True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 35)


Akash took her to terrace and both are facing each other….. Akshaya asked him wst u want to sayy???? Akash said i want too say many thingsss btt seeng u i cant gt words to say…. Akshaya was shocked and asked him to tell it directly…. thn Akash said Akshaya i…ii….. Akshaya asked him wat iiiii??? Akash said her to stop talkng frst ill tell thn u can talk naa angrybird…. hearng tis Akshaya starts to fight with him sayng on my bday ur teasing mee??? ur the one who took me hear na??? thn u didnt talkng wen am askng u r scoldng mee??? Akash thinks ohh myy god wats tis i taught to tell my feelngs bt its going to fightt… wat to doo????…. Akshaya was shoutng at him without giving him time to speakk… so Akash pulled her and hugss her tightly and said in her hears I LUV U AKSHAYAA…. I LUV U….. Hearing tis Akshaya was shocked and dnt knw wat to say????? while she thinkng…. Akash who his hugging closed his eyes and said i luv u so much Akshaya… i dnt knw wen i started to luv u… bt i cant see u with anyone… yes am jealous of Dilip bcoz i am the one who hav alrights in you…. i want to live my whole life with u… i cant sleep without fightng with u… i taught we r jst frndss bt nw i realised am in love with u…. i wanna speand my life with u and also fight with u ….. ill u be in my life ????

Akshaya breaks his hugs and beats him on his chest with her hands and said u oly want to fight with me yaaa??? u dnt want anythng ahh???? and u took soo mch time too realise tis??? u r really a khadoos Akash!!!!!! sayng tis she laughed her heart out with full of happinesss…… Akash was surprised at her ans and asked her it means ur started to luv me before itself ahh???? Akshaya nods her head smilingly……. Akash smiled and hugged her tightly Akshaya too hugs him…(BG music: kannazhaga pen azhaga perazhaga enggayooo thedi sellum viral azhaga)……



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  1. Yaar so short always plzzz try to update large one yaar

  2. Please post daily na, the story is nice, also try to give lengthy updates

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