True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 4)


Hii friends….. tq fr ur support guys…. lets go to episode…

Akshaya is thinkng to stand for Assistent Captain…..

Aftr the lunch Principal Mam came to their class and said abt captainship… then she asked who r all willng to take tis position…. Akshaya.. Preethi… and some of frm boys are stands on their place.. Mam said who are all willing just write ur letters and give to me evening i ill see to tat sayng tis she leave the class… Akshaya said ill stand for SPORTS…. hearng tis preethi gt shocked and said if ur choosing sports u should hav certificate of district r state in any activities…. Anjali said she is badmiton and chess champion… in our previous school she played in both district and state level…. Hearing tis preethi was shocked bt she smiled and then said k.. ill stand for CULTURALS…. At evening they went to principal cabin and submit their letter.. While reading the letter Mam asked Anjali u didnt want any Captainship ah??? Anjali said no mam am nt interested…. Bt Mam said bt me and staffs r deceided to make u as ACADEMIC SECRETARY… Anjali was shocked and Akshaya was happy… Anjali abt to say somthng… bt Akshaya said she will accept it mam and ill give u willing letter sayng tis she lived the cabin and start to write the letter bt Anjali came said wat r u doing u knw abt me na?? thn y r u doing tis???? Akshaya said i knw abt u tats y am doing tis just keep quite.. Anjali was said and angry she didnt talk to her and she silently went to bike parkng and sat on her bike silently… aftr giving the letter Akshaya and Preethi came their bt Anjali dnt talk to them… Akshaya said to preethi tat u leave i knw hw to make hr talk and thn preethi said bye and went frm their… Akshaya came to her asked till hw many days u ill be away frm ur dreams.. bt Anjali didnt say anythng just sittng silently… Thn Akshaya asked shall we leave Anjali jst nodded her and sit back on her seat… At night Anjali thinkng abt something and cryng on her bed…..

Its mrng.. bt Anjali still lyng on the bed and cryng she didnt sleep at night… Her Mom came and ask her to gt up soon its already 7.30 otherwise u ill gt late… Anjali gt up frm bed and gettng ready… its 8.15 till nw Akshaya didnt come to pick her… Anjali called her bt she didnt pick the call… Aftr 5mins she gt msg tat i ill cme wen u ill accept the captainship bt Anjali said its k ill nt go to school today… Akshaya said thn i too ill nt go and i dnt accept the captainship… Anjali said frst cme ill say… Akshaya said am waitng outside of ur house and see out.. Anjali came and sat on hr bike and thn they reaceh school… In bike parking.. Akshaya asked so wat u decided Anjali said no.. Akshaya said k thn ill gt back my letter also sayng tis she head to office room.. Anjali who is following behind her said wait wait y r u doing tis bt she didnt hear anythng jst abt to enter the cabin Anjili said k ill accept it… Akshaya gt happy and hugged her said tq chlm… Both go to their class… when frst hour class is gng Principal Mam came and said i choosed the Assistent Secretary and then she said the names…. ANJALI,AKSHAYA,PREETHI… three of them gt happy and then Mam asked the students if ur all k with it they said YES MAM !!!! chorusly… While leaving the class Mam asked the student u all knw who r the captains they nod their head yes… Aftrwards Akshaya asked Preethi who r all captain… Akash for Culturals… Arjun for Sports… Rohit for Academics… Hearng Akash name Anjali smiled boardly bt Akshaya was angry and asked hw can he be captain??? preethi said he was good in dance and thn he won lots of prizes in inter-school culturals meet… Thn Akshaya asked who is Arjun and Rohit?? she said Rohit is good in studies and very silent and discipline boy.. Arjun is Akash best frnd like u both bt he dnt talk much… he is good football player… he won district level match… he s captain of our school team… While talkng these Class Mam called three of them to office room… When they head inside they saw three boys are already standing inside… Anjali and Akash smiled at each other… Akshaya and Akash gave angry look to each other.. Mam said so ur all the captains she introduced to themselves and said with in two days ur havng INNOGUARATION CEREMONY… u should prepare for tat and discuss among urself and tell me wat to do?? thn she said u can leave…

