True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 34)


All are preparing to surprise Akshaya on her bday….. Dilip goes yo Anjali house at 8pm and gt permission fr hr parents and took hr to Akshaya’s home…. Dilip dropped her in Akshayas home and said to her to be carefull and call us wen u dne ur wrk sayng tis he lived the place…. Anjali went inside Akshaya house…. seeng her Akshaya gt surprise and asked her wt hap??? y r u her on tis time??? Anjali said i raught to give u company bcoz no one is in ur hme naa??? Akshaya said its nze d i taught to cme to ur hme bt u came… did u hav ur dinner.??? Anjali said yes uu??? Akshaya said yes k thn cme go to our room…

They both chatng with each other and at 11pm Akshaya slept… seeng her sleepng Anjali silently moves out and closed the door of her roomand went outside and opened the door…. Akash..Arjun..Dilip and Preethi are standing with the materials to decorate the house… they all gt inside and starts to do their work…. they finished their works by 11.50… Dilip said to Anjali to bring her down… Anjali said k and went upstairsss…..
Anjali wakes her up and asked her to cme down… Akshaya with sleeping eyes asked her yyy??? wat hap??? Anjali said cme… she gt up and abt to gooo bt Anjali closed her eyes with her hands and brings her downn…..

They both cme down and at 12 Anjali opened her eyes all at together shoutss HAPPY BDAYYY AKSHAYAAA…. Akshaya was surprised amd smiles to see the decoration amd the cake which is infront of hr… she said tqq soo mchh my dearssss…. Dilip said kk cut the cake frst… Akshaya cuts the cake and frst feed Anjali, Dilip, Arjun, Preethi and last she gave one piece to Akash to his hands… he felt bad bt he jat smiled and accept tat and wished her…. she jst smiled at him and thn Dilip asked her hw was the surprise??? Akshaya said its awesomee…. tqqq soo much guyssss…..

Anjali said its our duty my dear….. suddenly lights are turned offf… Dilip shoutss wat happ??? Anjali said may be current cut bt preethi said saw their neighbourng house as power naa??? Dilip said lets check switch boxx… Anjali and Arjun interrupt them… at tat time Akash holds Akshaya hands and take her out frm tat… Akshaya said wer r u takng mee??? Akash with surprise asked her hw u knw tat am the one whoo took her??? Akshaya said bcoz their dilip amd preethi are arguing with Anjali and Arjun soo i guessed its uu!!! Akash said my JHANSI KI RANI is becoming too smart now a daysss…. Akshaya asked him watt??? myy jhansi ki rani???? Akash said yes cme sayng tis he brought her to terrace….. Akshaya saw him with questioning look!!!!!


am soo sry guysss fr too late sry sry sry… ncoz my col started i dnt gt time jst nw i gt little time soo i typed it in hurry… sry the mistakes and short updates.. i try too post my episode weekly once guyssss…. once again sryy frndsss… pls frgive mee….

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  1. Thank u akila 4 ur waiting eagerly 4 many days.its k spend more time 4 studies n try 2 update ur story on sat n sun

  2. Again waiting oh god

  3. nice i was waiting for this

  4. Its k dear. No problem. First concentrate on ur studies.

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