True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 3)

Hi guysss…. tq fr ur supports…. am vry happy tat u people liking my story… tq so much frnds…

While three (anjalai…akshaya….preethi) are talkng abt membership card… anjali leaves to library… nw we go to our heros aftr the bike incident…. Akash asked arjun y u stopped me i should give her good reply but Arjun just gave him a look and went to class aftr assembly.

Arjun is lost in taught of Anjali where ill see flashback wen anjali coming to school she went to temple aftr coming outside of temple she placed sindhur in akshaya’s head( i said in comment hw she did tat) at tat time Arjun who s with Akash pass by bike saw tat and remember the same incident with his mom( guys he has stragetic past only Akash know abt it)… aftr tat he saw her in bike stand he was shocked and smiled bt controlled himself and give her a angry stare… fb ends….. seeing him lost like tis Akash asked him wat hap he didn’t say anythng jst nodded his head noo… Arjun knows smthng is wrng so he said him principal called and told me to give membership card to new students soo r u coming ??? Arjun said Yes… while going one of the staff called Akash for some work so he said ill be back u go…

Meanwhile we see Anjali went to library and asked librarian am new to this school how would i get card for taking books??? librarian give her form and said to her to fill it and give me u ill get it tomorrow.. She just nodded her head and head to fill it and took place beside the stool… aftr fillng it she gve to librarian and asked her can i read books for sometime her??? she said ofcourse… Anjali took ABDUL KALAM book about dream she open it and read somelines she as tears in her eyes and then she closed her eyes thinkng about some incident( ill reveal it aftr some episodes)… Aftr longtime she saw time and shocked tat its almost aftrnun so she closed her book and kept in shelf and heading to class… bt till now Akshaya ana Preethi didnt reach.. so she get worried and started searching its so big school lot of class rooms and stair case she get tired…

Then she come down to ground and walking in corridor she saw group of boys standing she just avoided and gonna pass it but someone from group called her OYEE!!! Which class ur??? she turned and sais 11th… Then tat boy asked her wont u give respect to ur seniors… she was confused and aftr sometime she asked wat should i do??? tat boy asked her wats ur name??? she fearfully said ANJALI!!! one of boy said wat tat onu eli rendu eli mooonu eli anju eli tat ANJALI ahh????(it means 5rats)…. sayng this all are laughed she became more nervous and her eyes are filled with tears…. she thinkng of words to speak.. at tat time AKASH who was passing by come their said to tat boys to SHUT UP!!! DONT U HAV ANY SENSE SHE IS NEW TO OUR SCHOOL U SHOULD GUIDE HER BT U PEOPLE TEASING HER JUST SAY SRT TO HER AND LEAVE TIS PLACE OTHERWISE ILL INFORM TO PRINCIPAL ABT TIS ISSUES…. all of said sry and leave the place silently…Akash turned to her and saw her cryng tell her to wipe it and go dnt cry for small matters sayng tis he was abt to leave bt Anjali said TANQ ANNA( BROTHER)… Akash get surprised to hear brother.. he turned and smiled to her and said its k as ur callng me ur bro u should be brave like ur bro naa??? she smiled at his gesture and nodded her head smilingly.. thn he asjed wer u going she said am searchng my frnd who gone to gt membership card… Akash said ur searching tat JHANSI KI RANI… she gt confused at asked him wat??? thn he said ur frnd ill always fight with people without reason… she smiled at him and said she s nt like tat bt she s vry gud grl… Akash thn asked frm wen ur frnds??? frm childhood

he gt surprised and said hw come ur bearng her??? and hw u didnt gt bold beign with her so many yrs??? she just nodded her head left to right. Akash said come ill show u wer they ill be?? she said its k ill go by myself bt he said my dear sis am also going their oly u can come with me k.. she said k.. They go to auditorium wer students are waitng to get their cards.

Anjali saw Akshaya and she said to Akash.. annae she is their??? tanq so much anna… Akash smiled and said its k ma u go and thn he asked u didnt gt card ah??? she said am nt interested in it.. Akash said k and he was abt to leave Akshaya came and shout at Akash for teasing her frnd she didnt hear any of their converse… Anjali said nt like tat he is helpng me ur thinkng wrong.Akash give her angry loik and said JHANSI KI RANI satng tis he went… Anjali laughed at his point wat he said… Akshaya gt confused and asked her wat?? Anjali explained her whole things.. Akshaya gt angry and said hw could he say me tat wait ill see him nw. Anjali calmed her down bt still cant stop her laugh wat he said… Preethi came and asked shall we move they both say yes..

