True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 2)


Hello frnds….. pls tell me are u likng tis story bcoz i can continue my story… tis story is real and some are my imagination… so pls leave ur comments guys….
Anjali aftr informing hr parents abt school… she said thank you iyappa swamy(it is hindu god… she as more trust and faith in god and any prblm r happy she jst pray to tat god).
One week is passed is their day to go to school while gettng ready anjali called akshaya and said come soon d bcoz its our frst day dnt be late.. akshaya who is still sleeping on her bed said ya d ill be their on time afterwards she gt up and gt ready…. After completing her breakfast anjali said to her parent’s tat ill go with askhaya in her scooty so dnt wry abt me and sayng tis she goes to gt hr bag… akshaya came in her scooty and press horn continuously… Anjali came out and shout “why are u keep pressing the horn am coming naa idiot” she said. Akshaya said cool shall we move and anjali nods her head and sat on back seat and waves bye to her parent’s and akshaya also said bye aunty and bye uncle…
While going anjali asked akshaya shall we go to temple???… akshaya said k bt ill nt come u go bcoz she don’t believe in god. Anjali said k and she stop the bike near by temple and tell her to come soon. Anjali get inside the temple and she fold her both hands and prayng to god to ” Today is frst day of my school pls be with me and guide me for a new start”.. she openes her eyes and took prasad and came out. Anjali said akshaya to turn and she put sindur in her head and said can we move. Akshaya smiled at her gesture and nodded her head.
Its 8.30 they reached school gate, watchman said them to park the bike inside.. they head to parking while seeing parking area anjali said its so big like car parking.. akshaya smiled and said yes bcoz its famous school and lots of student from rich family are studyng tats y dr. Anjali get down and turned suddenly one bike came with full speed come and stopped beside her.. she was feared and closed her eyes and hold her bag tightly. Akshaya realised what hap and shout at them for doing tis. Its pulsar 220f Blue and black colour bike, two boys are sittng on the bike.. the boy one who sittng on back seat(AKASH)get down and asked are u new to the school, Hearng voice anjali opened her eyes and saw the person who sittng in the driver seat (ARJUN)”he was so handsome and smart but his eyes has full of anger”. Then she saw the boy who is fighting with her frnd and then she tries to stop their fighy bt akshaya didn’t hear her and starts to scold him. Akash tell her to stop it am asking u r u new?? u dnt hav any manase at all?? and he said tis is our place which we park our bike here. So just move your bike. Akshaya said their is no name plate at all and tis is school, tis place for student and we r thrle student of tis school we can place any where so u pls leave. Akash abt to shout at her but Arjun shout”STOP IT AKASH”… COME… They leaved the place. Anjali said akshaya first day itself u started ahhh?? .. Akshaya said they only started i jst replied them. Both of them standing in the assembly.. aftr prayer and national anthem… principal took the mike and said “Welcome my dear students i hope ur all enjoyed ur holidays…. its ur first day atfr holidays all r still in mood of holidays so keep tat aside and start to study and i too welcme our new comers of our school…. then she said all the new comers go and get ur ID cards from office room and get back to ur classess now school dismiss tanq”….
Aftr gettng their cards anjali and akshaya go to their class. They sit beside one girl who sits in third row bcoz all the places are filled… They introduce themselves to her and then she said am PREETHI.. am studyng her from 8th class. Mam come their classes and took the attendance and said to the students tat its ur frst day so their is no classess today… new comers can introduce themselves to other students… new students one by one all of them introduced themselves and then teacher tell them to get membership card for yourself bcoz apart from studies we conduct culturals and sports meet so u can improve ur talents students sayng this she gone from their. Preethi said come with me ill show u the place and then she asked whuch field ur going to choose.. akshaya said both.. then preethi asked anjali.. akshaya said she ill get membership only in library. Anjali smiled and asjed preethi where is library.. preethi said its on backside of school… i never went their so u go and she asked akshaya to come with me ill show u cultural and sports room. Akshaya asked anjali will u go alone??? Anjali said ya ill… u go and get urs.. ill be back.. they lived in different directions….

NEXT PART: Anjali is ragged by Seniors… here come our saviour (AKASH)

Hope u guys like it… pls leave ur comments…
Ruby i read ur story its very niz ma… keep going all the best…
hayathi… aaliya…. liya pls give ur comments…..

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  1. at temple sceen wen anjali come out with prasad.. she herself placed sindur in her head and tell akshaya to turn and then she came near ti her face and collide her forehead with her…. sry guys typng mistakes…. very day my sis will do tis fr me

  2. Ofcourse dear pls continue..i like ? it..and I liked the Bike parking part too..on First day itself started with a fight with our Heroes..So cute..Waiting for upcoming epis..pls continue..Waiting for next Part.,..update soon..
    Hero of Anjali is Arjun right ?,.Precap seems interesting..
    Take care ?..pls continue..

    1. tq so much aaliya…. anjalis hero is arjun bt they wont tell each other abt their feelings… it takes more time ma… tanq so much sis

  3. Its gud dr. . Keep going:-)

  4. Its ok baba mistakes hota hai dont say sorry for thar…. comming to the story haaa so cool baby plzzz update next episode fast dr plzzzzz.

    1. tq liya and hayathi… arjun and anjali r paired and akash and akshaya r paired

  5. Interesting story, anjali’s hero is Arjun’s right?

  6. Interesting and different story line …. Just lived to experience a new thing dear akila …. Iyappa Swami now I WIL also continue ur story …. Hehehe count me also one of ur fan ….. Nandri (thnku)

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