True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 23)


Amma shouts Anjalu to gt ready soon…. Anjali who is still in shock jst gt up frm bed get ready and come out…. Akshaya was waitng fr her… wen cme… she saw her sad face… and her eyes are red bcoz of non-sleep at night…. Anjali acts like robo without sayng anythng she jst sat on her bike… Akshaya thinks to talk to her evng…. they heads to college……… Akash and Arjun also came to col bt Arjun was also in sad mood…. four meet bt Anjali didnt in her sense jst leaved to her class like a statue…. Arjun who saw her sad he too became sad bt thn he think abt her words… he too lived angrily….. Akash and Akshaya saw them with sad… Akash said nw we shld do smthng bt Akshaya said we dnt no wat hap thn hw can we solve tis..??? Akash said if they met again they itself sort out their prblms… Akshaya nods yes… Dilip cme their and asked her wat u both talkng??? she said nthng idiot… Akash is angry to saw dilip… so he too leaved the place…..

In class…. Anjali who is sittng lost in taughts…. jst thn prof. came and starts his class… Anjali cant concentrate bcoz her head is aching and thn her eyes are itching bcoz of not sleeping… she jst lied her head on bench and closed her eyes…. Akshaya saw her and thinks its gud if she sleep…. At break… Dilip cme to Akshaya and asked her wat hap to Anjali ??? Akshaya said nthng she is nt feelng well tats it… if she take rest means she ill be alright…. so they leaved to canteen… they saw Akash sittng and qsked abt Arjun he said he is nt feelng gud… Dilip said even Anjali also nt feelng well…. thn they leaved to class…. still Anjali is sleepng…. its lunch…. Dilip cme and touch her forehead and said oh god she is havng heavy fever.. lets take her ro medical room… Akshaya thn touches her face and thn said we cant take her their.. we go and brng medicines bcoz she didnt took her tablets tats y she is like… Preethi said k.. ill be with her u go and gt the medicine.. bt Akshaya said let her take rest we shld nt disturb her naa… cme they leaved the class….

Arjun and Akash cme opposite to them and Akash asked abt Anjali thn she said she is havng heavy fever dnt no wat hap??? we r gng to brng medicine fr her… hearng tis Arjun rushed to her class… Akash said to Akshaya tat they ill gt her to medical room… u all go and hav ur food bt Dilip said i too cme.. bt Akash said we ill handle.. and signaled to Akshaya.. so she convinced dilip and they leaved to canteen….
Akash cme and stand outside the class to see if anyone is cmng… Arjun get inside and saw her sleepng.. he sit oppsite to her and stare her fr minutess…. thn he saw tat she is shivering and her hands and shakng….. he rushed to her and sit beside her and holds her hands tightly… Anjali slightly opened her eyes and seeng him she removed her hands and moved apart frm him and starts to cry… she cant talk anythng bcoz of cryng and also she completely broke down…. seeng her state Arjun was shocked with guilt and alao ashamed with his act towards her…. her hands are shivering more nw.. he cant see her like tis… he jst hugged her tightly.. her face was on his chest and her hands on his shirt…. she was cryng more harder and brokedown completely…. aftr sme minutes of cryng… nw she as sme strenght to talk and asked him y u did tis arjun ??y???… she still in his arms around her askng him y u did tis???y u lovng me soo mch??? y u makng me more uncomfortable??? y r u doing tis??? sayng tis she cried even more and his shirt was fully wet…. he to has tears in his eyes with broken words said sorry….. Hearng tis… Anjali moved apart frm him and saw his eyes and wiped his tears and said y r u askng sorry??, its me who wanna ask sorry nt u arjun???? i shld nt said those words which hurts u??? sry arjun…. am feelng guilt of hurtng u!!! Arjun stop her frm sayng and her tears and said no anjali… its me.. i shld understand u.. y u said tis..

even knwng abt ur situation i shld nt dne tis na…. nw Anjali hugged him and said as u said u hav all rights on me.. u can do anythng to me…. u knw hw i missed u tat one yr wen u joined col… i am like mad.. on tat time i realised tat i too loves u???, I LOVE UU TO THE CORE… i want u in my life and i dnt wanna lose u bt i cant do tis… sayng tis she once again cried…. Arjun hugged her even more tight and said in her ears tat….. i knw y u cant… bt ill wait till my last breathe fr u… I TIO LOVE U ANJALI… i wont live u…. Anjali nw calmed down thn Arjun was abt break his hug bt Anjali said pls Arjun… pls hug me till i revield fr my pain… Arjun with smile hugged her even more tighter and said hereaftr u dnt hav any pain….. Aftr some minutes he break the hug and touch her forehead and give her angry look… and dnt hurt urself… if u hurt means i too hurt…

