True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 37)


Anjali came out and said food is ready all come… they all sat on dining table Anjali is serving…. Arjun gestured her to sit beside him bt she said noo….. Akash said u too sit we ill serve ourself bt Akshaya said no no…. she ill eat oly aftr feedng us pointing dilip and smiled… Dilip too said yes… bcozz she is our maaa…. other three are confused and asked wat??? Dilip said wenever we meet Anjali make food and feed us with her hands bcoz if they ate by ourself we wont gve any food to her sayng tis he amd Akshaya gve hi-fi…. All are more confused now and then Akash asked them to tell it clearly… thn Akshaya said bcoz i miss my parentss… at tat time Anjali ill take care so we call maa…. she always feed uss…. she is like ur maaaa…… sayng tis dilip and Akshaya hugged her…. Anjali said kk… nw eat sayng tis she feed them… Akash asked her ill u nt feed ur brother.. Anjali said ofcourse she feed him and she also feed Preethi… and she abt to feed Arjun bt stopped herself seeng tis Arjun excuse himself and went upstairs to Akshaya room and closed the door… Anjali felt bad…. dilip said dnt wry Anjali he is always like tis na leave it…. aftr all are finished their food and slept on sofa… Anjali dnt sleep so she went to kitchen and placed food in plate and goea upstrais…. and open the door and saw empty room… she placed plate at side table and moved towards balcony and saw him…. who standng with his hands crossed infront and starring the sky…..

Anjali moves towards him and placed her hands on his shoulder bt he didnt turn… she jst holds his hands took him towards bed and make him sat and took the plate and starts to feed him… he silently ate it… aftr sme seconds.. he pulled plate frm her and make her sit beside him and starts to feed her she to ate silently…. thn Anjali took the bowl full of payasam which she made fr him… she make him eat…. Arjun breaks the silent and said u knw on my bday i asked u who maked payasam??? Anjali jst nods her head while feedng him.. he said bcoz its same as myy…….. Anjali understands it so she placed the bowl at table and hugged him…. Arjun’s hands are surronded her back and his face on her chest… hers chin is placed on his head….. he silently cried thn he break the hug… they wash their hands…. Anjali sat on bed and make Arjun lie on her lap and made him sleep….Arjun hugged her waist tightly and slept peacefully….. she to slept aftr sme time….

At mrng…. Akshaya gt up frm hearng mobile sound…. its Anjali’s phone… she attend the call and said yes aunty…. we ill cme by evng.. dnt wry aunty.. sayng tis she cuts the call and saw time its 11am… and saw Akash,Dilip and Preethi sleepng still…. Akshaya saw Akash and goes to him and caress his cheek and went upstrais…. she saw Anjali and Arjun sleepng and smiled to herself and woke up Anjali silently…. she gt up amd saw Arjunwho is sleepng like child… she lovingly caress his hair amd kissed him on his forehead and moves out… Akshaya said mom called i said we ill cme evng so u gt ready…. ill will go to other room u go and freshen up….. Anjali nods k.. and she took her clothes and moves to washroom.. Akshaya went to other room takng her clothess….. Anjali cme aftr takng bath and went downstairs and saw all three still sleepng… so she goes to make coffee… preethi phne rang she woke up amd attend the call and said k ill cme… She said Anjali ill leave.. bt Anjali said wat hap??? Preethi dad came frm abroad… so i shld leave… hearng their sound Akash and Dilip to gt up… Anjali aksed her hw ill u goo??? Dilip said ill drop her thn ill go to my home and freshen up and cme here k… they said k and thn preethi and Dilip leaved…

Anjali said Akash to go and freshen up ill make coffeee… he asked wer is Akshaya??? Anjali smiled and said she is takng bath…. Akash goes upstairs and thinks to go to Akshaya’s room and thn thinks smthng and went to other room… wen he is abt to enter the washroom… Akshaya came out and both saw eachother and smiled… Akash hold hers and said ur lookng preety.. Akshaya blushes and said tanqq… Akash said ohh my jhansi ki rani knwss too blushhahh??? Akshaya hits him bt he holds her hands and kissed on her forehead and said i luv u Sweatheart… Akshaya hugged him and said i luv u too idiott…. Akshaya asked him to go and fresh up and cme… Akshaya too cme downstairs and saw Anjali havng coffeee… she asked her wer r otherss??? Anjali said wat hap…. Akshaya said k wer is Arjun??? Anjali said he is sleepng… Akshaya said wake him up its already 12 na??? Anjali said he slept late night let him sleep fr smtime na!!!! Akshaya teasingly asked her wat dnt sleep ah??? Anjali said just shut up….. we jst talkng… Akshaya smilingly said just talknggggg kkkk….. Anjali smiled and said ya yaa… u talk in mrng bt we talk at night oly…. Akshaya was confused and asked her wat???? Anjali said i saw Akash goes to ur room….. Akshaya said soo watt??? Anjali said nthng nthng…. smilingly…. bothsmiled and hugged eachother happily…..



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