True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 25)



At mrng Arjun came early to col to knw abt the thing which they talk…. Akshaya and Anjali arraived to col.. seeng Arjun in Parking area… Anjali get down frm bike on entrance and said to Akshaya tat ill go u cme aftr parking… Akshaya nods k and leaves to parking…. Arjun saw her and waves hii and asked abt Anjali??? she said she lived to class… hearng tis he rushed to her class bt she already gt inside the class… Anjali is smiling to herself and Arjun with pale look goes to his class… At break.. all heads ti canteen bt Anjali said u all go.. ill be here itself bt they took with them… Arjun and Akash also cmng towards canteen bt smeone called Arjun and said prof. called u!!! Arjun said Akash u goo i ill cme sayng tis he leaved… Akash goes and sits with them they asked abt Arjun??? He said prof. call him he ill be back… Anjali was relieved to hear tis so she was escaped frm him nw… Arjun cmng towards canteen and thinkng to nt live her nw…. Anjali saw him cmng so she excuses herself and run away frm their bt Arjun saw her gng and wen he was abt to follow her… Dilip called him so he go and sat with them…. Bell rang they leaved to class…..

At lunch…. Anjali taught to stay her itself bt she think tat if he gets to knw am alone in class means he ill definetely cme here so its better to be in gang… so she leaved to canteen….. Arjun and Akash came and they are sittng opposite to each other… Arjun msg her while she is eatng…. seeng his msg she smiled and look at him and he is giving pleading look to tell me bt she msg him tat noo!!! Arjun msg her did u didnt gt any mercy on me.. pls chlm… telll me na??? Anjali was smiling boardly amd said y shld gt pity on u my dr??? Arjun said k.. u dnt wanna gt pity bt pls tell me na??? bt she said nooo!!!! Akshaya saw her smiling to herself and asked her y r u smiling to urself??? if u say wat is tat means we also laugh na??? Anjali was surprised and said nthng… Akshaya said nthng noo… show me ur phne lets see.. bt she tries to hide it….

Akshaya hold her hands… all aree seeng both of them and Akash said ya ya… u shld tell us na??? and winks towarda Arjun and thn thinks its bst chance fr me to gt my ans so he too supported both them… Anjali was shocked and gives him a killng look bt he jst smiling to see her in tis situation… Dilip holds ger hands triea gt her phne bt she holdng it tightly and pleasing Arjun with her eyes.. bt he is enjoyng himself and thinks its the punishmnt fr her avoiding me today…. bt nw Anjali was giving him angry look to him…. Arjun was tensed and thinks if she didnt helo thn she ill nt tell her so he signaled Akash… so to divert all their attention frm Anjali he starts to fight with Akshaya… Anjali silently moved away frm tat place…. Arjun saw her escaping he too was abt to move bt Dilip shout stop it.. see she escaped frm us… Akshaya said ots bcoz of u Akash they wer abt to start their fight bt prethi cut them and said lets find her frst thn u both fight… so they start to find her…

Arjun silently moved to the place wer Anjali will be…. Anjali was sittng in library roof top and was angry at Arjun…. Arjun cme and sit beside her and asked her to tell me wer u saw me before?? Anjali was angry at him and did nt utter a word…. he was angry and said k u dnt wanna say anythng… sayng tis he was abt leave Anjali holds her hand and make him sit beside her and thn cups his face with hr hands and said i dnt saw ur face bt oly these eyes who is ageing fr love and care in my dreams…. hearng tis Arjun was shocked and surprised holds her hands which is still on his cheeks and asked hr wat r u sayng ????… Anjali said yes oly ur eyes i saw in my dreamzz evry day…. and thn she continues tat i saw u in signal at frst day skul bt tat day also i saw ur eyes oly bcoz of ur helmet…. wen i saw u in bike stand i was surprised to see ur eyes… so i jst hide my feelngs frm u and wen u save me frm fallng in mam’s house i saw u soo close and saw the lonely feelng in ur eyes…..

