True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 26)


At evng they leaved to their home… wen Akshaya and Anjali was abt to go frm their bike bt Arjun placed his bike infront of them and said to Anjali tat ill drop u!!! bt Anjali said its k… Akshaya said aiyooo Anjali dnt be shy u goo i wont say anythng…. bt Anjali asked wat abt Akash Anna…. Akash said its k ill go bt bus ma… u both leave…. Akshaya said dnt wry ill drop u cme??? bt Akash i dnt cme with u!!! if i want to cme means ill drive the bike bt Akshaya nods noo…. thn Anjali said Akshaya pls d… let Akash Anna drive naa.?? Akshaya said k… and said to Akash tat be carefull.. he said i dnt break ur bike k… cme… both pairs leaved to their home….
While going Akshaya said to Akash to be carefulll…. drive slowly… and dnt hit them… she was irritating like tis.. Akash shouts shut up.. i knw hw to drive k…. jst keep ur mouth shut….. Akshaya became silent… when starts to drive…. suddenly a car came infront of them frm otherside… so Akash put sudden break… seeng tis Akshaya becme afraid and hugged him tightly frm behind and closed her eyes…. Akash realised wat hap and saw fearful face of Akshaya and smiles to himself and asked hr r u alright???? Akshaya came to her sense and shouts at him tats y i said to go slow…nw see wat hap??? u never heared me wat am sayng?? Akash said u too dnt heared me wat am sayng if u dnt pressurized me it wont hap and thn u pls close ur mouth fr 5mins… ill reach my home thn u can do anything sayng tis he starts the bike and reached his place and get inside his house… Akshaya saw him gng and said wat an attitude he his showng??? didnt say tanx fr dropng him??? she too left to her home angrily…..
Arjun and Anjali gng to Anjali’s home…. he saw park near Anjali’s house so he stopped their and said cme lets go inside bt Anjali said if anyone saw us means…. so no ill go to my home myself and u to go… bt Arjun said k lets go to ur home ill talk to ur father… Anjali said if u wanna talj means cme and talk to him aftr 3yrs bcoz ur still studyng and thn u didnt hav any job.. so frst make ur carrer and thn cme to my home and talk…. thn we can convice them naa…. Arjun asked her ill ur father accept them??? Anjali said dnt noo bt….. Arjun said i knw wat ur thinkng dnt wry…. am always their fr u…. i dnt leave u alone… Anjali said i knw da…. kk u leave ill go.. both waved bye to eachother and leaves to their home……
Akash was thinkng abt Akshaya and thinkng tat y i thnkng abt hr and y i smiling to himself seeng her….. wen he his lost in her taught Arjun cme and called him bt he didnt respond to him so Arjun came and sit beside him and shooked him….. Akash who cme to sense asked Arjun wen did u cme??? Arjun said jst nw!!! and wat r u thnkng soo deeply???? he said nthng… Arjun asked him nthng???? Akash said yes nthng and smiled… Arjun saw tis and asked him y r u smiling??? he said nthng and leaves to his room…. Arjun thinks wat hap to him?????……



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  1. Oh god akash akshaya so cute yaar

  2. akasya love Story Start ha soo nice
    Ohh akila I really anger with u neega kitathata two three days post pannala but I am happy about results

  3. I mean I really angry with u not anger sry for mistake

  4. The newly budding love story. Oh akash now its ur turn.

  5. Good one….loved it…

  6. Awww, chooooooo cuteeeee, akash n akshaya, finally akash is feeling for her…thx for clearing the last precap. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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