True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 12)


tq so much guys fr ur comments….
Roshini is restng… all others are standing silently….. Preethi who breaks the silent said i thnk we wont win the trophy tis time…. Akash asked y r u sayng tis??? preethi said bcoz nw roshini cant participate.. thn fr tat song we both cant dance and minimum three persons shld dance is rules so wat can we do??? Akshaya eyes Anjali… bt didnt say anythng Arjun who saw tis jst hold Anjali’s hand and took her outside… Anjali who is confused asked him wer r u gettng her?? Arjun take hr to nxt room and asked her wat r u thnkng??? she was like wat??? he said r u going to participate r nt??? Anjali said noo… Arjun ask y??? she said am nt interested bt Arjun said dnt lie… telle wats ur prblm??? bt she didnt say anythng… Arjun said her u oly said we shld nt thnk abt past and we shld move on… thn y r u thnkng abt ur past Anjali dnt say anythng…. Arjun again said u too said u shld cme out of tat taruma na?? thn u shld cme… wats ur prblm tell me otherwise do which make u feel better.. Anjali standng silently.. Arjun who lost his cool shouts at her to answer me… Anjali said ur way is different amd mine is different…. ur past is past it ill affect ur present and future bt my past is tied with both my present and future… Arjun asked her shockngly wats my past??? hw knw??? Anjali said Akash Anna said to me on ur bday….


Akshaya sayng ur nt at all a good frnd nt Akash shouts and said u dnt no anythng he will nt celebrate bcoz its his parents death day.. Anjali and Akshaya r shocked… thn Akash said two years back on his bday they plan to go hillstation…. Arjun’s mom make him take o bath and give prasad with sweetdish is payasam which Arjun loves vry mch which his mom make… and arjun, mom and dad went in car… while driving Arjun said to his dad ti drive fast ur going like cow… so his dad drive fast and on the road a stone is placed.. dad who cant controlled the speed apied brake bt car is out of control and it hits tree… hus dad amd mom who is sittng in front became unconsious their heada are bleeding… arjun was sittng in back seat so he is nt hurt… so he cme out of car and tryng hard to wake his parents bt they are losing their life slowly… he tries to gt hlp bt no one is their to hlp thm… i going same hillstation bcoz Arjun called me and said to cme their with my parents…. aftr one hour frm accodent we went their and shocked to see tat arjun’s parent died and he is standng lke a statue… we took all three to hospital Arjun his still in shock and he thnks tat bcoz of him tat their parents are died.. on tat day onwards he stopped to smile and make himself hard and dnt show his love to anyone except me… FB ENDS….. so tats y oly i made payasam to you…

Arjun has tears in his eyes and said u knw everythng..she jst nod her head..Arjyn said k bt pls telm wats ur prblm y r u doing tis??? bt she didt say anythng… thn Arjun said k u wont say bt as ur my u shld do wat am askng??? Bt Anjali said no i cant…. Arjun said thn its ur wish bt as ur captain u shld nt denied to participate bcoz ur name is already in list.. so nw am gng to principal to talk abt u??? wat ur sayng???? Anjali said y r u dng tis??? tis is nt fair??? u cant force me to do tis??? bt Arjun firmly said i asked u polietly u dnt accept so am forcng u nw tats all go amd get ready within 15mins ur dance is startng sayng he lived tat place… Anjali was shocked and dnt no wat to do??

Arjun cme to others and said Anjali will dance with u both… Akshaya smiled boardly and hugged him and said ur superb anna… tq so much.. he jst pats her head with his hand and said its k.. go and get ready..Akash too hugged him and said ur back na???….. they lived to backstage waitng fr Anjali… aftr five mins Anjali cme… all r happy bt she dnt talk to anyone… they annouced the nxt participants… all three went to stage Anjali is in centre and akshaya and preethi are in either sides… song playss( song is….. ENGAE EN PUNNAGAI EVARKONDU POONATHU…. FRM THAALAM MOVIE)… they danced really well.. aftr dance they went to backstage for result bt their is tie up with another school so nw its faceofff…… They said anyone frm both teams to cme and show ur talents.. preethi said ill goo…bt Akshaya said no u cant bcoz u oly knw
western so Anjali will go..

Anjali give her a angrt look and go to stage… song plays both team start to dance… song is playng frm slow to fast with some sad amd happy tune… Anjali managed vry well bcoz she knw both kathak and barathanatiyam… so she slowly starts with western and thn barathanatinyam….freestyle and finished with kathak…. in kathak they hav fast circle movess opposite team cant patch with Anjali so she stopped her dance and clapss fr Anjali… Anjali finished dance with heart full of happinesss.. all gave ger standng aplause… Arjun and Akshaya are shocked to see her bt they both are happy…..

Results are annouced tat over all champion is SHARADHA SCHOOL…. our team gt vry mch happy and they cme to stage received and prize and gve posesss fr picssss with trophy….. they are overjoyed….

Akash,Akshaya,Arjun amd Anjali are in bike stand… Akshaya askng her to sit bt she said ill go by myself… Akshaya said dnt be angry cme with me.. Anjali said no… Akash said to Akshaya k u go ill drop Anjali to her home… Anjali said i left my bag in auditorium wait ill cme sayng tis she lived…. Arjun said u twoo go ill drop her.. Akash said k and went with Akshaya givng his bike key… Akash sat back on Akshaya scooty and said ill u drop me safely… Akshaya said jst sit properly ill drop u safely sayng tis they both waved to Arjun and went out…. Arjun goes inside the auditorium..Anjali jst gt her bag and turned around and saw Arjun their.. amd says to him i gt it cme we ill leave bt Arjun said i wanna talk to u???????


guyssss did u lke it??? aaliya sty ma ur surprise is in nxt part… so keep waitng maa…..

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  1. Yaar plzzzz i want to know the truth behind anjali fear plzzzz enclosed it na

  2. Oh Surprise i am waiting…Thanks in Advance..i am guessing yaar..thank u..
    OMG…i was shocked and I was crying ? on Flashback I won’t ask for Anjali’s past yaar..
    Dance ? part was Awesome yaar..she know different styles..Akash and Akshaya are bonding..nice.. u made Akshaya and Arjun as bro – sis..Good..
    Next part is Amazing…who is gonna confess the love ❤?..i am waiting..
    Thanks for updating and ur story too..Take care ?…
    I am waiting…eagerly…?

  3. Wowwww awesome episode akila, loved this episode very much ,fb was really sad but loved the way anjali performed and arjun’s words to make her ready for it…can’t wait for the next episode, excited for precap of love confession. …eagerly waiting for it…love you loads and very tight hug, take care dear

  4. Oh..god.!! 2dayzz episode was jest rockng..waiting 4 nxt…LOVE CONFESSION…
    Can’t wait..!!!thankzz a lot..n lot..plz update fast….

  5. hayathi tq
    @aaliya keep thnkg maaa
    @roma… tq so mch.. tight hug fr u sis… can i call.akka??
    @vivi… tq ma

  6. I totaly luvd 2days part. Anjali has such a potential, i wondr y is she so? Hmm. . . Pls disclose it soon na. . . Updt nxt part fast . . . Its the conffsn part. . . Am so excitd :-):-D;-)

  7. Akila akka..where r u..i can’t wait for your surprise ?..pls post soon..i am very eager to know..pls post soon..plllllllllllsssssssss…take care ?…I am waiting….

    1. i already sended my story.. they ill post. soo wait my dear… aaliya

  8. Aki where r u…pls post soon..i am waiting..
    TU if u have True love never have Endings pls post next chapter 13 pls..
    I can’t wait yaar…pls its a humble request from me..pls…

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