True Love Never Have Endings (Episode 1)

Love doesn’t mean to hap between only boy and grl….. it also happens between friends ,family , nature…. etc…..

lets go to my story…

Sunrise’s… its mrng…. their are lot of apartments in the city….. in one of the flat… we can hear a aloud voice of grl shouting tat ANJALI u r the topper of our school( who passed her 10th class)…. congrats and hugged her tightly…. the grl one who shoutng is akshaya her best friend frm childhood….. Anjali go to her parents and got blessngs frm them…. her Amma(mom) make her eat sweet and hugged her and said made me proud my dear…. her father bless her and said i knw my daughter will surely make me proud and then he pat his hands on her head. Akshaya said uncle, aunty wat u both are going to talk like this ah???? dont u give me treat??? Amma said ya ya u hav great treat…. i already made payasam(kheer) for all… come lets go…. amma and appa leave to hall.. only akshaya and anjali are alone in their room…. akshaya asked y are u sad my dear…. u should be happy na????
After some more moment of silent she said am very happy to see my parent’s happy… bt i dnt want to burden them more… i can’t continue my studies bcoz financially we are week…. hw can i be happy akshaya…. akshaya said wat r u tellng dr… u have good marks u can get scholarship and u can continue ur studies dr… so dnt wry… i am their fr u… nw just smile… anjali smiled litely…they both go to hall to have payasam… family has lite moment…….
Anjali also has one elder sister… whose name is Ankita(I’ll reveal this character aftr some episodes… bt nw she is nt living with hr family)…
Next day mrng akshaya called anjali and said we both got seat in “SHARADHA HIGH SCHOOL” Anjali got shock and asked i didn’t apply any form to tat school how i gt seat and more over tat school as highest position in our city hw come i gt seat…. while she tellng tis non stop… akshaya said stop take breathe first and the she continued to say am ur friend i can do anything for u my dr… bt anjali who as self respect said i don’t want any favour and u know about me thn hw can u do tis…. akshaya said i dnt to any favour… i jst send ur marks to them… they gave u seat by seeng ur marks and not any favour… she said firmly… anjali calmed and quietly asked abt fees…. akshaya said their is no need to pay fees… in tat school they give scholarship to three students who is good in studies.. so u got it tats it… nxt week we both gng to join in tat school tats it… bye and then she disconnected her phone…. here anjali runs to hall and said to her parent’s about school… they get cheerful… then she thanked god….

Next episode: Two girls r gng to their school and oppsite two boys are coming in bike(they are our heros of our heroines)

sry for the mistakes……. hope u like it…. leave ur comment and if u any suggestions also u can frankly tell me…. tanq guys for reading my episode…… pls leave ur comments so tat i can continue my nxt part……

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  1. Plz akhi update fast na… next update… u r tamilian

  2. Nice epi..R the heroes r rich spoilt brats…then it will be interesting..waiting for next epi..Update soon..
    R u studying or working ?,. Take care ?..

  3. Gud 1:-)

  4. liked it…i always want a middle class family story and u did it thnx akhila

  5. @hayathi… tq so much….. ya am tamilian… so something ill be in tamil bt I’ll transulate it fr u
    @ aaliya…. tq ma… am studyng
    @liya.. tq so much
    @ruby…. tq pa….

  6. Hmmmm. Loved it. .gr8 job akila, please continue, eagerly waiting for the next episode

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