True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 10)


GUYSSS…. Pls comment wheatger ur likng it r nt???
Akshaya sayng its Anjali who gonna play badmiton…. Anjali was shocked and three(Arjun… Akash…Preethi) was surprised and preethi asked wat r u sayng??? Akshaya said am sayng true Anjali knws to play badmiton.. so she will play tat bt Anjali shouts stop it Akshaya… what r u thnkng ill say k fr tis dnt ever thnk like tat….. Akshaya want to say smthng bt Anjali firmly said dnt say anythng i dnt want to listen anythng and leaves tat place angrily…. Akshaya abt to follow her bt Akash angrily said dnt move its ur mistake… if didnt do tat mistake it ill nt be hap…Bt Arjun stands for her and said to Akash to keep silent and he goes towarda Akshaya and asked her did Anjali really knw to play.??. Akshaya sadly said s she knws.. she oly taught me to play.. she s the one who selected fr state level match bcoz of family prblm she didnt play tat match…. i took her place and played tat match and she starts to cry.. Arjun pacify her sayng dnt wry she ill play and she hugged him and wipes her tears… Arjun said to Akash tat go and convince Anjali!!!.. Akash abt to smthng bt he said do wat i said!!!! Akash goes to Anjali who is sittng on the bench under tree in corner… she is vry angry and depressed.. Akash came and sat beside her and give water bottel to drink.. she drank full bottel without sayng anythng and she became calm… Akash asked her r u alright??? she nods yes…. thn he asked her did u knw to play.. she nods her head yes…. Akash said i didnt forcng bt we didnt hav any other choice.. we loose the compettion without participating is shame.. if we participate and lose it means it jst a failure.. so wat u think??? its abt our school and ur one of the captain… every captain wants their team to win???? so wat abt u???? she said k bt i cant be sure wheather ill win.. he said its k… nw please smile.. angry dont suit u??? she slightly smiless and both went to wer others…. Seeng her Akshaya gt up and cme to her bt Anjali said to Akash tat tell her to dnt talk to me sayng tis she leaved to get ready fr competion….Akshaya cried out loud and Arjun holds her shoulder and said dnt wry.. she s ur frnd she ill definetly talk to her k nw pls smile… she smiled and said i taught ur very roude and dnt talk to anyone bt ur vry sweet anna… Arjun with fake angry who said am roude??? she sadly said i taught??? Arjun smiled and said its k ma… nw u knw na ur bother is sweet.. both smiled happily.. Akash who watchng tis said come lets go to competion… Arjun said ill go with Akshaya fr chess u go with anjali fr badmiton… he said k and all leaved preethi followed akshaya….
Badmiton match starts before going to gtound Anjali prays to god and Akash said dnt wry abt anythng jst do ur best… She nods and they went to coat… game started.. opposite team girl played hardly amd she scored points continuosly… Anjali closed her eyes fr a second and starts to play nw she beats opposite team score amd won the competion….Akash was shocked to saw her playng well amd goes to her and hugged her and said u r smly superb ma… i fnt knw u ill play welll… she jst smile to him and both of them went to saw Arjun and Akshaya… here Akshaya qualified to final.round bt she is still sad thnkng abt Anjali… Anjali came to her frm behind amd said i won my match fr my lovely frnd.. so u should won tis match fr me k??? Akshaya surprised amd hugged her tightly amd said sry to her… both are cryng and thn they moved apart…. Game starts… Akshaya to won the match….. all four hugged together happily like a family….


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  1. Heyy…Akila…. I didn’t understand anything cause I don’t know about your previous ones…. So please give me summary….. If you don’t mind….

    1. my pleasure brity… its abt four frnds Arjun, Akash, Akshaya and Anjali… here Arjun amd Anjali are pair and Akash and Akshaya are pair… Arjun and Akash are bst frnds frm childhood and Akshaya and Anjali also childhood frnds… they can do anythng for their frnds.. Arjun and Anjali has sme past which ill reveal it in aftr some episodes… frm frst episode its shws hw four become frnds they are studyng in school wer Anjali and Akshaya are in 11th class… Akash amd Arjun are in 12th class… its my story ma.. if u cant understand pls read my previous episodes bt ill try to give u link on nxt episode wen i post it…..

  2. Nice epi dr, u didnt post 4 last few days, hop u r 5n.

  3. Yaar plz i want to know the reason behind anjali plzzzzz updatw na

  4. Hiiii awesome episode yaar, lovely friendship bond between all four…eagerly waiting for the next episode…

  5. Hai did a very good job. Awesome and my friends are fans of your story. Please continue dear.if you have time na please update more dear

  6. Superb yaar..I am waiting for Cultural..s too waiting for the past..pls update soon..Take care ?..

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