All went outside… Rohit said u all discuss ill go to class otherwise ill miss my maths class… Akash said padipzzz u go ill discuss… 5 of them go to ground and sittng on the bench under tree opposite… Akash asjed Anjali who is culturals secretary she said preethi and they both say hello and he asked who is fr sports she said Akshaya… Akash burts out in laugh all r confused thn he said i knw it she is definetly be a sport secretary bcoz she is JHANSI KI RANI… Hearng tis Akshaya gt angry and starts to fight.. both are shoutng at each other… At last Anjali said STOP IT !!! y u both always fightng we r here too discuss abt function nt to fight.. Mam informed us to tell it by aftrnun itself.. Akash calmed down and said k sis as u say ill be quite bt tell to ur frnd also… Anjali said Akshaya to keep quite… she jst nodded her and gve angry look to him and turned otherside… Akash said make list of programs ill be conducted ill tell u note down.. she said i dnt hav paper pen… Arjun took paper and pen frm his pocket and gve it to Akash he gave to Anjali.. thn starts to write the programs…. Aftrwards they head to class… Anjali said Anna u give to Mam we ill leave to class bt he said we hav some work sis u go and give to Mam… she said k.. while three r going to office roim Akshaya asked Anjali wat imp work they hav??? Anjali said dnt no and saw them going towards Auditorium… aftr giving letter they leave to class…

At evening… while dropping Anjali at home Akshaya said tomorrow be ready at 7.. we shld go early to school to make arrangements for func.. Anjali said k and get inside her house and went to her room… Its night… at ground Arjun is playng football… Akash also playng with him asked him wat hap dude… he give him a look like wat??? Akash said i knw ur nt k i taught to talk to u bt school hav lots of work so didnt open tis topic… Arjun said nothng much.. Akash said ANJALI…. hearng tis name Arjun was shocked and drop the ball…. Akash said i knw Arjun i taught u itself ill cme and tell me.. Arjun said its nt wat ur thinkng bt seeng her i saw my AMMA in her face…. I cant control myself and i dnt hav any feelng for her…… bt Akash said she is vry nice grl ill be vry happy if u both r became one.. bt Arjun said it cant hap so dnt hav any hope… sayng tis he lived tat place… Akash thinks i knw ur tellng lie i ill make u feel fr her… i want ur life to become colourfull only she can make ur life full of colour and happiness…. Akash thinks some plan and smiles…

Here Anjali is sleepng on her bed she has same dream of eyes she gt up and prayed IYYAPA WAT IS TIS Y AM GETTNG TIS DREAM DAILY…. aftr drinkng water she gt back to bed………..

NXT PART: Arjun and Anjali eyelook……..

Hi guys leave ur comments pls…….sry for the mistakes…. tq aaliya…hayathi…deepu…devga…liya….kirti tq so mch fr ur supports dr…

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  1. Hi akhila dr… there is any connection between anjali and arjun

    1. ss their is connection bet them bt i will tell tat on aftr some episodes

  2. Good continue dear

  3. In fact I like it very much……………………………………………..

    1. tq so much deepu

  4. very nice akila….enjoyed the fight…pls make them romance now….nd update soon…

    1. tq kirti…. nxt episode u can see their romance

  5. Superb epi and Narration too akka..
    I love ❤ their friendship..And the emotional blackmail of Akshaya is so Cute..
    I am waiting for their Past to unfold..What happened in Past that both Hero and heroine r looking Sad..
    Akshaya and Akash I love ❤ their fights…Jhansi Ki day they will fall in love with each other without their Knowledge..
    I liked bro and Sis relationship between Akash and Anjali too…
    Is Preethi is Good?.. Just asked to clear my views on her..
    Pls keep writing and waiting for ur next part..eagerly..
    Thank u ? and Take care ? akka..

    1. tq sis…. i ill unfold the past aftr some episodes bcoz if i tell it nw their is no suspense naa??? so keep reading my story aaliyaa sis…

  6. Aqi, pls includ arjun 2 in their nok jok. . . And ur story is getng intrstng day by day:-)

    1. tq liya…. ill make it ma

  7. Hey akila , reading this story first time. and already loved it dear. A fresh story Arjun and anjali.

    You know after reading ur story I think its close to me coz I read these names arjun anjali aakash all the characters from everest.Yes no doubt its an total different story from that.

    But its easy and interesting to keep in mind the face of the characters of the 3 and then read it makes more interesting Loved it dear.

    Keep writing.

  8. Awesome, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode

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