Here Akash with angry look come to Arjun.. seeing him angry Arjun asked wat hap?? He said all bcoz of tat girl pointing Akshaya bt he saw Anjali who is laughng wholeheartedly a slight smile came to his lips bt he just cover it up and said leave tat and come we go to our class they both head to class… Its evenging frst day of school is over all the student heading to their homes by bicycles… two wheeler…. cars etc… Anjali and Akshaya said bye to preethi and came to bike stand to take their bike and saw Arjun and Akash… Anjali and Arjun and Akash and Akshaya stared each other angrily… Akshaya took her bike and came out Anjali sit beside her and loik at Akash and said BYE ANNA… Akash too said BYE SIS and slowly said JHANSI KI RANI and laughed… Anjali who heared tis laughed at him and nodded her head no to his bro.. he jst smiled and said bye and both bikes leaved at different direction…….

At evenging her home Anjali gt fresh up and said to their parents abt her frst day excitedly… they smiled and just nodding her head fr wat she tellng… its night aftr finishing ger dinner she go to bed and lied down and messaged Akshaya to come tomorrow at 7 sharp… Akshaya replied k and said gud nyt to each other… She put blanket over her and closed her eyes she has dream in it she saw only two eyes with Full of pain ageing fr love and care… she gt up startled and thinking abt tat eyes thn she doss off…

Here Arjun is lyng on bed with closed eyes he too had dream of past which he still thnkng and cryng some hands with care and love wiped his tears .. He opened his eyea and gt up frm bed and start to punch the punching bag to takng his anger out… Akash came their and said Arjun pls dbt hurt urself.. Arjun turned and said i cant come out of it.. Akash said i knw its hard bt pls try it.. Arjun just go to bed silently and Akash moved to his room and thinkng abt some incident aftr tat incident he took Arjun with him to his house and takng care of him…

Akash family are in abroad. He is only son for his family they tell him come with us bt he is here fr his frnd.. He is rich bt Arjun is nt he is still alive bcoz of Akash. Akash is like shadow of Arjun…

One week are passed frm reopening of school… Anjali and Akshaya mingeled with other students well.. Arjun and Akash are senior to them…. Aftr the frst class Mam inform them abt Assistent secretary for the captains. PRINCIPAL will come and speak to u regarding tis on aftrnun sayng tis she lived… Aftr tat Akshaya asked abt it to preethi she expalines them tat” In our school their are three activities are ACADEMIC ,SPORTS and CULTURALS…. for these three they select captain and assistend captain.. Captains are selected from class 12thand assintent Captains are from 11th bcoz Captains cannot took more works bcoz of their board exam so we are the assistent to help them”… Akashaya asked can we get tat position.. preethi said its nt in my hands it in principal hand…………

NXT PART: Akshaya and Anjali are selected fr Assistents…

Tq guys for reading my story… leave ur comments…

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  1. good story akila… loved it…waiting for next episode….

    1. tq kirti….
      sry for spellng mistakes….

  2. Akila hi dr…. seriously best story and nice very nice narration….. simply superb

  3. Amazing epi and Narration too..i loved the whole epi..Jhansi Ki Rani so funny..liked Bro and Sis relation too..Bike part too..
    I am sure Arjun and Akash will be the Captain..
    Waiting for their past to unfold and pls keep writing and waiting for upcoming epis too.Update soon..Take care.

  4. Super akila .are u from tn

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      @tq deepu… s am frm tamilnadu

  5. alika ur writing is fab, it is mind blowing. ….plz update the next part soon

  6. hi akila, I m also from tn, I m in Coimbatore

    1. Hai Guys I am too from Tamil Nadu..From Chennai..R u Studying or working?..nice to meet u..

      1. @sara… tq so much pa
        @aruna… hi ma… am in chennai…..

  7. Very nice episode, eagerly waiting for the next episode

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