True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 16)


Hii guysss…. tq fr ur comments my dear….. today ill post three episodes pa….. bcoz tomorrow col startng dnt no i can make it tats y…. sryy guysssss…
They drop Anjali to hr home… Anjali said tq and going to hr home…. Arjun stared at her lovny… Akash saw tis hits him and asked him teasingly…. ur starng my sis wen am sittng beside u??? Arjun smiled and said ur sis makng my life hell by nt acceptng her love and ur supportng her its nt fair ??? Akash asked him hw u knw tat she loves u??? Arjun smilngly said u only hav sis ah??? i dnt hav ah??? Akash shocked and said tat JHANSI RANI… Arjun said dnt call her like tat!! Akash said kk… wen she tld u all???? FB START: Aftr gettng up frm bed Anjali goes to balcony and cries hard… Akshaya gt up and make her sit and asked her wat hap??? While Anjali sayng all thingss… Akshaya get Arjun call who called to ask abt Anjali’s health… so she silently answered the call and make him hear all…. Akshaya asked her so u said u dnt love him thn y r u cryng??? live it??? y u cry fr him if nthng in ur heart??? Anjali shouts i too like him bt i dnt want to spoil his life…. i knw we cant bo one thn y shld i tell him all tis… i want him to hate me and move on his life.. tats all.. sayng tis she hugged Akshaya and said i dnt no wen it happens to me bt wen i realised am starts to like him… i made distance to nt go closer to him bt i came closer and make him feel fr me…. am such an looser to do tiss…Akshaya jst pacified her and said its k it will be alright.. nw sleep.. she make her sleep..Arjun who heared all tis tears starts to roll down frm his eyes and he cuts the call….
Aftr some hours Akshaya called Arjun and said.. Annna u heared everything na??? so u shld do smthng to make her admit her love.. Arjun said ill do ma dnt wry…Akshaya said i want her to be happy in her life i hav trust in u tat u can keep her happy… ill do anythng fr her… sayng tis she cut the call and she too cried fr her frnd…. FB ENDS..
Akash said so tat grl helpng u??? Arjun said no my sis is helpng me.. like u helpng ur sis!!! Akash said am vry happy fr u Arjun… they both went to their home…… Here Anjali tries to call Akshaya bt her call is busy she dnt whome she is talkng to so many hours… Here Akshaya talkng to Arjun and Arjun tellng her abt the day events and his approached towards Anjali.. Akshaya teasingly said so my brother gt strenght to express his love.. its soo lovely anna…. Arjun blushed and said without my sis i cant do tis ma…. Akshaya said its k anna… Anjali is callng me so many times… if i dnt call her she ill became mad… Arjun said i want her to make mad on me bt ur sayng tat she ill became mad on u ah??? Akshaya said anna i dnt except tat u ill talk soo romantic anyways bye.. talk to later… both said bye and cuts the call…
Akshaya called Anjali and asked her abt a day??? Anjali who is angry at her said with whom ur talkng ??? Akshaya said sme old frnd leave tat tell me abt the day… Anjali said am nt mood to tell u nw… jst cme early tomorrow…. she said k bye takecare my dear… Anjali said bye and cut the call……. Anjali thn think abt Arjun wat he said?? Anjali prays to god y r u makng my life complicated pls help me god… when she closed her eyes to pray she saw Arjun face she is shocked whenever she closed her eyes only her Ayyapa swamy idol will come bt tis time its Arjun.. she cried and said wat u want to say god pls dnt do tis?? thn she eyes chocolate which Arjun gave slight smile came in her lips and took the chocolate and starts to eat… Aftr finishng the chocolate fully kept the cover in her purse…. she smiled and said to herself nice chocolate… my fav… hw cme he knw abt tat….while thnkng she dozed offf……



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  1. Really superb episode dear. Love you dear.

  2. Super episode
    ajali kuda arjun love panrala kkkk
    Really super
    All the best for Your study
    Take care sis

    1. tq uma….
      @deepu… tq ma.. luv u sis…. nalaiku enaku.leave… bcoz of rain.. so ill post my episode tomorrow.. luv u

  3. Oooh. . . Arjun is so romantic. Luks lyk he is compensatng his silnt lyf in schl. . . :-). 😉

  4. Please update next part as soon as possible and also take care of us studies.

  5. Please update next part as soon as possible and also take care of ur studies. Love u dear.

  6. Amazing ka…Arjun is becoming Crazy lover..Haa…i love ❤ that..oh oh Anjali too loving Arjun..wah..u r hitting Six by six day by day..Superb ka..
    Both r so lucky to hav such Friends who r helping them to get their love and life..So good..
    Precap is so Amazing..i love ❤ their fights..Eagerly waiting for that..
    Same Pinch for me too tomorrow is Holiday…
    I am waiting for next epi eagerly..thank u and take care ?..

  7. Arjun is this much expressive. Can’t believe it. But loved it. Oh arjun u hav a great sis. Thats true. Lets see what will happen next.

  8. Finally arjun is in romantic mood awwww sis bro bonding…. its ok ma akila dr… first carrier after that all and day by day try to update an episode dr…. thanks ma

  9. Akila u said that u will update 3episodes….. but there is only one updats here

  10. Very nice episode, interesting, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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