True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 14)

TQ aaliya..hayathi..liya….uma..deepu..roma akka.. fr ur valuable comments sry if i missed any names…..
Akash and Arjun went to their home… wen Akash was abt to say smthng bt Arjun lived to his room and start to punch the punching bag heavily and thinks y it oly happens to me… wenever i loved someone they lived me.. he statrts to punch hardly…

Here Anjali who gt up frm sleep saw Akshaya sleepng beside her and she gt up frm bed and went to balcony and stands silently.. Akshaya who gt up frm bed saw Anjali standng their.. she goes to her and turns towards her…. bt Anjali hugged her cryng and Akshaya pacified her and asked her nw tell me wat hap??? Anjali said everythng wat Arjun said to her and again starts to cry.. Akshaya said so u dnt accept his love?? thn y r u cryng?? and y r u thnkng abt tat??? u said tat ur his frnds thn y?? jst cme and sleep… they both slept…..

Nxt day in school they didnt talk to each other bt Akash talk to Anjali bt didnt ask anythng abt previous night and Akshaya talk to Arjun….likewise days are passing… bt thry care fr eachother…..Aftr boarf exan Akash amd Arjun joined in school trusteess col…. bcoz Arjun is scholarship student…. one yr passed like tis…. bt Akash and yo eachother bt She didnt ask anythng abt Arjun and didnt ask abt his col also…..
Anjali and Akshaya also finished their12th class… both get seat in same col wer Arjun and Akash are studyng bcoz Anjali too is Scholarship student….

first day col.. Anjali prayed to god and tell to her parents tat today Akshaya ill nt come bcoz she went with her parents fr some function she ill cme to col tomorrow.. so i go by bus… sayng tis she leaved the house and go to busstand…

she reached col.. she want to cross the road bcoz col is opposite to busstop… while crossing road she gt call frm Akshaya she gt happy picked the call…. while talkng on phne she crossed the road sho didnt see tat the lorry is approaching her……


sry guys i dnt write abt aftr the proposal.bcoz ill write it like a flashback of it wen it wantsss…. hope u like tis.. sry fr the mistakesss….. tq fr ur support guysss……

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  1. It must b arjun dr 😀

  2. Yeah its arjun

  3. Pls tell about arajali look

  4. Oh hamara arjun hoga na

  5. Oh wow..They r Promoted to College ? now..i am excited for College part..i am waiting to know What Arj gonna do now…
    Precap seems interesting..of course its our Hero Arjun who is Saving her..i am waiting for it …
    Sorry for late..
    I am eagerly waiting for next epi ka..Addicted to it..pls update soon..Thank you and Take care ?..

  6. Very nice episode…akila it’s getting interesting with each update. ..keep it up sweetie, loving it sooo much…eagerly waiting f,or the next episode, love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh

  7. Its getting interesting day by day. Keep it you dear.take care dear

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