True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 19)


Anjali and Akshaya cme to col and Akash and Arjun say hii to them… bt Anjali jst said hii to Akash and heads to class….. Arjun was confused at her behaviour… and asked Akshaya wat hap to her??? she said dnt no.. wen i went to her home mrng she was lke tis only.. i asked her bt she didnt say anythng sayng tis she lived to her class… Akash asked Arjun to cme its gettng late fr class…. they lived to their class… bt Arjun was sittng in class half mindedly….. thnkng abt Anjali… here Anjali thinkng abt both her father and Arjun… and thn she cme to conclusion to make her appa happy…. at break they leaved to canteen… Arjun was abt to talk to her bt she talk with Akash and avoided him… while gng to class Arjun said to Anjali tat i want to talm to u??? bt anjali said no i hav class… Arjun said jst 5mins… she stops and said tell me fast… Arjun asked her cme to sme place bt she said tell me here itself… i dnt want to cme anywhere… Arjun asked her y r u avoiding me??? Anjali said nthng bt Arjun said jst tell me frankly wat hap?? dnt hide it??? Anjali said s ur right i shld tell it frankly…. thn she said i dnt want to be frnd with u and i dnt want to talk to u tats it.. arjun was shocked and asked her yy??? She said bcoz i dnt lke u and i dnt want u to think tat i am lkng u so jst be strangers… i dnt want any frndship or any relationship with u. ur jst my brother frnd tats it anythng more and pls dnt ever try to talk to me…. sayng tis she leaved… Arjun was shocked and shattered to hear all these words frm her… and thinkng y she suddenly sayng all these… smthng mst hav hap to her…. Arjun who lost cme to class and sat beside Akash… akash saw him lost in taught …. he asked him wat hav bt he didnt say anythng jst hugged him and went out to sports room and took football and starts to play….. Akash was shocked to see him like tis… aftr many yrs he smiled bt again he is gng to dark side… wat hap to him??? Here Anjali also with guilt to talked with him like tis….. and thn she became normal and starts to listen the class…. Akshaya who senses smthng wrng bt didnt asked her…. wen they leavng to home Akash called Akshaya and asked her to cme to Sports room alone… so she said Anjali to wait ill be back….Akshaya goes to Akash and asked him wat??? Akash said wat hap to arjun and hw he is behavng lke before…. Akshaya it means smnthng mst hav hap bet Arjun and Anjali …. ill ask her u pls take care of Arjun and ill call u at night…. He nods k and leaves to take arjun to home….. Akshaya to leave and to Anjali who is sitng at entrance… They leaved the place……….



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  1. Oh no again our arjun is in dark side no way

  2. Oh So sad epi yaar..Sad for Arjun..pls don’t get back into the Past man..If u want her to love u then first Be Confident about u then only u can make her love ❤ u..
    Akshaya and Akash do something guys I am waiting for that..pls get Arjun back to Present..
    Waiting for next part eagerly..
    Thank u and take care ? ❤ u..

  3. Sad yaar. Make her father understand Anjali’s feelings as well.

  4. Oh no very sad episode….pls update the next part early

  5. Very sad episode.

  6. Y cant anj tel her fathr dat she dnt lyk his chosen guy atleast, if nt abt arj. So sad to c arjun bak to his dark self ;-(

  7. Ohhh poor arjun…plz anjali don’t do dis…u r d reason 4 his happiness…
    Plz don’t ruin it..!! Update ASAP!!!

  8. Ahhhhh, it’s sooo sad, anj plz don’t do this. ..arjun can’t bear this again he will shatter. ..plzzzz akila unite them soon. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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