True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 46)


AT COLLEGE… all are in their respective classes…. peon came anf informed students of 2nd yr and 3rd yr student sgould assemble in hall aftr break…. sayng so he went…. Our gang sittng on canteen chaira amd disscussing fr wt purpose they called us???? Akash said i think they called us to talk abt result…. Dilio said ohh god i dnt want to die soo soon…. All laugh at him and Akshaya said dnt act dilip… always u say like ris bt u will good percentage!!! Dilip said its all bcoz of my drlng….. Drlng????? Arjun asked him with surprise??? Dilip winks at Anjali and said yes my drlng and sweet hrt and my chilhood beauty….. sayng soo he puts hus hands on Anjali shoulder… all smile at him… How??? Akash asked him??? Dilip said bcoz she wont leave me at every exam she ill study late night… and i want ti accompany her and give her tea so she wont sleep… Thn she explain every chapter like a story…. and ill wrote tat tats alll… Preethi asked him story???? Dilip said yes!!!! she loves to read book amd she read lots of bookss… so she make every chapter like a story and explain me…… its easy to remember na!!!!! Akash said to Anjali tat ur multitalented girl…. am so proud of u sis…. anjali said its nt like tat… he jst tellng like tat….. Akshaya said she dnt like praisesssss…… at tat time bell rang all went to hall….

At hall… all students presented their and gossoping themselves…. principal came with hod and wishes the student and said abt industrial visit come tour……… All studentss get excited and shoutsss…. principal said who are all willing give the names to ur class incharges and get permission letter from parents… tour date ill be annouced aftr finalising the list of students…. placess also ill be disclosed aftrwarddsss…….

At lunch.. they all discussing abt tour… Anjali was sad… Arjun noticed tis and asked her wat hap??? Anjali said i cant come to tour!!! All are shocked except Dilip and Akshaya!!! others asked her yy???Anjali said i dnt like…. Arjun give her a killing look and said dnt lie…. Anjali avoids his eye and looking down and said really am nt interested…. Arjun jst leaved the place angrily…. Anjali saw tis with teared eyes…. Akash asked her y ur nt intereated??? Akshaya said she is afraid of hr parentsaa… they wont leave her anywhere to stay outside… its too was one weektour na???? Akash said lets convince them dnt wry… bt Anjali said no and leaved the place…. Dilio thinking of something and said to all others they all smiles and gave hifi to eachother….


sry guysss am really sry… as my bday was in this week so am buay in purchase wen i gt free to update telly updates nt accepted the post tats y… pls leave ur commentsss frndsss… tq fr reading….

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  1. Wow.. Superb episode..

  2. Awesome episode, n many many happy returns of the most precious day, happy birthday to you my sweeeeeetheart. …love you loads

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