True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 22)

Akshaya said to Anjali who is talkng with Dilip…. said Akash is callng u to sports room.. she asked y??? Akshaya said hw i knw??? its ur brother na??? Anjali said k and leaves to sports room…. Dilip asked Akshaya y he is nw??? she said dnt no!!! Wen she turned towards Anjali.. she saw Akash cmng opposite towards Anjali… she was shocked and said to dilip tat ill be back plss wait here… Preethi wait till we cme back bcoz Dilip il be bored sayng tis shee leaved the place and cme inbet Anjali and Akash… Anjali dnt saw Akash amd went aside… Akash who was abt to talk with Anjali…. bt Akshaya.holds his hand and took him to corner to hide frm hr… She come out of hidden place to see wheather she reached r not… bt she still moving… Akshaya with tensed closed her eyes thn oly realised she is too.close with Akash and moved apart and to him abt Arjun’s call… Akash was surprised and asked her soo nw we both shld wait tilll they cme here…Akshaya said yes…. thn they both starts their nok joke…..

Here Anjali cme inside the sports room and Called out fr Akash anna… bt no one is their…. She heared someone locked the door… she turned amd saw its Arjun… she asked him wat r u dng here??? Arjun said i wanna talk to u??? bt she said i already told to.u tat ill nt talk to u and thn we r nomore frndss… thn wat is their to talk??? Arjun said ur taking decision emotionally.. bt Anjali.cut him off and said i already taught lot abt tis… pls leave me.. i want to go.. bt Arjun stops her and said wait i dnt complete my words… Anjali said watever i dnt want to hear all r waitng fr me sayng tis she was abt to leaved bt Arjun holds her hand and pushed her towards him…. Anjalu moved apart fr him and said u alwayss want to close with me… if u love u ill understand my situation amd leaved me bt u always take.advantage amd ur cheap….. hearng tis Arjun loses his cool and said ya am cheap.. bcoz am lovng u na… yes am nt living u bcoz am loving u na… yes i dnt understand ur situation bcoz am lovng u naa??? he can i live u wen i love u so muc.. nt u said am cheap and thn wat u said tat i want oly ur shit hw can u think like tis… u knw wat the cheap guys will doo…. he cme closer to her and hold her both cheek with his both hands and kissed her hard in her lipsss….. and pushed her and said think tis kiss…. i kissed u bcoz am lovng u and ur lfe and i oly hav rights to do anythng with u…

watever u think abt me i dnt care… sayng tis he leaved the place angrily… Anjali.who.was shocked collapse on floor… starts to cry hardly…. Akash and Akshaya saw Arjun coming out with anger… so Akasg said smthng hap go and see Anjali and ill see Arjun.. Akshaya cme inside and shocked her to see her in tis condition.. Akshaya cme towarda her asked her wat hap.. bt Anjali dnt utter a word bcoz she is still in shock…. Akshaya took her outside.. seeng her like tis Dilip asked wat hap???? she said nthng…. she took her with her to home… Anjali didnt talk anythng to Akshaya amd went inside to her home and closed the door……. and went inside washroom and open the shower and sits under the shower amd cries hard….

Arjun who was angry playng football angry….Akash asked him wat hap bt he didnt say anythng continously plyng…. Akshaya called ti Akash and asked him wat hap??? he said i too dnt noo… he is nt sayng anythng and asked abt Anjali? She said dnt no wat hap bt she was really hurt…. Akash said k lets talk to them tomorrow nw leave her alone… Akash leaved the place… Arjun was thinkng abt Anjali’s words and gt more angry…. here Anjali who cme out frm shower with her wet clothes… slide down on bed wuth cryng eyes saw cieling….(BG MUSIC: UN KAMAM VENAMAE UN KADHAL PODHUMAEEE) both Arjun and Anjali dnt sleep… here Arjun is angry with her… here Anjali is totally hurt with his behaviour…… both are thinkng abt each other…….



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  1. I cant see arjun and anjali like this dr….. i want to see happy both

  2. OMG… Seriously…Arjun u have become a Crazy lover Man..I am shell shocked ? with ur Behaviour man..Wat a Change yaar..
    Akshaya and Akash just love ❤ their fights and helping quality about Friends yaar..Anjali yaar y u said Cheap to Arjun..Feeling so sad for u but Arjun was in extreme anger mode yaar..Hope u understand..
    Waiting for next part eagerly….u r making me so addicted to ur story honestly ka…Who is gonna confess d love…pls upload next part now itself..I can’t wait…pls I request u..
    Thank u so much and love ❤ u so much..Take care ?..

  3. nice one…..eagerly waiting for d next……

  4. I totaly luvd 2days part. . . Though arjun was so rude , its k in luv. . He he. . n Wow, luv confessn. . . Exitd to read nxt part, updt soon dr 🙂 u r making arjun mor n mor crazy 4 anjaly day by day. . .

  5. Can’t see them in dis state….make dem 1 soon..

  6. Really arjun has become crazy lover. U hav changed so much. Who is going to confess. Precap is quite interesting.

  7. Ahhhhh, very painful episode, but precap looks good. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and

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