pls dnt do tis….and thn he took lunch frm her bag and starts to feed her with his hand and said i already told u dnt skip ur food bt u??? Anjali with innocent look said sry…. Arjun smiled and said hereaftr dnt do tis… she nods her head thn she asked him did u ate?? he said u frst eat… nw Anjali take frm him and feed him with her hand.. Arjun with teary eyes saw her.. she said i knw u too didnt… so eat??, both finished the lunch…Arjun take medicine frm her bag and give to her.. she took tat and Arjun said take rest ill see u evng wen he gt up Anjali holds his hand and said dnt leave me… i feel lonely… plsss Arjun… Arjun sit beside her and hold her hand and thn Anjali placed her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes………. atfrwards he saw her dozed off… he make her sleep on bench and gt up and holds hr cheek lovingly and went out…. Akash saw him cmng and asked him is she alright???? Arjun smiled and hugged him and said she is perfectly alright cme…. he is confused with his behaviour bt happy to see him smiling…….. Aftr lunch break… Dilip.. Akshaya..

Preethi cme to their class and saw her sleepng.. dilip said still sleepng ah?? wheather they took hr to medical room r nt??? Akshaya cme towards Anjali and touch her forehead and checked her bag and said Dilip she is alright her fever is reduced…. Dilip said tank god….. Akshaya thinkss si their prblm is solved and smiles to herself… seeng her smiling preethi asked her y r u smiling??? she said nthng and their class starts…..

At eveng… they woke up Anjali…. who is with full smile gt up and asked wat??? Dilip said ohh my dr… u slept full day bt tilll u dnt satisfied with ur sleep ah,???, thn Anjali saw time and said sry….. they leaved outside… seeng Arjun Anjali smiled at him and also gt shy to see him….. Arjun too smiled at hr… Akash and Akshaya was confused and Dilip and Preethi dnt noticed tat…………..



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  1. Ohhh…dr..thank u thank u so much at last dey confessd….so happy today…..update nxt part soon….luv ya lot…n more…

  2. Wow. This is just lovely n superb. Ah finally everything is fine. Akila really this is a mindblowing love story.

  3. Oh god i am feeling soooooo happy yar god atlast anjali ne bol diya

  4. Superb ka..Finally Anjali confessed her love ❀ to Arjun…i was waiting..Happy to c them Back.. Is Dilip know that Anjali’s is engaged?..
    Precap seems Amazing…Late night chats and all haan..After this I know Anjali’s past will come in Front..Worried for that part..but for now Continue Anj and Arj love ❀ story..?
    Waiting for Akshaya and Akash love ❀ story too..waiting for eagerly for next epi too..
    Thank u and take care ? and love ❀ u…

  5. Wow awesome episode. At finally anjali confessed her love to arjun. Superb and mindblowing episode. Take care dear.

  6. Wow superb episode.loved d way she confessed her late nite msgs waiting 4 it.imagined d way anjali’s shy n arjun’s smile.plz gve sme episodes of their togetherness n ths let ajali’s part may cme out.plz.
    Dedicating”Sollitale” song from kumki

  7. At last hero succeed & won his love
    fabulous l must say……keep it up dear.

  8. Finaly, anj confssd hr luv for arjun. . . Happy to c dere happy faces again. . . πŸ™‚ :-D;-) I lyk the confusd state of akash n akshaya , and buddhu dilip n preeti. . . πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  9. Hurray. Finally. Cool yaar. Akila super da. Keep it up.

  10. Finally anjali admitted her love super!
    Now I am waiting akash and akshaya love scene
    I think coming up may be romantic scence between arjali
    Oh next part is mind blowing. Really amazing
    Add some song pls sis (like yaro Ivan and un parvai pothum)

  11. Pls update todays epi…waiting..

  12. Awesome episode akila, it’s superb love confession, loved it very much, plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  13. What happened dear.please update next part.

  14. Hey ur ff is very nice loved it πŸ™‚
    Please update next part πŸ™‚

  15. Akila ka Pls update ur story I can’t wait now..pls update soon ka..wait paana mudiyale..pls..
    TU if u have this story pls update yaar..

  16. Y no updates for two days.waiting very eagarly.plz update fast

  17. Hai akka..How r u..r u so busy.. Akka yennale wait panna mudiyale..pls update.. 3 epis..i want to read and my exams r near and I won’t be able to pls update..soon..

  18. am so sry frnds…. my col is started.. so i cant cme to tis page… nw oly i gt time… sry frndsss….. i updated one part… aaliya ill try to update nxt episode soon ma… sry ma…..

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