True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 6)


Hii guysss…. am soo sry i cant post it yesterday bcoz of diwali… hope u all enjyed ur diwali guys…. bt its my bst diwali bcoz went out with my cousins to my fav AJITH SIR movie… he jst rock it… therikka vitutaruu…… kkk… lets go to our episode..

All four went to canteen…. they sat.. Akash said ill go and get food fr u all…. Akshaya said r u having four hands??? so tat u can carry four plates… Akash said so ill u cme with me to get foods… She said k and both went… Anjali is sittng opposite to Arjun… Anjali is still feel dizzyness so she placed her head on the table.. Arjun who saw said “HERE AFTER DNT SKIP UR FOOD”… sayng tis he turned other side..Anjali who heared tis moved ger head up and saw him…. At tat time Akash and Akshaya came with food plates… They had their food bt Akshaya who is angry at Anjali dnt talk to her.. Anjali asked her wat hap??? she said i tld u vry time fnt skip ur food.. take care of ur health bt u didnt listen yo me and then she asked her wer s ur medicine??? Akash asked her wat medicine??? Anjali jst cover it up and said its vitamin tablet bcoz am week tats y.. sayng tis Anjali said we r leavng and said Tq Anna… Akash said its k sis.. no sry and tq k… She said k and they wer abt to leave… Preethi came and said ur here ah?? am searchng fr u all?? they asked y?? she said mam informed all captains shld cme early tomorrow and shld wear white shirt and phant for ceremony.. they said k amd then Anjali said i dnt hav??? Akshaya said even i dnt hav.. lets shop aftr school… Akash said either we two didnt hav… lets all shop together bt Anjali said i cant come… its already late we shld leave to home.. Akshaya said u goo ill go with them wait ill drop u… Akash said k take care sis take ur food and medicines properly…. Anjali said sure anna… While leavng Akash said to Akshaya to come to mall.. She said k… Aftr leavng her in hme Akshaa went to shoppng… She saw Akash and asked wer is Arjun?? He said he dnt lke to shop… Akshaya asked him he is always like tis ah?? never talk to anyone and be silent??? Akash said u dnt no abt him.. he is also lke us bt aftr the incident he jst avoided everythng.. Akshaya asked wat incident???? Akash said its non of ur bussiness…. and said come lets shop?? Akshaya signed to him both shopped the cloth for themselves and for their friends… wen they abt to leave Akash said to Akshaya i dnt think tat u ill talk nicely to me.. i taught u ill always fight like JHANSI KI RANI… bt ur too sweet.. Thn Akshaya also said i too think tat ur khadoos bt ur also good… both laughed together amd said bye to eachother and went to their home…..

At mrng….. they get ready Anjali called Akshaya and said come soon i shld change dress in school…. she said k.. they reached school at 7… they go to change… Akshaya said ill be waitng outside u go amd change.. Anjali get inside and changed her dress… Akshaya and Anjali went to stage amd prepared for ceremony…. Arjun and Akash came and asked y u came soo early they said to prepare for func.. all four start to work… preethi amd rohit also joined them…. its 8…. Mam came and saw arrangements and said its good… thn all the student gather around ground before stage and all took their respective places… Func starts… Correspondent and Mam sat on front chair along with staffs… they start their ceremony with prayer.. bible reading…. prayer song followed by dance which is done by preethi.. she is classical dancer she danced well all give aplaueds to her and then Akash danced in hip-hop and free style and all stand and clap fr him…. thn correspondent mam gave speech to students and then func is finished by national anthem… Mam congratulates them for their work… they all leave… Anjali gone to change her dress… Akshaya who accompained her waitng outside the door… Akash and Arjun who came their asked her y she s standng here??? wer is Anjali?? she said she s inside… Akash asked y??? Anjali said she s changng… bciz her parents dnt knw abt captain bcoz they dnt allow her.. Akash said k we ill wait in bike stand… aftrward Anjali came out and they head to leave… They talk to at bike stand for an hour and they said bye to each other…

Its night…. Anjali is in her bed thinkng abt the events which hap and thinks abt Arjun… she is thinkng tat y i always think abt him??? y he always stare me??? and then the word he said to me its full of…angry( Arjun which said to her at canteen)…. mixed feelng… i dnt knw y??? she prayed to god… IYYAPPA PLS HELP ME I DNT NO Y AM THINKNG BT U KNW MY SITUATION.. SO PLS DNT ME REMEMBER HIM… I CANT HANDLE TIS DNT GVE MORE PAIN…. she jst slept by thinkng abt him… Here.. Arjun is thnkng abt her said to himself y she always make me feel tat she s mine and i dnt want to live her… Akash who came their saw Arjun who s last i taught he jst lied beside and said… so wat ur thnkng abt??? he didnt say anythng…. Akash said y r u hiddng it frm me u knw i can feel everythng??? Arjun said i dnt knw wat to say and wat to do am so confused…. Akash said jst close ur eyes.. do wat heart says?? bt Arjun said i dnt want to give her pain… Akash said y r u thnkng negative… be positive everythng will be alright… bt he said i dnt thnk soo…. Akash said k.. wen u feel lke tell to her… bt dnt hide it with urself bcoz its last yr in school… i dnt knw if u get another chance bt Arjun said tats y am thnkng ill wait till last day if i feel for her.. i ill definetly tell her.. Akash said dnt be late nw jst sleep.. both slept….


Sry guys for the mistakes and for short update… i jst type it in hurry… if it has any fault pls pardon me guys….. pls leave ur comment guysss………

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  1. Nice. .. Nw its sure dat, arjali hav a past it? 🙂

  2. Nice. .. 🙂

    1. tq liya… ss they hav connection…

  3. Plz reveal the connection between arjun and anjali plzzzzz

  4. Very nice episode, interesting story, please continue, eagerly waiting for the next episode

  5. Nice epi..But waiting their Past to reveal..Akshaya and Akash bonded..that’s cool but I like their Fights..waiting for next epi eagerly..Take care ?..

  6. tq so much… hayathi…roma….AF….

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