True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 5)


Hiii guyss… tq fr ur valuable commentss……
Its mrng….Anjali gt up frm her bed and grttng ready for school … she called Akshaya and she said Ill be within 10mins dr.. she said k and went out frm her room… Amma asked her its nt time to school y u gt ready early??? she said tomorrow ic func in our school so we r gng early she didnt say abt her captainship yo her parents bcoz they will nt allow her….. Akshaya came wen they head to leave Amma asjed Anjali to eat ur breakfast and go bt she said its already late ll leave sayng tis both came out and leave to school… Aftr reachng school gate Akshaya said Anjali to go while ill park the bike and come.. Anjali nods her head and went inside…. While going inside she saw someone playng football in ground she get excited bcoz she her fav and lovely game is football… she silently watches him playng… she cant see his face bcoz he s turng his back towards her… wen he make a goal she was abt to clap bt she realised wat she s doing so she leave tat place silently….. Arjun who s playng senses somethng and turn to see bt she gone out of his sight… Anjali went to classroom and start to make invitation for ceremony… she took charts and sketches and make three different type of card…. Akshaya who parked her bike walkng towards her class… she hear some sound in auditorium.. she get inside and saw someone is dancing passionately… she memerised seeng his dance… when he turn she was shocked to see the person ….ITS ARJUN…. Her mouth opened and she leaved tat place shockingly… Seeng her face Anjali asked wat hap she said nthng and she asked her wat ur doing??? she said i taught to make invitation…. Suddenly they saw Preethi cmng to class they askes y she came early she said daily am cmng early y u people came soon they said for making invitation… thn students are cmng to school… In assembly.. MAM annouced the captains name and said them to come forward…Anjali who gt nerver…Akshaya jst hold her hand and take her to front… All the student clap for them… All disposed to classessss…. Mam said all the captains to come to my cabin.. they all went to her cabin… Mam said u should invite CORRESPONDENT MAM fr the ceremony so u should make invitation fr hr.. Akshaya showed three types of invitation to Mam… She was surprised and she praises her fr her work bt Akshaya said its Anjali who made these…. Akash silently said tats y i gt confused bt nw am cleared i knw tat JHANSI KI RANI knw oly to shout nt to make these things… hearng tis Akshaya gve him a angry look bt Anjali who managed the situation and said tat she too helped me to make these… thn mam said u people go and invite her… Bt Rohit said i cant go… if i go i missed my classes bcoz mid term exams are nearng… Akash give him a angry look to him and said padipzzzzzzz…… All grls including mam laugh at tis and said to him to go to ur class…. thn Mam said only four people can go…. Anjali said i too leave to my class… hearng tis Akash said i cant handle her pointng towards Akshaya….. So mam said k preethi u go.. other four go to entrance car is waitng fr them…. They leaved to car…Akash who is abt to sit at front bt Arjun pushed him aside and sat on front seat…. Anjali,Akash and Akshaya sit in back seat…. Anjali is sitng middle both side Akash and Akshaya are sittng.. Anjali and Akash are talkng to themselves…. Akash asked her sis will u make some cards for me also ahh??? she said ofcourse anna…. Akshaya said we dnt to tat for charity…. Akash said am nt talkng to u… bt Akshaya said am her frnd.. Akash said am het brother… They continue to fight…Anjali said y u people always fightng…. y cant u shake ur hands and become frnd??? Akash and Akshaya both at the same time said NEVER…… Anjali said its my promise… sayng tis she make shkehands and thn both introduve themselves with a new start… thn Akash start to tease her Akshaya too tease him…. th all three laughng at the jokes… car stoped at the big house… they get down and gt inside…

