True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 24)


Am soo sooo sry guys fr late update…. bcoz college is started fr me… even sat also havng bcoz of extra leave… nw only i gt time… am vry sry pa… pls forgive me…… lets go to our episode….

Anjali and Arjun smiling… Akash and Akshaya are confused bt happy fr their happiness……. they leaved to their home….. Akshaya droped Anjali at her home… she gt down and abt to go bt Akshaya said stop…. tell me wat hap??? Anjali with full happiness hugged her and said am vry happy today… Akshaya said by seeng u i gt it bt i want to knw abt ur sad…. Anjali said ill tell u tomorrow bt nw am vry happy sayng this she leaved the place…….. Akshaya thinks tat pls keep her always happy…..
Here.. Arjun and Akash reached their home… Arjun goes to his room bt Akash stopped him and asked him abt happines.. bt he jst hugged him and said tell u latr bt nw am vry happy sayng tis too leaved…..
At night Arjun is thinkng wheather to call her or msg her… aftr some minutes of thinkng… he msg her HI ANJU!!(ANJALI’S SHORT FORM)
aftr sme minutes Arjun’s mobile beeps…. its Anjali’s msg …..
Arju: hw is ur health???
Anju: am alright!!!
Arju: had ur dinner???
Anju: yes!!
Arju: did u took ur tablets??
Anju: yes… i took
Arju: tats gud!!
Anju: ur became army officer…enquiring like an officer…!!
Arju: yes…. i can became anythng fr u!!! if dnt follow me thn ill gve u punishment…
Anju: punishmnt ah???? wat punishmnt???
Arju: u ill gt to knw wen u dnt do wat i say!!!
Anju:ohhh ill seee…
Arju:hmmmm kk… its late.. u take rest…. bye
Anju: no… am nt sleepy… u can talk???
Arju: y u didnt gt sleep???
Anju: bcoz am talkng with my bf
Arju: ohhh did u lke ur bf???
Anju: yes… i lke him more..
Arju: smiled and asked hw mch u lke him???
Anju: it cant be expressed
Arju: smiled…Hmmmmm
Anju: did u lke ur gf??
Arju: no i dnt lke her!!
Anju: with sad asked y???
Arju: i dnt lke herbcozzzz
Anju: bcozzz wat???
Arju: bcozz i love her.. liking is small word which cant stands fr hr…. i love hersoo mch…
Anju: with full smile…. and asked him wen did u start to love herso mch???
Arju: wen i frst saw her in temple
Anju: wen??? so u saw me before skul??
Arju: yes…. befre cmng to skul.. u went temple na?? i saw u their..
Anju: u loved me at first sight ah??
Arju: dnt no.. bt wen i saw u… my mom tld nt to loose her…
Anju: tears roll down with smile and said I LIKE U SOO MCH DA
Arju: oly liking ah???
Anju: with blushing said yes
Arju: k… wen u started to like me??
Anju: she said i too saw u before joining in our skul!!
Arju: hw???
Anju: i wont tell nw… ill say u latr..
Arju: pls ma…. tell me nw
Anju: no no… am sleepy nw… bye…
Arju: en chellakutty la… en pattu kutty la… solu ma..(ur my sweety la pls tell me)
Anju: smilingly i dnt taught tat u ill talk tis mch??
Arju: y ???
Anju: ur always angry and dnt talk to anyone and make ur self hitler….
Arju: i too dnt taught tat u too talk like tis???
Anju: y???
Arju: bcoz u always cry and sad… dnt talk mch
Anju: k thn y r u talkng to cryng grl?? angrily
Arju: bcoz i luved her innocense more tan cryng…
Anju: k bye… gud nyt..
Arju: pls tell me and tgn u can sleep na???
Anju: no bye….
Arju: k bye kuttyma…. gud nyt…
Anju: gudnyt…. she dozed offf

Arjun is still thinkng abt wat she said and he didnt get sleep…..(BG MUSIC: VINMEEN VITHAYIL VITHAYAI MULAITHAEN)…… Aftr long time hee to dozed offf…..


Am soo sry fr short update… ill try too update wen ever i gt time… sry frndss…. pls leave ur cmntsss…. tanq….

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  1. Thank u so much ka..i was going to Sleep but I thought to check once then I suddenly saw ur story..Thank u for updating and finding time for us from ur busy schedule…
    Oh oh Both Shy and Silent People have become so Romantic and talkative peoples..wat a change yaar..? I like ? it.the pleasing part was so cute..
    Akash and Akshaya part was too small but liked Anj and Arj part…Precap seems interesting..who is gonna play Hide and seek…eagerly waiting for next part…
    Thank u for updating and take care ? and love ❤ u…

  2. Hi dr how r u…. its ok ra studies are most important na…. awwww superrr chatting yaar

  3. Oh late night chats started. Ur precaps make it more interesting n i keep on waiting for it. Loved it totally. Me too didn’t think that anju n arju will talk like this.

  4. really loved their chats…….so sweet 😀
    keep it up and tc …

  5. It was such a lovly episod. . . Both r in ful of romantic mood nw 😉 😛

  6. tq so mch frndss…. illl try too post it soon…… am so sry fr the delayy….

  7. Very sweeeeeet episodes, loved their convo…so cute and simple…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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