True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 41)


Hii guysss… am back…. am soo sryyy… again i delayed my update… wat to da its my final sem soo project work makng me tensed…. once again sry.. here aftr my update ill be regular bcoz i gt my holidats fr studies so nw am free… soo pls read my story and leave ur comments…. u can give any suggestion also….

Anjali asked Rohit is their anything imp??? u came here??? Rohit said yes i want to talk to u!!! Anjali gt little feared abt the matter which he is gng to talk…. and said k say?? Rohit said i want to talk to u privately…. Anjali said k lets go canteen.. bt he said no lets go out… Anjali said i have my classes so i cant come… Rohit said its k take leave ill inform uncle… Anjali said i cant leave my classes its imp… Rohit firmly said k ill talk to uncle… before he could take his mobile Dilip said to Anjali tat u go Anjali ill handle.. Anjali said k wait ill get my bag and come… Rohit nods his head… Arjun who is standing and listening all tis moved moved towarda Anjali class… Akshaya was seeng Rohit with full anger.. Dilip is talkng with Rohit… Akash was holdng Akshaya’s hand to cool her… preethi was standing with blank expression dnt no wat is happening….. Anjali who took her bag and turns to go out bt saw Arjun who is standing… her eyes is full of tears bt composes herself and walks towards him… Arjun saw her and jst hugged her tightly… nw Anjali cannot hold herself she starts to cry and hugged him sooo tightt…( one hug can make broken pieces normal) Arjun broke his hug amd wipes her tears and said BE BRAVE MY DR… sayng so he holds her hand and starts to walk… Anjali jst stared at him and followed him… Anjali said bye to all and sat in car… Rohit and Anjali went out…. Akshaya with full of anger walked out frm their… Akash saw her gng and abt to follow her bt saw Arjun who is standing far and he dnt no wat to do… he jst standing their… Dilip who saw tis and said ill go to Akshaya sayng tis he left tat place.. Akash goes towards Arjun and hugged him… Arjun jst said am k da… ill be back sayng tis he went towardss football cort….. Akash prays to god to dnt make more complicated fr him amd went to saw Akshaya….

Akshaya was angry with Dilip and Anjali and dnt no wt to do… so she jst went to canteen and sat on chair….. Dilip comes to her and sat beside her and holds her hand… bt she shooked it… Dilip asked her r u angry??? Akshaya said who am i to gt angry on u??? Dilip said nt like tis.. u knw evrythng thn y??? Akshaya said i knw evrythng bt i dnt no y u didnt stop Anjali tat day and nw alsooo??? Dilip has tears in his eyes and said tat day i was helplesss…. bt todayyy…. Akshaya asked him wat hap to u today???? Dilip said nthng… u knw na i dnt do anythng which hurt Anjali… Akshaya said i knw bt… before she could complete her sentences Dilip said no more questions… nw cme to class already its late sayng so he took her to the class… Akash who came their heared their converaation and thinks tat their is smthng which they r hiding… and he taught smthng and goes towards his classs…

Here Anjali and Rohit came to restaurant near by and sat on opposite to each other… Anjali was jst looking down and starting the table… Rohit was staring her and aftr sme mins he starts the conversation… he asked her who is tat guy???? Anjali was shocked bt didnt show it and asked him who???? He said one who came with u frm classs… Anjali said he is my frnd.. he asked her only frnd ahh??? Anjali gave him a killing look… Rohit said k and i came to talk to u abt ur studies… Anjali asked him wat u want to talk??? He aksed her till hw many yrs is to complete??? she said three yrs… Rohit said thn k… aftr two yr is our marraige… nw am gng abroad fr bussiness and ill be back aftr two yrs thn we can gt married… Anjali was shocked to hear.. bt compose herself and said tat i hav three yrs to complete and hw can i marry u before completing my studies… Rohit said am marryng u wen ur doing final yr soo i dnt stop ur studiea u can continue aftr marraige also amd one more thinh my mom said me to marry nw itself and thn go to abroad bt i said tat ur studing lets give her sme time.. if u dnt want time means i can arrange marraige nw itself wat u say???? Anjali was shocked to hear tis and jst nodded her head helplessly and said k…… Rohit said tats gud….. come lets leave.. ill drop u at ur home… Anjali said its k ill go by myself… Rohit said i said come!!! Anjali with tears flowed him and he dropped her at her home and leaved tat place…. Anjali goes inside and locks her room door and lied on bed and stared the ceiling…..



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  1. Is rohit is a bad guy

  2. After soo long dear…but loved to read this episode. ..get very good grades in your exams. ….love you loads akila….

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