True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 40)

Hiii frndss… tq fr ur comment…. ill update on weekend bcoz i hav no time on week daysss…. so pls beer tis for one mnth.. aftrwards illl bee freee… ill update it regularly……

Nxt day they went to col…. Dilip is teasing both Akash and Akshaya… Aftr some time Anjali alsoo joined him…. Akshaya starts to beat her bt she starts too run and collide with Arjun…. Akshaya said Arjun Anna dnt leave her…. she is teasing me!!!!Arjun said k and holds her hand tightly soo she cant escape frm him…. Anjali said Arjun pls leave me otherwise she ill best mee… please plzzz…… seeing her face Arjun said k.. i ill leave and save u frm Akshaya bt u should give me reward for tis help sayng tis he winks at her…. All others are standing little far frm them soo they cant hear wat they talkng… oly Akshaya is cmng towards them to catch Anjali…. Anjali knws wat he is gng to ask soo she said noo… Arjun tighten his grip on her waist and said k i wont leave u… let my sis beat u and i also say her to beat more for avoidung me… sayng tis he smiled smirkinglyyy… Anjali saw Akshaya nearng her and turned and saw Arjun who is smirkng soo she dnt hav any other goo so she accept the deal and said k ilk reward u drlng nw pls help me naa… Arjun smiled and at time Ashaya came their to beat Anjali… bt Arjun said leave her Akshaya… illl give her punishment soo u dnt wry k… Akshata said k Anna… bcoz of u i leaved her…

Anjali i tooo hav time to tease u soo be carefulll sayng soo she winks at Arjun and said come fast d class started….. Anjali said ya cmng sayng soo she was abt to leave… Arjun asked her wer is my reward??? Anjali said at interval nw pls leave mee i want to attend the class its lab session… if i dnt go early means they wont allow mee… Arjun said k and leaved her and she runss to her classs… Arjun laughed seeing her going and he was abt to go to his classs… Akash stops him and said romancing in public place… good improvement da…. Arjun hits him on his stomach with his elbow and said nt more tan u naa??? Akash holds his stomach and said u become softer nw… Arjun ask him wat??? Akash said ya u became soft tat tooo very soft….because…. frst u punch me it was hard nw it is soft sooo i said softt… bt its too good fr u da… Arjun said kkkk stop teasing mee… cme lets go to classs its already late…. they leaved to their class….
Anjali,Akshaya and Dilip was in lab classs… they are doing their lab… Suddenly Anjali’s equipment didnt work so staff tell her to join with someone who is doing tis experiment…. she saw dilip was also doing same exp soo she goes towards him and saw him lost and she taps him and asked wat happen??? He said nthng… Anjali said dnt lie tell me wat hap??? Dilip said i dnt no really bt am feelng restlesss d…. Anjali was shocked and asked him watt???? Dilip said yes!!! frm mrng am feelng rest less d i dnt no y??? if anything bad hap to u like last time means i cant tolerare it… Anjali said nthng like tat ill hap k nw u go and wash ur face and come lets doo practical na… He nodss yesss and goes towards washroom and Anjali was thinkng abt pastt hw he said same thing wen two years back…. and tat time i faced lots of prblmm nww wat is gng to hap??? god plsss dnt make mee helpless like last time i cant handle it plsss sayng so she wiped her tears seeng dilip cmng they starts their classs….

Dilio asked her abt preethi??? Anjali teased him y u askng abt her??? Dilip said i jst asked like tat y she didnt come today tats it ntbng else k…Anjali said i beleived u da sayng soo she laughed at him…. Dilio said k u dnt want to say anything leave it little angrily… Anjali said kk.. dnt be tensed.. she took permission for two hours bcoz her dad is gng outstation tat y… Dilip jst nods his head…. they completed the class and bell rang they goes towardas canteen…

At canteen…. already Arjun and Akash are waiting…. They all took their seatss… Arjun and Akash sittng opposite towards Anjali and Akshaya… dilio is sitting center…. they order drinksss for them while having it Anjali got msg… she saw the msg and smiled and saw Arjun and then she replied to tat msg… Again her mobiled beeped she saw tat and ignored it…. so Arjun called her she cuts the call… Dilip asked her attend the calll… and who is calling?? Anjali said its frm customer care… Again her phone ringed….

