Recape:sanskar gt to knw truth..

Today episode:
In swasan room sanskar was standing near window and he was in deep thought staring moon.
San(mono): i have to prove her innocent bt how ..i have to do somthing ..while sanskar was in deep thought swara enter the room.she saw him and went near him.his chain of thought is broken by swara voice
Sanskar turn  and asked
San:do u need anything?
Swara: ma called me .. so she invited us for lunch.
San:ok u go
Swara:and u?
San:swara i have imporyant meeting.
Swara was disappointed..sanskar saw her face and feel bad ..
Both went to thier respective place. And sanskar slept on couch and swara on bed.
Swara was hurt bt dont knw y she was hurt by sanskar rejection. A tear are maling uts way.she is uknown to her feeling..and doon doze off. Sanskar was pretend to sleep woke up and went near swara a tear marks are clearly visible .he feel bad ..he peck her forehead and went to sleep on couch soon doze off.

Next day a beautiful morning ..a sun rays fall on our sleeping beauty her sleep was disturb by sunrays she sat on bed and  rubbed her eyes and slowly opend her eyes.when she open her ahe sees  sanskar who was sleeping peacefull ..she lost in his innocient face …soon she came too sense when she saw sanskar movement..suddenly she stood and took cloths form wardrob and went to washroom.soon sanskar woke up and search for swara he was tense when he heard a voice from washroom he feel relife..he took his cloths and went to other room to swara was thinking
Swara(thinking): what happen to me y im feeling diffrent when he rejected to come with me then y i feel hurt ..what happening with me..
She came out wash room and sat in front of dressing table.soon sanskar enter the room was outstruck to see his love .she is wearing blue anarkali suit he went near her she feel his presrnce and  saw through mirrior both are having beautiful eyelock ..he went and took sindoor and filled her hairline and adore her neck with mangalsutra.both was staring each other..soon they came to sense when sanskar phone rings ..both didnt talk anything  sanskar left the room while talking in phone swara came doom and arranged the bf and soon both sat on dinning table both are silent .. sanskar broke the silence
San:swara u ready i ll drop u badi while going to office ..swara jst nodded..after bf both left to badi..after reaching badi swara was abt to step down from car she turn to sanskar
Swara:if u dnt mind can pick me in evng ..
Sanskar noded..swara step down and went in badi were sanskar was staring her till she disappear..he also left
.while she enter she saw raglak also present der ..she ignore them abt to go in her house when  dadi started her badmouthing.
Dadi: what a shamless girl is she after eloping on marrige day also see how she is roaming without shame….she igore her and abt to go when her anger peak to level when she heard next sentence and stood there.
Dadi:jaisi maa waisi beti(like mother same daughter)..
Swara:mrs gadodia dare u talk abt my mother .
Ragini: swara how ur talking she us our dadi..
Swara:correction ms gadodia opp mrs laksh maheswari ..she is ur dadi ..
Shekhar: maa is right she is same like her mother.. im feeling shame to call u my daughter..Giving daughter like ..i was happy if i was punished for fatherless.. shame to be father of a character less girl like u..dnt knw with whom and with hw many men ur sl..before completing his sentence he feel burning sensation on his red cheek ..all turn to that direction and shock to see shomi with blood shot eyes.
Shomi:dare u tell anything abt my daughter ..she is my daughter u dnt have right to call her ur daughter i thought i u ll change bt know i was wrong ..u are the same ur mother tale and a spinless man.  Who differ in his own daughters …what u told she is charecterless and same like happy she is like me ..unlike u ..u trusted ur lovely daughter ragini na . See one day she will make u so mych proud that ur not able to show ur face ..U wanted to god should punish u fatherless but do u know even the meaning of being father mr shekhar gododia no na then let me explain u meaning of father…father is Who make their daughter feel protective…who stand beside her in every good or bad Situation but not letting her feel burden on himself…who will treat her like princess but u were never their for her soo how can u be called as father of swara han never mind mr shekhar gododia do what u want never try to point ur blo*dy Finger on my doughter…. And u mrs parvati gadodia  u pointed me on my upbring na then lets see ur upbringg .when her truth comes out then will see whoes up bringg is charecterless ..and u mr gadodia..untill now i was silent bcz of daughter bt u crossed all ur limits and im shame on me that i loved u bt not now i dnt want spinless man in my life and  my daughter dnt need a man as father who is thinking her unwanted child  ..saying this she wiped her sindoor and removed mangalsutra and and throw on shakher face ..
Shomi:ferm now i and my daughter  dnt have any realtion with u…i ll never forgive u..and ill send divorce paper to u sign it …by telling this she hold swara hand went inside home .all went in there respevtive home pair of eyes saw all this  with blood shot eyes bt feel proud for shomi decesion and her courage  .. soon he left fron there and  went to office and sat in cabin (guys i think u understand who is that person)..soon a man knocked on door
Man:come in
Man2:SM sir all are waiting in conference room( yes the man is sanskar.)
San:ok after conference cancel my all meeting.
Dev:ok sir soin both left to conference room .after meeting he left to badi..

