True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 20)

Akshaya stopped her bike near park which is closed to their home… Anjali asked her wat hap??? y we came her??? bt jst she hold her hand and took her inside the park and asked her frst u tell me wat hap to u??? Anjali asked wat??? nthng hap to mee y r u qskng like tis??? Akshaya said dnt lie to mee… u knw abt me na?? jst tell mee wat u dne??? Anjali didnt say nthng amd asked her wat i dne??? Akshaya nw loses her cool amd asked her directly wat u said to Arjun?? Anjali asked her hw u knw??? I asked u smthng bt ur askng me smthng jst tell me wat u said… thn Anjali said wat she told to Arjun… Akshaya asked her did u knw u hav dne?? r u in sense??? Anjali said am in full sense i said tat… wats prblm in it??? Akshaya asked her did ur happy with tis decision??? she said s am happy… Bt Akshaya said dnt lie again if ur happy means y ur sad?? Anjali said its nt like tat bt Akshaya said y r u running frm ur prblm pls stand and face it!! Anjali said its nt my prblm… am facing my life… i had choosen tis with lots of thinkng… Akshaya asked her r u sure.. she said yes bt automatically tears starts to rolled down frm hr eyes… akshaya asked thn y r u cryng??? y r u hurtng urself???

u ill happy with him he ill keep u happy Anjali??? bt Anjali cuts her and said ya ill be happy bt wat abt my parents and wat abt my appa’s trust and his name ill be ruined… i dnt want tat…… u knw wen am takng tis decision am brokedown bt wen i think abt my parents who grow me up and giving me my happiness all these… fr them.. my sacrifice is less bcoz they sacrificed more fr me… Akshaya said they sacrificed bcoz ur daughter… they sacrificed their life to grew up u i accept it bt ur sacrificing ur whole life fr them its foolish… Anjali said my parents is frst fr me i can do anythng… thn she said i love my appa mre … Akshaya said bt Arjun loves u more tan tat… anjali jst said dnt ever take tis topic here aftr its my promise sayng tis she lived the park… Akshaya was shocked and sat on bench thinkng abt Arjun…

Here Akash brings Arjun home and take him to his room and asked him wat hap tell me??? Arjun whi is still in shock didnt respond to him.. Akash shook and asked him to say??? Arjun said wat and all Anjali said to him… Akash said she mst said it in angry.. so fnt wry she ill talk to u bt Arjun said no she is confident in her decision.. u knw nefore wenever i talk to i saw love in her eyes bt today i saw only anger… she had decided tis to avoid me completely…. wenever she talk to me she talk with sme nervousness bt today she talk with brave and bold…. i dnt knw.. smthng mst hav hap??? at tat time Akshaya came and said… yes smthng hap!! hearng her voice they saw her who standng in door step…. She cme inside and said to Arjun… Anna i ill ask u only one ques u shld tell me and link it with Anjali’s situation.??? he jst noda his head… Akshaya asked him if u want to choose bet Anjali amd ur amma??? whome u ill choose??? i knw its difficult bt say honestly??? Arjun without thinkng he said Amma…. thn he said so Anjali choosed her parents???? Akshaya said yes… bt Arjun said u knw i saw my AMMA in her.. so hw can i live hr??? she is my life??? i wnt let her go!!!….

Akshaya said tats wat am sayng u knw.. wen u both joined col… we r studng 12th class… she missed u so mch… she sat in ur place wer u sit wen ur in 12th… she daily cme early and saw the empty ground wer u played daily… she loves u so mch bt bcoz of her parents she is doing like tiss… pls annna plsss dnt live her… u doo anythng bt pls make hr urss bcoz oly u can gve her happiness… sayng tis she leaved… Arjun is in taughtsss ….. Akash followed Akshaya and stopped her… she turned towards him… Akash asked her y r u hiding ur saddness??? Akshaya said noo… Akash asked her really???? nw Akshaya has tears in her tears which abt to fall…. Akash jst hugged her tightly and said ur sch a gud frnd to my sis… my sis lucky get u as a frnd…. Akshaya too hugged him with teary eyes with broken words said u my brother also lucky to hav u as a frnd… Akash broke his hug and said no my sis… Akshaya said no my bro… thry starts to fight and then breaks into laughter… seeng her laughing Akash said to plss always keep smiling…. other ur face is like angry bird… Akshaya said u too laugh otherwise ur face is lke dnky…. again they laught and Akshaya said i ill leave and says bye to him and leaved the house…. Akash smiles seeng her going…………



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  1. New intro may be anjali fiance right dr

  2. Hai ka..How r u…
    Aww..Anjali u love ❤ Arjun so much..haa….i want her dad to think about her Happiness..i am waiting for that scene when Anjali’s dad accepting Arjun and then only Anjali will accept her love ❤..
    This Akshaya and Akash r such a Sweethearts..they always help their friend..
    In todays epi Akshaya rocked..the way she went and told Arj was good..i hope Arjun becomes more Confident and Starts to impress Anj by his love ❤..
    This Akshaya and Akash r so cute guys..
    I hope this new entry will opposite to Preeti..
    Waiting for next part eagerly..thank u ka and take care ?..

  3. Wow Both Akash and Akshaya are good friends to Arjun and Anjali.Im very curious to know what will happen to next. Update next part soon dear and take care dear.

  4. Who is the new entry?

  5. Mayb i 2 wud hav taken the same decisn as anj if am in dat situatn . . . Sad to c anj n arj sad 🙁

  6. Hi akila dear, it’s superb episode, loved it very much, Arjun and anjali are soulmates, but she still sacrificing her love for parents. ..plzzzz arjun convince her….akash n akshaya are choooo cuteeee and their fights so lovely. …plzzzz make them pair also…arnkash dear who is new intro in precap? Can’t wait for the next episode, eagerly waiting, love you loads

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