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After traveling for 1/2 hr Both swasan reached destination is outskirts of the city …sanskar came open the swara side door .she came out. Both went its a Forest.
Swa: sanskar wr we are gng ..I m getting scared.
San:shona I m der na .hold my hand ok..swara holded his hand after 5 mins of walking they came to spot ..there is path with is covers with rose petal and side of the path light are present… Both walked on the petal and there at centre a table and chair is presented and latten is hanging on tree giving beauty to spot ..
San: do u like it.
Swa: no infact I loved it.
San:perfect then my angel also like it ..I was scared if she like it or not BT nw I’m sure she will like it ..after hearing Angel name tears vame on swara eyes she wipped it before sanskar see it bt he was watching her each and every action by corner of his eyes ..
Swa: sanskar I want to tell u something
San: ya swara tell.
Swa: actually sanskar ..o i
San(mono): come on swara plz tell I m waiting to hear that magical word..
Swara took deep breath and told .
Swa: sanskar I’m happy for u .I wish u and ur angel stay happy forever..
By saying this swara turn and cried silently.. Sanskar also disappointed compose him self.
San: are I forgot we came to meet angel na ..come let’s go he holds her hand took her to a corner .we’re a red curtain hi hanging with rope.
San: swara u want to see my angel na ..go and pull that rope ..u ll see my angel standing there .swara was standing quite …unable to believe she us going to she her sanskars love ..she was lost in her thought ..came to sense by sanskar voice.
San: swara what are u waiting for ..go Angel is standing there for long time .plz go fast ..swara nodded her head .stepped towards the curtain her heart is beating fast ..tears are coming ..she stood near curtain closed eyes and took deep breath ..with shivering hands she pulled the curtain and closed her eyes ..sanskar came her back and hugged her ..
San:open ur eyes ..u dnt wanna see my angel ..swara slowly opend her eyes and saw sanskar hand which idms on her belly ..and saw towards him.. Both had eyelock..swara eyes showing love hurt ..where sanskar love is showing immense love ..Sanskar smiled and told..
San: stop Staring me .my Angel is seeing us.. After hearing this swara bend her head ..
San:swara see my angel ..she is most beautiful girl I have on the earth isn’t she …see na..sanskar make swara see front ..swara was shock to see the scenery in front of her ..its a lake which is shining due to moon light .cool breeze is coming she saw around fount no one.swara saw sanskar confusing.sanskar smiles seeing her confused .
San: what searching my angel .. Swara nodded.sanskar make her stand straight ..and point toward the lake .
San:see there
swara saw toward the direction and shocked to see .its swasan reflection …swara saw sanskar again turn toward lake .again turn to sanskar bt to her shock .sanskar is sitting on his holding red rose bouquet.
San: shona .when first I saw I lost my heart ..again when I saw u helping to children fallen for ur beauty …u came in life like angel .the day when I saw u ..u became my lucky charm . I dnt knw any cheesy line ..I ll simply tell.
I LOVE U SWARA U R MY LIFE..MY HEART BEATS ONLY FOR U ..will u accept my proposal ..swara was shock the person who became her life ..he is also love her ..she have no boundary for her happiness.. She sat on her knees and hugged him … Both are lost in there movement.. Sanskar broke the hug and both stood ..
Swara beated him on his chest with her tinny hand .
Swa: u scared me
.u knw hw I felt when u talk abt angel ..tmshe started crying ..sansakr took her in bone crushing hug ..she hugged him tightly I’d she loose her hand then he will go ..Sanskar to lightened the mood .
San: shona u have not given my answer ..Swara looked his face confusing..
Swa: which answer ..
San: madam I sat on the knees told u romantic lines and u r asking which answer ..Swara shyly hugged him..
San: shona I wnt my answer..
Swa: I love u too sanskar ..sanskar was beyond happy he heard the 3 magical word which he is waiting form last 7 yrs ..
San:finally I got my answer after 7yr ..seriously I have lots patience I waited for 7 yr ..great ..he self praised ..Swara who was hugging him broke the hug ..
Swa: sanskar seriously u r loving me form past 7 yr I havnt saw u anywhere .
San: its long story I ll tell after word .now come he took her to centre table ..where a cake is present on which written HAPPY ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE…swara saw him with shock.
San:happy one month marriage anniversary dear wifey..
Swa: happy apassodance k…. dear hubby .. Both cutted the cake and feed each other ..and hugged ..afer broking the hug both are staring each other with love ..Sanskar eyes fall on her pink risy lips . he saw towards her eyes ..swara followed his gaze ..understiid smile and closed her eyes giving him permission ..soon after she gave her permission he captured her lips both are engrossed in kiss it was slow kiss turn to passionate..he bitted her lower lip swara gasp ..getting opportunity he explore her moth ..acre 20 mins of passionate kiss broke the kiss due to lost of oxygen..both are breathing heavily.sanskar took swara sat on table both had there dinner( I ll not drag dinner topic).. After dinner swara was standing near lake gazing moon ..sanskar came and back hugged her ..she turn hugged him.after they broke the hug.sanskar forwarded his hand
San:my I have honor to dance with love ..swara nodded with smile both came ro center and dance romantically.
After dance sanskar lift swara and took her to cottage ..its a Small cottage room which have bed on center decorated with rose petal and in their is heart in which SWASAN is written.. Full Rome is filled the fragrance of cancel which making climate more romantic ..he putted swara on bed.removed his coat .came on top of swara .. He ..they locked their lips tightly and even tighten their embrace.
swara pulls his hair and he bits her lower lip.swara interwines her tongue with sanskar and he presses her waist tightly.both become short of breath and depart joining their foreheads. soon His lips traced the path to her ear lobes and he slowly nibbled on them and she shivered. Her whole body was tingling and she knew she was starting to get excited.
Sanskaar stopped at her shiver.
San : Do you want me to stop, Swara? You seem like not comfortable ..
Swara overwhelmed by his care and told..
Swa: no sanskar I want to become urs ..make me urs .without wasting time he duged his head on her neck bite on her neck.and sucked the bitted part
Swa: ah sanskar ..ummm ..hearing his name in her mourning.. He was staring her lovingly she felt shy and turn back was facing him .he smiles seeing her shy soon he  slides the zip and was craessing her back romantically with his lips and turned her towards him her eyes was down due to.shy he lifted her chin and looked into her eyes .both eyes showing love desire for each other he slide the dress from shoulder while she was playing with his shirt button unbuttoning it soon they were naked sanskar kissed her everywhere bitted and kissed more and more she was mourning pleasure soon.she rolled now she was top of sanskar kissing him madly soon sanskar rolled again he was top of swara and kissing her..soon both dress was shattered on floor .both are all naked. ..sanskar saw her and asked for permission .she given positive soon he got green sign he entered in her ..she shout due to pain ..sanskar kisses her to reduce her pain soon her pain change to pleasure.. Soon both came climax.. Both are tired and slept hugging each other ..still sanskar was inside her ..they both dozed off due to there love making ..

Precape: ssanskar flashback ..and some romantic monent

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