True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 9)


Arjun is thinkng abt Anjali and the hug… he is smiling to himself and dozed off.. aftr a long time he slept peacefully…..Here Anjali with Akshaya lyng on the bed bcoz Akshaya always stay with Anjali whenever her parents are went out of station….. Akshaya and Anjali are talkng to eachother abt the hug… Akshaya scoldng Akash abt wat he done to her today… Anjali jst stopped her and said am sleepy.. bth say gd nyt and slept.. Anjali is nt slept thnkng abt Arjun and the hug… hw he cried out….. she prays to god to keep him happy alwaysss….. she too dozed off aftr sometime…..
One week passed… INTERSCHOOL MEET is started.. students frm all the school came to participate….. first day is sports… All the students are participating with full energy… Football team are qualified fr final level… nw finals starts… Arjun team and opposite are playng seriously…. Wen Akash was abt to make a goal.. a boy frm opposite team pushed him and abt to scratch his leg with his spikes shoe.. at tat time Arjun come front and the spike shoe hits him… both fall down… so they give break fr 10mins…. Anjali and Akshaya who saw tis incidents shocked and thn they go to them… Arjun has deep wound bcoz of spikes shoe… Akash has cut on his head slightly…. Anjali attending Arjun’s wound and said to him to win this match…. dnt leave them… Akshaya who is attending Akash wound said to him to be carefull and play and u shld won this match at any cost…… Anjali goes to Akash and asked him r u k??? he said yes sis…. am alright.. and asked her wat abt Arjun??? she said he is k bt wounds are deep..Akash said wat??? wer is he??? Anjali said he ill come… we shld get back to match its gonna start.. they leave.. Arjun who is clisng his eyes and thnkng abt Anjali’s word and opened his eyes and moved to ground….
Match starts…. Arjun and Akash are playng… Wen ball came to Akash… He saw Arjun and nod hus head.. he too nodded his head and thn Akash passed his ball to Arjun and Arjun with in a sec maked a goal.. opposite team was shocked to seee tis…. Anjali and Akshaya was overjoyed and goes to them and hugged nt pair hug its group hug… they laughed their heart out…….
Nxt match his fr grls… Akshaya is talkng with Preethi abt the mistake tat she made is tat both chess and badmiton match was at same time.. fr super senior grls… bt in super senior both match only my name is given.. nw wat to do??? we shld change it…. bt before they could change the timing… some school student who heared their talk didnt allowed them to change it.. Akash was shoutng at Akshaya fr her mistake… Anjali who is calmng them down tells wait we shld think wat to do nxt??? Akshaya who eyes her said i hav solution… all saw her…. Akash, Arjun and Preethi asked her wat solution??? Anjali who is confused at her tone….. thn Akshaya said tat is chess will be played by me and batmiton is played by ******……..


Pls leave ur comments guys… sry fr the mistakes….. guyss pls tell me wheather ur likng my story bcoz i cant see more commentsss…. pls guys tell me franklyyy…

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