In badi swara and all are siting in living room and talking..shomi notice swara face which is dull.
Shomi:shona u called  sanskar na for lunch?
Swa:han maa he will nt come he have important meeting so ..
Shomi:its ok beta…after some time again swara was silent this time shomi asked reason.
Shomi:shona i want to talk u can u come to room.both shomi and swara went to swara room
Shomi:shona wat happen since mrng im seeing u ..ur very dull ..dont take dadi and shekhar word serious beta ..u have ur life u have to think abt ur future ..
Swa:maa they dont trust me ..see how they told …i wanted to unite u and baba bt im fail im a bad daughter.
Sho: shhhh shona who told ur bad daughter ..ur angel .ur my pride .and abt shekar ..leave him i dnt want that person in life again..he hurted me twice now ill never allow him in our life ..first he left me i thought he will change bt again he brokrn my trust ..plz shona stop to unite us ..if u unite us then also i ll never accept him ..i ll nrver forgive he rise his finger on my upbringing…i ll never forgive him..swara was lost in thought
Shomi:shona what happen did sanskar told anything?
Swa:wht he ll tell maa ..he doesnt talk with me.
Shom:wht happen beta did u both fought.
Swa: no maa he never fought  with …bt i cant understand him..
She told abt the condition ..
Shomi:so what u decided.. i knw he ll prove u innocient ..then what u ll do.
Swa:i dnt knw ma .i m confuse.
Shom:i suggest u start ur new life with him give one chance to ur realation i knw u havnt accepted him  byt try beta ..understand him he loves u lot..shona u love him right..
Swa: no maa i hate u knw what he did with me .she toldhw sanskar blackmailed her and married her.
Shomi smile ..shona was shocked by her this act
Swa:maa he cheates me and ur smiling..
Sho:i knw beta he blackmailed u
Swara was double shocked.
Sho:han beta
Swa:how u knw maa.and y u didnt told me and y u allowed to go with him.she stared firing if quetions..
Shom:relax shona …ok listen. Did nt cheated u. I only told him to blackmail u .
Swa(shocked): WHAT!!!
Shom:han shona that day when u came back to badi grom hospital day dadi and shekhar bad mouthing abt u he was very angry on them

