True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 38)


Akash came down with his old clothes amd said ill change and brng dress fr Arjun… we four go out naa??? Anjali and Akshaya said k!!!…. he went out…..

Anjali said ill prepare lunch… Akshaya said i too hlp u!!! they both prepare delicious food…. its prawn briyani and kesari….. Akshaya said already 2pm till nw Akash didnt reach here!!! Anjali said lets call him na??? Akshaya called him he said ill be with in one hour…. Akshaya asked him y so late??? oly u gone to took dresss nt house na??? thn wat??? Akash said dnt fight my dr ill be their k….. Akshaya cuts the call and said wat is he hiding… Anjali said lets leave it wen he cme we ill ask it k!!! Akshaya nods k and thn ill u go and wake up ur lover… he is still sleeping ??? Anjali said k and went upstairss….. Anjali opened the door and saw him sleeping she started at him and goes near him and placed her hands on his shoulder and shooks him and said Arjun gt up!!!!! its aftrnun…. gt up!!!!

Arjun dnt woke up…. Anjali said please Arjun woke up!!!!! bt he didnt respond….. so She thinks of smthng and goes near to him and shouts in his earss ARRJJUUUNNNNNNNN……… He woke up with the jerk and saw her smiling and pulled her towards him and said tis is the way to wake me up??? Anjali said i called u didnt respond tats y i did tis!!!! Anjali is sittng in his lap and his hands are surrounded hers… Arjun with smile said is it!! kk lets give punishment fr shoutng!!! Anjali asked him wat punishment??? Arjun moves his face closer towardss her and said u ill knw it within a sec baby!!!! Anjali was shocked and abt to move bt he didnt let her go amd tightned his grip and said dnt move otherwise punishment will increase……. he holds her face in his one hand and other hand in her waist and caress her face softly and his lips goes nearer to her…..

Anjali taught of smthng and shoutss AKSHAYAA!!!!! Hearing tis Arjun gt shocked and moves apart frm her and saw around bt no one is their…. Arjun looks towards Anjali who is giving a winning smile and runs out and said gt ready…… Arjun smiled and moves towards washroom….. Anjali who goes smilingly Akshaya saw her and asked her wat hap??? Anjali said nthng… bt Akshaya said ya ya smthng smthng… Anjali hits her and goes to kitchen and starts to arrange the table for lunch….. At tat time Akash cme and give clothes to Anjali and said give to Arjun… Anjali said u itself give it anna!!! Akash said sis am tired i cant goo… pls goo maa!!! Anjali took clothes and moves towards the room…..

Akash saw Akshaya sittng on sofa sadly he goes and sat near her and asked her wat hap??? my bday grl is sad??? Akshaya asked him wer u went??? y u gt late???? Akash said its nthng serious!!!! Akshaya said wat r u hidding ??? y cant u share it with me??? Akash said its nthng ill tell u aftrwards nw please smile otherwise ur lookng like angry bird!!!! Akshaya starts to fight with him fr sayng Argry bird…. at last Akash stops her by kissing on her cheek… Akshaya was shocked and saw Akash who is smiling boardly……. Akshaya hits him and said idiott!!!! Akash holds her and asked dnt u like it means u can return it???? sayng sooo he smiled at her… Akshaya who understanda wat he said she chassed her to hit him bt he runs around the house…. at last Akshaya cathes him…. nw Akash holds her by waist and moved her closer towarda him and said did u want to return it???? Akshaya nods nooo!!! Akash said k and holds her face by his right hand and kissed her on left cheek and said nw its fullfilled and smiled… Akshaya too smiled and hugged him……

Anjali who went to give clothes saw no one is in room.. wen she was abt to go…. Arjun hugged frm back and said wer r u gng??? Anjali said leave me…. here it is ur clothes cme down fast… Bt Arjun didnt leave her…. Anjali nw pushed hum apart and turnned and saw him and gt shy and runs towards door bcoz he is oly tied towel in his hip…. Anjali frst put ur shirt thn u can romance!!! sayng soo wen she wat to leave Arjun holds her hand and asked her sooo if i gt ready and cme means u wont say no to me naa???? Anjali said frst u cme sayng soo she leaved… wen she came down sawAkash and Akshaya hugging… she goes to them and keeps her hands on Akshaya’s backand place her head on hers and said did u love him???? Akshaya said yes!!!! Anjali ne smilingly asked Akash did u love her Anna?? Akash too said till my last breathe!!! thn wat abt me??? she laughed out loud!!!! Nw Akash and Akshaya cme to sense and moved apart and saw Anjalai who is laughng…. Akshaya hits her and said cme lets hav food am hungry!!! Akash too said yes yes me to…. Arhun too cme down…. and all four sat on dining table……

Alll starts to eat… aftr finished their lunch.. they sat on sofa and starts to chit chat!!!!
At 5pm.. all gt ready and went out…. they go to temple and went to park!!! All four sittng and talkng…. Akash excused himself and talk to someone and came….. Aftr sme minutess…. Akash gt call… amd then he signaled Arjun… so Arjun took Anjali frm their and sayng ill drop her…..

Akash says cme lets leave …. Akshaya asked wer??? Akash blindfolded her and took her to smeplace and opened her eyes and saw its fully decorated with roses amd lights in centre its written HAPOY BDAY JHANSI KI RANI WITH LOVE….. Akshaya was super happy and saw cake which is written HAPPY BDAY MY KUTTY…… Akshaya turned towards Akash and hugged him and said tanq…. Akash said lets cut the cake…… Akshaya cuts and gves to Akash…. they feed each other…. thn Akash sat on his kneess… took small box frm his pocket and extend it towarda her asked her will u be my better half???? Akshaya said yes ill!!!! Akash placed ring on her hands and kissed her hands softly….. Akshaya makes him stand and said I LUV U AKASH!!!! Akash hugged her said i luv u tooo……. (BG MUSIC: ORU PATHI KANAVU NEEYADI MARUPATHI KANAVU NAANADI PATHU KONDAE PIRINTHIRNDHOOM SERTHU VAIKA KATHITINDHOOM…. NEE ENBATHAE ADI NANTANADI… NAN ENBATHAE ADA NAAM THANADIII)….



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  1. Oh god shocking it means anjali would be is here

  2. Superb episode. If u can get time na plz update next part soon dear.

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