True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 42)


Hiii guyssss…. i knw its too late… wat to do my exams are postponded…. tatss y… am really sry… bt am disappointed with vry low commentsss… please guysss… please leave ur commentss… its wheather positive nor negative…. plss guysss… before gng to episode ill give recap…

Akash listens Dilip and Akshaya’s talk and things to himself to knw the truth today itself… thn he get back to his class… here Arjun who is playng football could not concentrate and thinking abt Anjali… Arjun says to himself dnt no y he came nw… wat ill hap to Anjali… with so mch difficulty she starts to enjy her life nw again she ill go to depression… God pls dnt make the situation more worse plss… and aftr somtime he thinks smthng amd smiles to himself and starts to play happily….

Rohit dropped Anjali to her home and said to think abt wat i said… Anjali jst moved towards her house… Her amma ask her y she came early… Anjali said Rohit came tats y… Her Amma asked her y he came?? its he said anything??? wheather his mom said anything ??? Anjali said tat he is gng to abroad and aftr two years he ill come back.. wen he is cmng.. he wants to marry and settle down… Her Mom cried and thn said k nw u go amd take rest ill get something fr u bt Anjali said i dnt want amything… pls dont disturb me sayng so she moved towards her room… Her mom prays pls gve some happiness to her.. in such a small age ahe is suffering so much.. as a parents we cant do anything and we are helpless.. pls god do smthng prayng so she moved towarda kutchen to do her work…

At evening.. col gate…. Arjun..Akash..Akshaya..Dilip and Preethi are standing.. Akshaya said ill go and meet Anjali and then ill go to my home bt Dilip said no need ill take care of it u go.. Akash said k come Akshaya ill drop u… Akshaya said k.. Both lived the place… Arft wards Arjun..Dilip and Preethi too lived to their home…

Arjun goes to his home and gt ready and thinks hw to go to Anjali’s home… She wont come to Akshaya’s house and i cant go to her home also.. wat to do.. Arjun think smthng…. Thn he gt some idea and laughingly get his bike keys and movea out of his home.

Its 7 pm at Anjali’s home…. Arjun goes towarda her home and taught ft somthng and ring the calling bell… Dilip open the door… Arjun and Dilip both shocked to see themselves… Dilip asked him wat r u dng here.. Arjun thinks to himself i was the one who supposed to ask this question!!! Arjun smiled and said i came to meet Anjali bcoz Akash and Akshaya are in Akshaya’s house so taught to get her their so she ill be happy aftr todays incident… Dilip said yes its good idea bt am their na so no need fr tat.. i already make her smile.. Arjun gt angry bt composed himself and said its k.. can i meet her??? Dilip said ofcourse come inside… They get inside… Anjali called idiottt… wer are u?? i wont leave u!!!! sayng so she came outside running frm her room… Dilip who heared this frightend and runs and hidden behind her mom… Wen Anjali came their all starts to laugh seeng her… Anjali shout at them and said am nt joker dnt laugh!! and u idiott come tis side… y r u hiding behing my mom???

Dilip said noo i wont.. otherwise u ill kill mee… Anjali said if u wont also ill kill u… wat u think of urself and wat u made my face like ghost…. Dilip said no no dnt say ur ghost bcoz ghost is more beautiful tan u… Anjali who heared tis gt more angry and took knife frm the table and moves towarda him bt her mom stopped her and said dnt u dare to do tis… he is my son if u think of doing anything to him thn u wont gt food fr two days… Anjali said its better to hungry thn eatng ur food…. Dilip said dnt say anything abt my aunts food otherwise ill kill u.. Anjali said lets see who kill whome??? Wen both are heada to fight.. Anjali father came their and said stop it u guyss are still behaving like a child.. dnt say tat ur studing col…. Anjali said appa i didnt do anything he was the one who did tis on my face… wheater my face look like a painting sheet… she gave sad face.. Her father laughs and said u my angel dr.. wait nw Dilip cme here y u did tis??? Dilip said uncle she oly said do watever u want i wont talk and am soo sleepy so i did tis… Arjun who saw all this laughss whole heartedly…

Hearng the laugh all turned and saw him.. Anjali was shocked to saw him and runs towarda her room.. thn Dilip introduced him to uncle and aunty tat he is our senior… u knw na Akash.. Anjali’s brother his best frnd… He came to take Anjali to Akshaya’s home….. Anjali’s father said ohh i see kk.. bt please return soon and Dilip u too gng na??? Dilip said ofcourse uncle… Amma said k u all talk i ill gt tea fr u… Amma asked Arjun ill u hav tea r want sme thng… Arjun said am k with it….. Dilip said u sit here ill be back sayng so he moved towards Anjali’s room and came back aftr 15minss and said Anjali is gettng ready come we ill go outside.. Arju take leave frm their parents and moved out… Dilip and Arjun are standing outside.. thn dilip said tat Arjun u take her i cant come.. i said to uncle like tat otherwise he wont allow her… I hav sme imp work.. Arjun thanks god in his mind and said its k u go ill take care…
Arjun was waitng and thn Anjali came their and moved towards towards Akshaya’s home….
Meanwhile… Here inAkshaya’s house… Akash and Akshaya are sittng and talkng with each other and thnAkash ask abt Rohit??? Akshaya was shocked and said y r u asking??? Akash said i want truth wat is the relation bet dilip amd rohit?? and y u said tat to dilip tat u can help Anjali and y didnt done tat??? tell mee Akshaya ??? Akshaya said k ill tell… bt dnt ask anything to dilip??? Akash said k i wont nw tell me!!!! Akshaya take deep breate and said ROHIT IS DILIP’S BROTHER…. Akash was shocked to hear this….



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  1. after a long time yaar…welcome back

    1. tq so much tani….

  2. Hi akila welcome back.hopeu r dng well.all d best for ur exams.finish all ur exams soon n continue ur ff.

    1. tq poornima… my exams are finished.. nw ill be regularr…

  3. Awesome episode akila, wowwww after soooo looooooong time….but loved to see u back…how were your exams? Or still have some more to do…precap is interesting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. tq roma akka… cmng to exam it seems good nt tq fr the wishes… pls keep commenting…

  4. Nice.. Please update regularly..

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