Bcz arnav and adi have kept guards for her safety .who tell her where abt ..adi always encourag sanskar ..he was best brother for him ..even after sona left home he always supported him even he visited them ..raj and adi teach him abt business and after study he built his own company ..then that incident happened.. From the he hate all girls except sona sujata uttra swara ..when he fell lonely he alwya talk with swara pic ..and whenever he was going to sign any deal he see her pic ..bcz she is his lucky this his love increase more strong..
Flashback end.

After finishing his story he got no reply and saw towards swara who was sleeping.. He smiled made her sleep properly kissed her forhead and he to slept beside her taking her in embrace..


Precape: saskar tell swara abt laksh Truth

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