True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 36)


Akash and Akshaya are hugging eachother….. Meanwhile ill see wat hap to othrr four people…. all four fightng at last Dilip saw tat fuse carrier is nt their.. so he put tat and then power comes…. thn he saw tat Akash and Akshaya are missing so he said wer they gone????? Anjali and Arjun saw eachother.. both dnt no wat to say??? At tat time they hear Akshaya shoutng so they all rushed upstrais…… Dilip and preethi are shocked and Arjun and Anjali are smiling to see Akash and Akshaya are hugging and thn they confessing their love……

Dilip clapped hands and shouts at last our fighter cork became love birds… hearng his sounds Akash and Akshaya cme to sense and moves apart and smiled….. Dilip said kk…. lets go… all cme down and sat on sofa…. Dilip said k lets play smthng bcoz its already 1’o clock so we cant go to our home wat u guys say??? all said k…. Akshaya said k lets play cards??? all said k…… Anjali get cards and Dilip shuffeled and thn all starts to play.. while playng Arjun and Anjali smiled at eachother bcoz they are sittng opposite…. Akash and Akshaya sittng beside them and they too eyeing eachother… while playng Dilip said am soo hungry!!!! Akshaya asked him u ate all cake thn also ur hungry ah??? he said bcoz of ur celebration i dnt took my dinner and then Akash also said yes me too….. Anjali said k u all play… ill make smthng fr u all… sayng soo she lived to kitchen and starts to make panner pulav….. aftr smtime Arjun said am thirsty ill be back sayng he leaved… Akash and Akshaya smiled and said ya ya u illbe soo thirsty in a teasing way…. Arjun give them a look and goes towards kitchen…

At standing at kitchen door he saw Anjali cuttng vegetables showing her back towarda him… He slowly moved towards her with smile on his face and hugged her frm back placing his hands on hers and his cheeks on her neck and starts to cut vegess…. Anjali with shock said Arjun!!!! wat is tis??? sayng tis she tried to moveapart frm him bt he holds her tightly in his clutch and said in her ears let me help u!!!! Anjali said its k i can manage… bt he said if u didnt allow me to do thn i dnt allow u to do ur work???? Anjali said wattt???? Arjun with smile and said yesss my dearrr….. Anjali said pls da…. Arjun make her turn towards him and placed his hands on her waist and said ur lookng so cute in tis dress…. thn oly she realised she is in her night dress pant and topss bcoz of Akshaya she changed into tis dress…. she frgt to change her dresss…. she closed her eyes with shyness….. Arjun makes her cme closer towards him and said smeone is blushing….. Anjali opened her eyes and said nthng u goo!!! bt he said nt soon…. he moves closer towarda her and abt to kiss her in lipss bt Anjali stopped him and said Arjunnnn wat r u dng???? already u crossed ur limitsss!!!! and pushess him…. Arjun said if i dnt cross my limitss means u shld nt accept my lovee naa???? Anjali said Arjunnnnñ with smilinglyyyyy……. Arjun again comes closer towardsss her and said holds her closer…. she thinksss he s gng to kisss…. bt hee jsthugged her and said i knw my limitsssss Anjaliii…. so dnt wryyy my dearr….. she was surprised amd hugged him and said I LUV U DAA…… Arjun was happy and hugged her ever more tighter…….

Dilip said wat hap to Arjun he s takng so mch time to cme…Akshaya said ill goo and see….. Akash said i too thirst ill be back…. both leaved… Akash stopss Akshaya and said let them spend sometime together…. Akshaya said i knw tats y i said ill goo otherwise they ill cme…. cme lets see wat these love birdss doing??? they both went to kitchen and saw then hugging thry turned and coughsss… bt they didnt respond….. again they make sound nw they cme to senses and moved apart… Akash and Akshaya said did u finished ur romance means shall we goo bcoz they are waitng…. Arjun smiled and went out with Akash…. Akshaya tease Anjali and said did u finished makng food ??? Anjali said wait fr 15mins it ill be ready u goo ill cme…. Akshaya said kk……



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  1. Ha ha ha arjun u r so cute bf

  2. Awesome but update long ff pls Dr akila

  3. Nice epi. Keep going.

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