ur eyes shows everythng Arju….. oly grls hav beatiful eyes they say bt ur eyes are unpredictable…. hearng all these… he hugged her tightly and tears starts to fall frm his eyes and said Anju I LUV U SO MCH….. Anjali too hugs him and said i knw…. she breaks the hug and said lets goo….. wen she abt to gt up Arjun hold hr hand and pushed towards him…. hers back hit his frnt and he held hr bet his tighs and placed her legs between his legs and his both arms are surrounded tightly in her waist and placed his face on his shoulder and said in her ears tat i wanna be like tis fr sme minutes pls…. Anjali jst closed her eyes and makes herself closer towards his chest and holds her hands with his hands…. Arjun too make her closer towarda him and closed his eyes…..(BG:MUSIC: KANNUKULLAE UNNAI VAITHAEN KANNAMA UN KANGAL MOODA MATAENADI CHELLAMA ADI NEETAN EN SANTHOSHAM POOVELLLAM UN VAASAM NEE PESUM PECHALLAM NAA KEKUM SANGEETHAM UN PUNNAGAI NA SEMIKINDRA SELVAMADU NEE ILLAI ENDRAL NANUM INGAE ILAIYADII)

Here…. all the four searched nt they could nt find her…. Akshaya noticed Arjun is nt their and holds Akash hands and takes him aside and said they two wer alone .. if find them together thn we ill gt to knw wat was hap bet them???? Akash said bt we searched whole col na ??? Akshaya said bt we dnt search one place???

Akash give him questiong look??? Akshaya holds his hands and took him to library… they searched their bt they cant find… Akshaya said if they nt here means wer they ill be??? Akash saw smeone in roof and said lets search their??? they both went upstairs and saw Arjun and Anjali in tat position … they smiles to each other and turns otherside and said soo these was the think u hide frm us… hearng their voice Arjun and Anjali apart frm each other and gt up frm tat place. Arjun and Anjali was blushing….

Akash and Akshaya turned towarda them and gave them angry look and asked them y u didnt said it to us???, Anjali said its nt like we r abt to say u today bt urself find it out….. Then both burst into laugh and hugs them and said am happy fr u both…. all four had a grp hug and thn Akshaya said i want treat bt Anjali said pls dnt tell anythng to Dilip and Preethi… ill tell them aftrwards… they said k… bt i want treat na???? Anjali and Arjun said k tomorrow at canteen…. they said k…. all four leaved to the place wer Dilip and Preethi… seeng them Dilip asked wer did u find her??? they said in library.. kkkk give ur phne??? to divert him Akshaya and Akash again starts to fight each other…

tis time Dilip shouts pls stop it i cant tolerate tis… and asked Arjun and Anjali hw u both handling them??? fr me i cant tolerate their fights fr two days hw cme ur tolerating these yrs???? Anjali and Arjun smiles to each other and thn Anjali said wat ti do its ours fate na!!! Bt they are entertainer fr us… seeng their fight we can smile whole heartedly and we dnt gt bore na!!!! hearng tis Akash and Akshaya turns towards Anjali and said sooo ur sayng we r entertainer sayng tis they both starts to chase her.. Anjali starts to run away frm them.. Arjun smiled wholeheartedly seeng Anjali……….



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  1. Superb one. Akash n akshaya r real entertainers, and best buddie, always help their frnds. Arju n anju love birds. Too romantic today. What was the precap. I cannot understand.

  2. Superb one. Akash n akshaya r real entertainers, and best buddie, always help their frnds. Arju n anju love birds. Too romantic today. What was the precap. I cannot understand. Congratulations for ur marks. N all the best for future. Enjoy. Thanks for the treat. Really it was a treat.

  3. Evn i dn’t understand d precap.actually am shocked by reading it.

  4. I think u forgot dr akash feelings towards akshaya na

  5. Really awesome (inlove) dear…

  6. Congrates dr….. god bless u and keep smile be happy

  7. Congratulation Akila.,,glad to know ur fabulous result…….
    always make ur parents proud like that nd may God bless u 🙂

  8. Congrates dear.

  9. ohhh sry frndsss…. its Akshaya nt Anjali…. typing mistakes am so sry…… and tq frnds fr ur supports

  10. Congo dear for ur result…

    I cudnt understand the precap…how can akash fall for anju

  11. Congrates ……
    Precap is awesome

  12. Awesome episode, congrats for you first position in exams…akshaya and akash are cutie pies …love them soooooooo much. .arjun n anjali sweet lovely convo was very good…but didn’t get the precap…anjali calls akash as anna (brother) then what kind of feeling akash has for anjali? Or you mistakenly wrote anjali instead of akshaya? Love you loads, eagerly waiting for the next episode

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