True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 17)

Nxt mrng…. Akshaya cme and wake up Anjali… Anjali was still in sleepy mood said pls 5minsss… Akshaya said its already 8 my dr… Hearing tis she was shocked and gt ready and Went to col… on the way to col Akshaya asked Anjali y u woke up late… she said i slept late night…. Akshaya smilngly asked her y???… She jst said nthng….. They reached the col…. They get inside the col…. Preethi to joined them… they are all talkng…..

Akash came their and memerised to her in chudithar…. he is with full smile come towards her….. Akshaya turned and saw him and runs towards him.. Akash was shocked to saw her running towarda him…. but she passed him and hugged Arjun who is coming behind him… Akash face becme pale… Arjun too hugged her and Akshaya said i missed u anna…. Arjun tooo said mee to sis…Akash thinks in his mind these brother and sis can join in actng field hw they are actng??? yesterday also they talked to each other so many hours… bt nw they are talkng like they are seeng aftr 20yrsss…. Arjun gives Akshaya chocolate…. She gets happy… Preethi said am fed up with ur talks come lets goo… Akshaya asked her y u gt angry??? she said yesterday Akash gave two chocolates to Anjali and today Arjun gave chocolate to u… bt u both dnt share with me…. sayng tis she leaved the place… Anjali followed hr to convince… Akshaya asked to Arjun… u said u gave chocolate and hw cme she sayng tis Khadoos gave it??? Akash said JHANSI KI RANI dnt no abt hr frnd and gve smirking look to her and said am leavng to class… Arjun said we to cmng…. trio leaved to class… Akshaya gets to her class and seat beside Anjali…. class startss it was soo borngg….. Akshaya was sleeping keeping her hands on her chin… Preethi and Anjali takng notes seriously….. aftr the class Akshaya said cme we go to canteen… am so sleepy… so they head to canteen..

At canteen.. they sit on the table and Anjali felt little dizzy.. Akshaya saw tat and said u didnt ate ur breakfast???? Anjali said i gt up late na… Akshaya asked wat abt tablet?? Anjali nods noo!! K wait ill gt smthng fr u?? bt Anjali said jst gt me tea ill be k with it… She nods and went to get tea fr her amd coffee fr Herself and Preethi… Anjali and Preethi sittng in table… Akash and Arjyn came their… Akash sat beside Anjali and Arjun sat opposite to her… Akash asked her wer is tat ANGRY BIRD??? Anjali is like wat??? Akash said i gve nw name to JHANSI KI RANI… bcoz she always gt angry naa?? thn i ill call hr by these twoo name… and asked her hw ur managing her.??? she is lke…. while he sayng tis Anjali saw Akshaya cmng towards them she signaled him to stop talk bt he didnt see tat… Akshaya heared all tat and Anjali hits him and turns him towards and he shocked to see Akshaya… he is afraid wat she ill do nw??? and makes sme faces and cover it up.. Akshaya sat beside Arjun and gave cups to preethi and Anjali.. bt preethi said i dnt want… Akshaya asked her y u didnt say it before??? she said u didnt say tat ur gettng it fr me also???

Arjun said its k ill take tat… bcoz i feel lke to drink coffee sayng tis he took one cup ….. Wen Anjali and Arjun take one sip amd realised its nt their cup.. Anjali placed the cup down amd said its coffee Akshaya!! Arjun too said its Tea… Akshaya said sry bcoz of tis khadoos i didnt say ur cups r changed… Akash asked her wat i did??? Akshaya said wat ur sayng abt me??? He said i tld truth…. both starts too fight.. at the end Akshaya split her coffee on him.. Akash get angry and split remaing coffee on her… Anjali gt angry on both of them and them to stop ur fight and clean urself sayng tis she gt up without takng her coffee… Akshaya said u didnt take ur medicine pls drink tis coffeee and goo… bt she leaved the place angrily…. Akash and Akshaya again starts to blame eachother for the mistake.. nw Arjun cant tolerate tis he gt up amd said to them to stopu ur fight… sayng tis he leaved to find Anjali….

