True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 31)


Arjun and Anjali gng in bike…. Arjun dnt go in her house direction… she asked him wer we r gng??? its nt direction to my home??? Arjun said i wont do anythng to u jst keep quite…. i want to spend time alone with u k… we ill go to peacefull place… Anjali thinks which place….. aftr smetime they reach beach…. Anjali thinks yes its vry mch pleacefull place…. Arjun holds her hand and walk towards sea…. they sat in the sand and holding their hands and seeing sea….. Anjali thinks to ask abt his sad…. she asked him y u get sad wen i asked abt the mannat.??? Arjun with fake smile said nthng i dnt get sad….. Anjali said noo i saw it… tell me wat is it??? Arjun to divert her he said bcoz u diverted me frm takng my revenge on u na?? tats y!!! nw u reminded me tat so lets take revenge… Anjali was surprised to hear him and confused…. thn she realised wat he is dng and thn she said stop it Arjun dnt change the topic… bt he said nthng and turned to otherside…. Anjali make him towards her and cups his face and said am nt her to share ur happiness also ur sadness…. if u want means tell me otherwise leave it…. lets leave come…….Arjun stops her and said i get sad bcoz i remembered my Amma… she is also great devotee like u…. she too like AYYAPPA SWAMY very much…. bcoz of hr i too like tat god….. u knw na i frst saw u in temple tat too AYYAPPA SWAMY TEMPLE…. bcoz my mom tld me wenever u start any gud thing u shld pray to god and also tank him wen u gt sucessful…… while sayng tis he gt tears in his eyes….. Anjali wiped his tears and make him lie in her lap and rubbed his hair…. Arjun think of his mom and closed his eyes and slept peacefully in her lap….(BG MUSIC: KAALAIYIL THINAMUM KAN VIZHITHAL TAN KAIKUDU THEIVAITHAI AMMA ANBENDRALAE AMMA)

Meanwhile we see wat hap to Akash and Akshaya… Akash and Akshaya are in bike leavng to their home….. Akash see her in front mirror fr strugling to balance… he said u can hold me… with hesitant she hold him litely…. Akash said u can hold it tightly… bt she didnt do it…. wen speed braker cmes she holds him tightly… Akash said tats y i said u before itself… bt she said am nt comfortable…..Akash gt angry and said y??? ur comfortable with dilip?? She said bcoz he is my childhood frnd… Akash asked him thn am nt ur frnd ah??? Akshaya said ur nt my frnd… hearng tis he gt frucstated and stop the bike and gt down frm bike and starts to leave.. Akshaya called him tat ill drop bt he didnt say anythng…. she runs to him and stoped him and asked him wat hap??? am nt ur frnd thn y u care??? Ur frnd is dilip go and care fr him… bcoz he is always a flirt…. Akshaya said dnt say anythng abt him…. Akash jst give her a look and abt to leave… Akshaya said u to flirt with preethi thn ur sayng tis??? Akash asked her y u care ??? she is my frnd!!! Akshaya said ohhh frnd ah??? tats y u ride the bike speedly???? Akash said ya i ride it speed bcoz i like it bt wat abt u??? who were sittng with ur frnd tat close??? Akshaya asked him y did u care abt me??? Akash to said same here sayng tis he leaved the place……..( BG MUSIC: IDHUVARAI ILLATHA UNARVIDHU IDHAYATHAI THUNDAKKUM NINAIVITHU…. MANATHINAI MANNOODU PUDHAITHIDUM PENNAI NAMBATHAEE…. KADHALI ENBAL ATHANAITUM KANAVU KANMOODIYAE VAZHKINDRA UNARVU… PENGAL ENDRAL AANAI KOLLUM NAAL AANATHAEEE) both thinknh abt eachother and thinks y i care fr her… she thinks i feel possessive wen i see him with preethi…. both are confused with their feelngsss……
Here…. Arjun still in Anjali’s lap…. it already 6.30 Anjali.saw him sleeping peacefully so she dnt disturb him and saw him lovingly and rubbed his hair caringly….. Arjun open his eyes and saw her and smiled boardly and gt up and saw time and says its late cme lets goo…. he dropped her in house… she said bye and abt to leave…..Arjun hold her hands and said tanq…. she asked him y??? he said bcoz am ageng to sleep in my mom lap bt i cant… wen i slept on ur lap i feel like am sleepng in my mom lap… tanq Anjali fr cmng in my life…. She said its k Arjun am ur life so dnt say tanq and sry and alll…… she said bye and leaved…. he smiled seeng hr gng and he too leaves….. thn he came to Akshaya home and he is outside of her home and called Akash bt his phone dnt reached… so he call Akshaya amd said her to tell Akash to cme am waitng outside… Akshaya came out and side Anna he leaved to home… Arjun said k and leaves to his home…..



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  1. Sooooooo nice
    Thanks for adding songs both are amazing
    Idhuvarai is my favorite songs thank us so much
    Arjali scene is touching and akashya is soo cute

  2. Akshaya akash love so funny yaar…. awwww arjun u r so cute my boy

  3. Its nice part. Both Arjun, Anjali and Akash,Akshaya are really nice pair.

  4. Oh so cute moment btw arjun and anjali…

  5. Very nice episode akila…it’s really very interesting to see akash n akshaya feeling for each other n arjun n anjali growing in their love story…loving this story very much. Keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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