Dadi: see shameless girl ..eloped on her marrige day and nw see how she is roaming
Shekhar:she is good for nothing maa..Dadi:dont know were she is untill nw .and with whome..chii im my dream also i never think .
Shekar and dadi and badmouthing and by thier talk he is fuming in he came to me on the evening
Sanskar:aunty i want to ask u something.
Shomi:han beta tell
San:aunty i want to marry swara.
San:han i love her first day only when i saw her ..plz aunty ..
Shomi: beta she will never accept this .
San: leave that to me..first u tell me ull accept me ..
Shomi: beta u saved her ..u given her life back ..i ll never reject u ..
San:after knwing that im maheshwari then also accept u me.
Shomi was shock.
Shomi:what u are maheshwari ..hw u ll think ill accept this ..ur family ruined my daughter life ..nw wht elseu want frm her ..still wt remain to revenge..
San:i knw aunty wt my family did i dnt knw abt that..bcz i left my family 5 yrs back only ….tuwt me aunty ..i ll keep hee happy..when i heard abt laksh marrige was broken i was furious tht girl cheated my bhai ..and ditched him i wanted take when i heard bride name i wss shock ..bcz i saw 1  day after martige she was injure ..then i thought something is fishy ..i kne aunty ..swara is innocient i ll prove her innoceint plz trust me i ll keep her always happy ….
That day i saw truth honesty pain  and love in his eyes ..then i told how i should belive him.then what he told i was in shock and happy also.
Shomi: hw should i belive u..
San: ok dont belive me u belive ur  aditya . Do u trust him.
Shomi was shock
Shomi: hw u knw him..?
San : aunty im sanskar ram prasad maheshwari whom adi want to make ur son in law
Shomi: what ur  my adi choice.
San: han aunty sanskar ur adi choice ..shomi  was so happy …
Shomi: i thought laksh is asi choice so after enimty alsi i accepted his alliance for ky god protected my child…i ll accept u beta..
San: thank u aunty .. bt u have to help me to conviance my lady love..
Shomi: beta after this incidenct she ll mt accept u ..she ll very stubborn
San was sad i god idea and told him
Shomi: sanskar only one way is to convaince  her ..
San(exited): what???
Shomi: black mail her.
San(shock): what aunty what ur talking ..
Shomi: this is only way beta..
San: she will hate me ..
Shomi: bt ur love turns her hate to love ..i trust u.. after that we planed every thing and u marrige day also we are presnt der ..we hided behind the tree and saw ur marrige  ..and we pretent that we dont knw anything.
Flash back end.

Swara was shocked after knwing this..
Swa: who all present in ur plan ??
Shomi: me ,dida,ram ji and sujata ji.
Swa: what ..sanskar parents he hate his family..
Shomi: han he hate his family nt my his prents ..
Swa:mas i cant understant anything ..wts goung in my life ..
Shomi: wait beta until u prove innocient ..afrer that sanskar will tell u all truth..
Swa: ma first tell me who is aditya?
Shomi: he is ur brother  and sanskar brother in law.
Swa: what my brother and sansker dont have any sis hw his brother in law came..
Shomi: shone .i told u wait for right time . Sanskar will telk u everything ..and one more thing ..sanskar love u more than anything.
Swa: no maa he dont love me ..bcz he love some one ..
Shomi: how u knw
Swara came early from hospital and went to study to keep her file then she saw sanskar there..he was holding a pic and talking ti that pic
San: angel i love u.. im waiting for frm 7 yr..ur my first and my last  love..ur my life ur my heartbeat ..i cant live without u ..after hearing this swara left frm ther ..she feel hurb bt dnt knw abt her feeling..
Flashback end
Swa:he loves his angel lot maa
Shom:and u love him lot right
Swa:no maa i dnt love him..after i prove innocent i ll leave him ..i ll divorce him ..then he can lwave happily with his love..
Shomi: if he dnt give u divorce means then.
Swa:he ll maa .he dnt love me nothing to him ..he dont trust me.
Shomi: shona dont tell like this ..angel is his past bt ur his prest ant future ..give ur marrige a chance ..and what u told  he dnt trust u…beta he trust u more ..plz think abt it ..I knw u like think did he touched u ..did u forced u ..did he torture u ..
Swa: no maa
Shomi: do u knw y ..bcz he lives u ..think shoa  ..plz dnt take wrong discision ..aftr u ll regret …plz think ..after telling this dhe left shona and went out ..swara went to terace and was in deep thought .

Precap: laksh knw the ragini truth..

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