Anjali went to library and go to top of the place and sat on floor its lke roof… no one cme here…. Arjun was searchng hr and cnt find…. Akash and Akshaya cleaned their dress and goes towards class and cant find Arjun and Anjali… both starts to search and bumps to eachother.. Akshaya asked him did u saw Anjali??? and he to asked her did u saw Arjun??? so bth came to knw tat they both mst be alone so they gt back to their classess…

Here still Arjun is searchng her and passed library and he thinks to go inside bcoz she always cme here wen ever she is angry r sad.. so he gt inside and searched her and cnt find… he was sad and sits on chair and he saw her shall on roof top.. he smiled and went their and saw her sittng with her eyes closed and book in her hand… he silently sit beside her and saw her… aftr sme minutes he hold her hand…. her hands was shivering bcoz nt takng tabletss… he holds her hand more tight and she opened her eyes and saw him and asked him to pls leave me alone.. i dnt hav any strenght to talk to u??? he jst keep her forefinger on her lips and said shhhhhh….. she become silent… thn he take bread jam fr pocket and gave to her and said her to eat!!! she silently ate it and he goes down and cme aftr some times and give her water bottle.. she drank the water and thn he gve her tablets…. shee silently took tat and she was abt to say smthng… bt he didnt allow her to talk… he jst hold her hand and asked her shall we become frndss????? she said jst frndss!!! Arjun smiled and said ya ya jst frndsss!!!! both smiled and went to classs….

Akshaya asked her wer u gne??? she didnt say anythng bt smiled and nods her head lke nthng…. Akshaya and Preethi was confused….

At evening… they wer leavng Akash and Arjun joined them… Anjali and Arjun both smiling to eachother… Akash and Akshaya saw tis and both cought at same time…. Preethi break the silence and asked Akash can i gt Maths notes bcoz tu prof. takng it fastly i cant understand??? Akash said i dnt hav any notes… and asked Arjun??? Arjun said i hav and ill gve u tomorrow!!! Anjali give angry look to Arjun and went with Akshaya…. Akash asked Arjun wat hap??? He said alll and hw she accept my frndship… Akash said to success in love frndship is the frst step and also best one Arjun… Both smiled and went to their homee…….



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  1. Ha ha ha akshaya akssh na god these guys r crazy

  2. I think arjun try to jealous anjali….

  3. Arjun . Loved the scene when akshaya comes n hugs arjun n akash thinking these two shuld go for acting. Lol. Nw name for akshaya. Oh. Loved it.

  4. Is it jealosy n fytng? Y is dis preeti always a kabab me haddi. . ., bt it helps arjali to cum closer . , arjun is so carng of anjali. Bt i luvd akash n akshaya’s fytng more 😀

  5. Good job Akila. Eagerly waiting for the next episode. Pls give some more cute fight scenes of akshaya and akash.

  6. Fab epi ka..Akshaya and Akash rocked..just love ❤ their fights..Angry bird new name lol…
    Arj made Anj to accept his Friendship..then I am sure he will make her fall in love ❤ with him too..waiting for that..
    Introduce new hero to Preethi yaar at least she won’t come in between
    Wat is d next step yaar..i am waiting for next part..
    Pls update today itself..
    Thank u and take care ? ka..

  7. tq [email protected] tq ma
    @manha… tq pa
    @geethu tq so mch ma
    @aaliya…. ur my sweet sis… i already taught to intro smeone in with three episodes… bt u guess it right ma…

  8. Super akila sis super !
    Interesting ha iruku
    I really joined akshaya and akash science
    So cute

  9. I mean scenes not science

  10. Awesome episode akila, was so funny when akshaya hugs arjun and akash face get pale…ArjuLi friends again, yippee…next step will be jealous. ..loving this story very much, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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