True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 44)



Akash took Akshaya from their sayng tat we ill be back… Akshaya asked him wat???? Akash said tat let them talk… tats y Arjun bring her here.. Akshaya said kk… nw wat we should do??? Akash smiles and said lets go to terrace naa??? Akshaya said ohh k tats to good idea…. They went to terrace…. Akash sat on the slab and wen Akshaya was abt to sit he pulled her and make her sit on his lap…. and wraps his hands around her and kept his chin on her shoulder and said lets do some romance na its beign long we enjyed together… Akshaya blushes and said soo tats y u took me here…. nt bad…. i didnt think tat khadoos too knwss to romance… Akash said wat to do wen i hav beautiful jhansi ki rani in my life means i can go crazyy na!!! Akshaya said y u kept this name fr me??? See my brother he always call Anjali sweety…cutie…drlng…chlm… baby… like tis.. bt u alwaysss teasing me… sayng so she removed his hands and moves apart frm him… Akash smiled and came back of her and hug her back and said tat ur my life dr… wen i calling u with other lovely names meanss i feel smthng stopping bet us.. bt wen i was called u jhansi ki rani means ur my rani and one and oly my rani…. who can fight fr her bestie… and stand fr then at any situation… my love fe u increasing day by day seeng u fighting…. wat u say i always teasing u na??? bcoz i loved to tease u dr… ill always tease u bcoz ur mine and i hav full rights on u… hearing all this Akshaya was happy and and turned towards him and hugged him soo tightly and said i love u da…. i too love it wen u call me jhansi ki rani and wen u tease me da…am ageing someone who can love me and show all rights on me… u showed me all this is enough fr me.. saying so she kissed him on his cheek…. Akash was surprises and holds her face in his palms and kissed her on forehead and hugged her again….Aftr sometime they broke the hug and sat on the slab amd Akash put his head on her lap and Akshaya starts to rub his hair and they talk abt their life…..

Here in hall… Arjun and Anjali was talking…. Anjali said abt Rohit.. Arjun said dnt wry… till two years for tat so nw stop thinkng and enjy ur present dr…Anjali said i was afraid Arjun… Arjun holds her hand and said am their na!!! ill take care of it….Anjali puts her head on his shoulder and holds his arm tightly amd said i trust u more tan myself da tats y am afraid i cant imagine my life without u da…. Arjun holds her tightly towards him and kissed on her head and said dnt wry evrything ill be alright…. They sat fr sometime and Arjun said Anjali am hungry… Anjali said u dint ate ah??? Arjun said noo.. Anjali asked him y??? he said without u hw can i eat dr??? Anjali smiled amd said wait ill bring smthng fr u… She went to kitchen and saw no food.. ao she starts to make it… Arjun came their and saw her cooking and sat on the kitchen slab and asked herwats menu drlng???? Anjali said pasta!!! Arjun said sprrr…. bt did u knw chinese also ??? Anjali give him a look and asked him wat u think abt me???? Arjun said i taught u oly knw indian food.. Anjali said i love to cook food Arjun…. so i learned all varieties… Arjun said its soo good thn i can eat watever and wenever i want it bcoz i hav my lovely cook who knws everything sayng so he winks at her.. Anjali jst nods her head and starts her work… Arjun who taught smthng and get down frm the slab and come behind her and hugged her frm back and kest her chin on her shoulder and wraps his hands around her waist… Anjali askes him wat r u dng??? leave me i want to cook??? Arjun said who stops u ??? u do ur work and ill do my work sayng so he holds her more tightly and kissed on her neck and runs his nose on her…… Anjali was shocked and atarts shivering and puts the veggiea down which she was holding…. Arjun dind leave her…. Starts to kiss her on her cheek and she was blushing hard…. Arjun saw her and loosened his grip amd said dnt blush dr…. Anjali comes to senses and beat him on his shoulder and said him to get out otherwise i wont cook.anythng and u should be hungry fr full night… Arjun said kkk…. am leaving u nw dnt be happy k… sayng so he again sat on the slab and starta to talk with her… Anjali too finished her cooking and said Arjun too call Anna and Akshaya we ill eat together…. He nods and called them… they come and sat on table and starts to eat… Akash said sis ur cooking was fabulous….. They finished their dinner and sat on sofa and starts their knok joke….. Anjali slept on Arjun’s lab and Arjun was caressing her hair and talkng with Akash and Akshaya…….



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  2. Awesome episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

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