True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 32)


Akash and Akshaya are thinkng abt eachother words y u care??? Akshaya thinks may be i like him???? Akash thinks y she cant accept me as a frnd??? Akshaya says to herself k lets leave it Akshaya… nw u sleep we can see it tomorrow sayng tis she dozed off…. here Akash thinks lets clear it out tomorrow…… at tat time Arjun came and called him bt he didnt respond so he shooks him…. Akash cme to senses and asked him wen did u cme??? Arjun said jst nw.. wer u lost???? y u didnt wait fr me??? Akash said ur busy with my sis so tats y i leaved its already late na!!! Arjunsaid sry da!! Akash said ill gve u punch if u say sry k!! Arjun said kk leave my matter nw say me who is tat grl??? Akash was shocked at his ques and asked him wat r u sayng??? Arjun said am askng crt oly… am watchng u past three days u wer lost in thoughts and smiling to urself.. so tell me who is tat grl and dnt say tat i taught wrng ??? Akash said its nt cnfrm.. am still in confusion… Arjun asked him wat confusion??? Akash said i dnt say my love to her.. am still confused wheather she like me r nt??? Arjun said y u thinkng like u say ur love to her no one ill say no to u bcoz ur sch a gud guy… the grl whm u love is vry lucky to hav u…. so dnt be confused k frst talk to hr freely….. Akash said i daily talk to het bt she is nt like to hav me as a frnd??? thn hw can i talk to het abt love??? Arjun asked wat u talk daily it means i too knw her…. oly three grls i knw… my drlng, my sis and preethi…. soo nw i gt it… Akash was surprised tat he guessed it… Arjun said sooo one is ur sis, one is ur frnd and one is ur lover…. so tat the lucky grl is my sis… wow spr am soo happy da sayng tis he hugged him……. Akash too hugged and smiless……

Akash asked him hw u guessed it bcoz i always fight with Akshaya na??? Arjun said u dnt no i and Anjali already talked abt u both tat u both r lovng bt we want u both to realise it…. wen u said tat u talk to her daily i guessed it bcoz u both cant sleep without fightng with eachother na thn fightng is also one of the step to love na??? Akash said ur teachng me all tis ??? Arjun ofcourse bcoz u helped me un my love so its my turn…. Akash said no no dnt say anything to her ill say it muself… Arjun said dnt wry i wont say anythng so nw ur confusion is cleared?? Akash said no !!! Arjun asked him y??? Akash said abt their hw she said tat he is nt her frnd at all…. Arjun starts to laught and said ur mental Akash.. cant u guess wat she said ah??? Akash was confused and asked him wat r u sayng??? Arjun said my dr frnd she said tat ur nt her frnd bt lover!!! Akash is nw in cloud nine and said yaa itss crttt and hugged him and tanx daaa… nw Arjun said nw ill gve u punch da… Akash laughed at him… Arjun said k nw go and sleep peacefully…. Akash said yess and both leaved to sleep…

Arjun in his room lieng on the bed… msg to Anjali tat one good news chlm.. Anjali msg him wat good news swthrt??? Arjun said abt Akash and Akshaya…. Anjali was vry happy and said am soo happy tat my bro and frnd are lovng.. bt Arjun said its nt conformed chlm so hav sme patients… Anjali said its k bt ill surely say Akshaya ill accept it… Arjun said if she accept means ur bro is lucky to have my sis… bt Anjali said no ur sis is vry luvky to hav my brother…. both starts to fight and at last Arjun said watever both are lucky to have eachother.. Anjali accept tat and said gud night.. Arjun said y soo soon.. Anjali said little biy tired of roamng whole day.. Arjunsaid kk take rest bye gud night… Anjali said k byee..
At mrng.. all leaved to col… Akash and Akshaya saw eachother and smiled.. Arjun and Anjali indirectly teasing them… Akash knes they are teasng and said u too sis??? Anjali said no no hw can i tease u anna?? Akshaya was confused at their bcoz she dnt knw wat they are talkng bt they said nthng and leaved to class…

At lunch all are eatng.. suddenly Dilio said smthng is missing??? y i feel like borng??? Preethi said bcoz these two fighters dnt talkng tats y!!! they fight we all enjy it so we dnt gt bored bt today they are silent… Thn oly Akash and Akshaya realised tat they dnt talk to eachother today and saw eachother and avoided… Akshaya said nt lke tat we taught to take rest bcoz daily we r fightng na,?? Akash saidd yes tats y we kept quite… both smiled to eachother… Anjali said ohhhhhh and alsoo supportng each other ahhhh???? Akshaya hits her in her head and said shut up!!! Arjun said to Akash see she is supportng u it means she likes u na!!! Akash said bt!!! Arjun said dnt say anythng jst talk to her… he said kk…



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