True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 11)


Hii guyss…. tq fr ur support….. liya… aaliya..hayathi…roma tq so much frnds…..
All four are huggng and thn talkng… Akshaya and Anjali forget their fight and talkng normally and happily….. sports day is finished nxt is culturals… nxt day mrng all cme soon amd are all practising fr their events…..

Akash is practising and Akshaya is gettng ready Anjali is helpng her… Roshini said i ll go to washroom and come and she went out and preethi get in their and said to Akash tat fr junior level one boy is nt well so cant participate only five member are their??? Akash asked her to see the list and make anyother student to participate bt she said no all are participating in some events no one is their….. thn Akash said k tell them to change the formation and perform wit five members itself bt preethi said we can use sme students who is nt in list… Akash said no we cant make them participate bcoz its final list we cant add any one nw… Suddenly preethi asked thn hw come Anjali take part in badmiton match.. she also didnt hav membership and nt in list hw cme she participate??? Arjun who cme jst nw heared tis…. Anjali is confused and Akshaya is shocked… Akash who didnt realise Anjali is here he said to preethi tat… Anjali hav membership card and her name is in list…. Anjali was shocked to hear tis and asked to Akash wat r u sayng??? it means u all purposely made me to play??? Akash was shocked and dnt no wat to say… Anjali asked who gt my membership??? Akash didnt say anythng.. Anjali asked him its my promise tell me nw??? he jst eyes Akshaya who s behind her… Anjali who saw tis said soo u made tis and y??? u knw everythng abt me and y r u dng tis??? u knw i am tryng to forgrt and u want me to recall it??? y??? y r u dng tis??? Akshaya said bcoz ur my frnd.. bt Anjali said dnt say tat if ur my frnd u wont do tis.. aftr knwng everythng u did tis??… Akshaya nw gt angry and said aftr knwng everythng only am doing tis fr u.. wat u say tat ur tryng to frgt… it cant be forgt bcoz its ur life… i did tis only to gt my frnd back… who is brave nt innocent.. who is happy nt sad… who do mischief nt silent… who can do anythng fr her dreamss and nt live her dreamss…i cant make ut past and future too be happy bt i can make u in present….. sayng tis she cried out loud and collapse on the floor…

Anjali who too has tears jst lived tat place silently Arjun who saw tis followed her… Akash who was shocked to saw tis goes to Akshaya and sat down and placed his hands on her shoulder and said sryy…Akshaya jst hugged him tightly and said u dnt do anythng its me.. i knw it ill gve pain to her later it ill gve happiness tat y i did tis… pls tell her to talk to me and dnt gt angry with me…. Akash also has tears in his eyes hugged her and said she is nt angry… ur dng fr frnd so dnt cry…. its nt ur fault….. while they talkng they heared some scremng sound.. they all heads out….

Meanwhile we see Anjali and Arjun who are gne out… Arjun asked her to stop bt Anjali dnt stop so Arjun holds her hand and stopped her and said i want to talk to you?? bt she said pls leave me alone i dnt want to talk… sayng tis she moved bt Arjun once again pulled her towards him… at tat time roshini who cme their steps in oil wer Anjali was abt to step in it… roshini slipped amd fall down and screamed hard… Anjali and Arjun are shocked to see tis…. at a time Akash.. Akshaya and Preethi cme their and saw tis… all make her sit and saw her foot which fractured she cant move…. they all do her firat aid and make her take rest….


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  1. Oho aisa kya hua anjali ne sab chod diya akila dr plz updats fast dr plzzzx

    1. hayathii… i dnt no hindi…. bt tanx fr commentng pa…
      liya tq so much pa….
      aaliya my dr sis tq d…. tomorrow u hav surprise sis…pls commentng ma

      1. My pleasure ?..i am waiting for ur Surprise pa..ofcourse I will read buddy..take care ?..

  2. So finaly, anjali’s past is unfoldng . I luvd it 🙂 eagrly waitng 4 nxt, updt soon 🙂

  3. Epi was Amazing di..I am waiting for next part eagerly know d past..what happened that She have left everything..
    Anjali is lucky to have a friend like Akshaya.Really she is so supportive and helpful to her..i love ❤ their friendship..
    Waiting for next part eagerly..pls update soon..Thank u and Take care ?..

  4. Akshaya u r true frnd. Finally some fb will be revealed. Update fast.

  5. Awesome episode akila, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. tq manha
      @roma… can i cal u akka… bcoz i saw ut cmnt in cls post tat ur elder tan me tats y am askng??? tq so much fr ur cmnts akka

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