Akshaya saw the name and smiled and teased her tat ya ya … nw a days customer care was calling unneccessarily tat too late nightsss naa anjali sayng soo she laughed at her.. Anjali give her a kilking look… at tat time preethi came their and joined them…. Again Arjun called her.. at tis time Dilip hold her phone before she hold it… wen he was abt to look at the caller id… Anjali snatch it frm him and said i sadi na its customer care lets leave it.. Dilup said let tease them it ill be fun naa…. Akshaya too joined him and said ya ya its sooo fun fr us naa… Anjali dnt no wat to do soo she said ill go to class sayng soo she was abt to leave bt Dilip and Akshaya holds her and try to snatch her phone bt she is fightng… Anjali pleaded with her eyes to Arjun to save me bt he was enjyng her situation so he didnt do anythng… At last seeing her angry face he hits Akash to handle Akshaya… Akash diverts Akshaya’s attention at time Anjali escaped frm their… Dilio said stop ur fights seee Anjali escaped letss catch they all searching her… Arjun knws wer she ill be sooo he leaved frm their and goes towards library….. Arjun saw her sittng sadly… he go and sit beside her….. she noticed him bt dnt talk to him… Arjun holds her hand and said sry i jst teased u… sry illl never do tis k… Anjali jst placed her head on his shoulder and remains silent.. aftr sometime she broke the silent and said i dnt angry at u bt i feel restlesss dnt no wat bad is gng to hap???

Arjun asked her watt ??? y???? Anjali said wat Dilip told her and she alsi told abt her past incidence…. Arjun said nthng ill hap chlm… i am here na soo nthng ill hap to u and i never allow anythng hao to u k… Anjali jst stayed silent… so Arjun to divert her mind.. he asked abt his reward??? Anjai said wat?? dbt act u knw wat am asking!!! Anjali said nooo smilingly… Arjun holds her hand and said k let me show u wat am sayng…. he holda her face and and abt to kiss her bt she pushed him and stands to goo bt Arjun holda her hand and said nt soo easilyy my dr…. arjun pulled her and hugged her in sitting position… she holds his hand and wrapoed it around her waist tightly and her back head hid placed closer towards his chest… they enjyng their company…..

Here all four tired of searching and Akshaya saw Arjun is nt their sooo she concluded everything and came to wer they ill bee and was abt to go bt Akash holda her hand and said nooi…. Akshaya ask him wat??? Akash said let them enjy d… leave it… she said k and wer alll four taljng wer they illl be at tat time someone came their by car and one man came out and removes his glassess and saw the col… Seeng him Akshaya and Dilip was shocked and preethi and Akash wer giving confused look…. Tat man came near to them and Dilip comes to senses and wished him and asked abt is visit??? Tat man said too saw Anjali and also talk to her abt smthng which is very imp….. Akshaya asked him wat matter??? Tat man said ill said to her wer is she??? Akshaya said she is in class ill call her sayng soo she leaved the place….

Akshaya comes to library and took both Arjun and Anjali frm their bt she didnt say anything abt tat man… while gng closer towards them Anjali saw glimpse of his face and shockeddd and said ROO…ROOOHHHHITTT…. Heraing tis Arjun gt alert and thinkss who is he??? Anjali goes to him and he smiled and asked her hw r u ??? she said fine stammering… to give her support Dilip holds her hand assuringly…. Anjali show fake smile and asked him y u came here???anything imp??? Rohit said yes!!!


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  1. hi akila akka
    happy to read u’r story after long gap
    today episode was really super!!!!!!!!!!
    plls try to contine

  2. Haaaa kabab mein haddi agai yeah uska woulb be hein kya

  3. Awesome episode, I think Rohit is anjali’s fiance. …arjuli in trouble??? But I’m sure arjun won’t let anjali break this time…keep it up, take care sweetie, weekends updates r fine…love you loads

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