Servant tell them to sit on sofa i ll call mam… They are abt to sit…. Akash make Arjun sit nxt to Anjali bt Anjali sit nxt to Akshaya makng her sit nxt to Arjun…. Thn VIMALA MAM came down and they gt uo and wish her and tell abt ceremony she said ya principal mam called me and informed… while talkng servant bring tray full of nuice glasses… Anjali dnt took the glass and just nod her head noo… Mam said its k take it bt she jst took it and kept in side table… Akash said to mam tat we leave… bt she said to them to see my house and go bcoz u ill be tired of travellng dnd gi immediately they said yes… thn servant guidng them to see the house… Akshaya…Akash…. Anjali… Arjun… by these order they are going… Anjali spot birds and stopped herself and playng with it amd smilng to herself Arjun who s cmng frm behing saw tis and he memerised to saw her….. Wen Anjali took one step aside she didnt see water in the floor… she sliped and abt to fall Arjyn came and hold her in his arms… and they both stare at each other lovngly BG MUSIC….. UNNAI PARTHA PINBU NAAN NAANAGA NAAA ILLAYAE….( sry guys i dnt no hindi songs tats y i wrote tam song.. u can imagine any songs guyss)….. Anjali composed herself and said Tq plainly and went frm their…. Arjun jst saw her going and he too leaved tat place… Akash who saw these smiled to himself….. they leave to car to go to school…. While they going outside Akash hit his leg in step and falls… Arjun holds him and take him to car and make him sat on back seat bt Akash said am hurt hw can i sit at back seat.. Arjun make him sit on front seat… wen he opened the back doot… he saw Anjali sittng… Anjali who s nervers asked Akshaya to change the seat bt she said u knw na i lke window seat… so no other go Arjun beside Anjalii… Anjali asked Akash nw u alright??? He said yes sis its jst small injury so dnt wry…. Akshaya said yes yes hw can gt injured he will make others to gt na…. before they could start fightng Anjali said please i cant tolerate it… they become silent… Akshaya gt sleepy she slept on Anjali shoulder.. Anjali make her lie on her lap and rubbed her hair to make her sleep comfortably…. Seeng these Arjun think abt some incident… FB: WEN ARJUN IS SMALL BOY.. WEN HE CANT GT SLEEP.. HE GO TO HIS MOM AND SLEEP ON HIS LAP.. HIS MOM RUB HIS HAIR AND MAKE HIM SLEEP PEACEFULLY… FB ENDS…. Arjun get teary eyes he jst turned to window side and wiped his tears….. They reach school and went to cabin and informed MAM about the visit and they leaved to class….
while they going outside its almost 3…. they were tired…. All four climbng the strais… Anjali get dizzy and falls down Akash and Arjun who s cmng behind her hold her and make her sit and Akshaya brought water and split it in her face… she get consious and drinks some water…. Akash asked wat hap???? Akshaya said she didnt hav food frm mrng…. Akash asked her thn y u didnt took juice in mam house.. Akshaya said she ate anywhere othere than her home.. Akash asked her to come??… Anjali asked where??… He said to canteen… frst we go and eat and thn can go to class…. Anjali saud its k… bt Akash with angry tone said its my order come.. sayng this he held her hand took her to canteen followed bt Akshaya and Arjun……..


Tq guys fr readng my story… ple leave ur comments guysss….. HAPPY DIWALI…. my dr frnds…. enjy ur diwali and also be safe guyssss…..

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  1. akila very nice …..loved reading it….pls give longer updates ….

    love u … it a real story of someone..?

    1. tq kirti… its half real and half imaginary ma

  2. Happy diwali….. so nice story and nice bonding..

  3. Nalla iruku pa yennaku romba pudichiruku are u from chennai

    1. rmba tanx deepu.. ama pa na chennai tan

  4. Ha happy diwali akila

  5. Pls pst lng updts, nly if u can. . N Its nice:-) pls updt nxt part soon. . .

  6. Awesome episode Akila, eagerly waiting for the next episode

  7. Sorry for late..Nice epi.. U r showing the bro and sis bonding of both Akash and Anjali..I like ? that but wat abt Arjun yaar..i want to know their Past..
    I liked both Akshaya and Akash fighting.. I like Calling Rohit as Padipzz..
    Will u please tell me the movie name of that Song..i can’t remember that movie name..
    Waiting for your next part..eagerly..keep writing..pls post soon..and Thank u..


    1. ta liya and roma… today i cant post ma bcoz its diwali.. tomorrow ill surely make it ma……
      @Aaliya… tq so much my dr….. i luv by bro so much tats y i include more sceens…. past will be unfolded lately ma… before tat illl make more sceens between them …… bcoz its vry long story ma…. HAPPY DIWALI GUYS….

    2. Hiiii aliya padipzzzz means it is a tamil word?

  8. @Aaliya… movie name is KADHAL MANAN…. My fav hero movie…. am biggest AJITH SIR FAN…. today VEDHALAM release am so excited…. fr all thala fans its THALA DIWALI…..

    1. Oh so Good ur Thala fan..ya For every Thala fan its Thala Diwali..R u going to watch Vedhalam?..
      I am Suriya’s fan yaar..

    2. Ya I remember that Movie..He sing that Song to impress Nayantara right?..
      In that movie he play as a College student and Nayantara as a Lecturer..right?..

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