true love never dies sesson 2 episode 9



After 2 months….
They completed their exams.. Sanksar joined in Office.. He has completely changed… Laksh is taking care of his dad business.. And they parents happily agreed for Laksh and Ragini wedding..
Bublu and his friends, got a placements.. And they all settled in jobs!! Nd Shona trying her best to be a good wife, she trying to take care of her family and her beloved husband


Shona and Sanky sleeping hugging each other, suddenly Shona gets a night mare about her past..
A girl is running, and a boy running back of her, twisting her, both are enjoying their lovely moments.. And they fall on bed!!
He immediately hides something…

Girl: what r u hiding??
Boy; its secret..
Girl: ?what’s that?? Plz tell me na!!
Boy: noooooo?
Girl tickles him and she tries to take that item..
Boy: Arey nooo!! Wait….
But girl takes the pillow.. And she finds a diary… The blue diary…

Suddenly a light falls on her face… It was morning!!

She opens her eyes.. She looks towards her right.. Sanky was sleeping cutely hugging her..

She gets happy and hugs him and gives morning kiss.. She gets fresh up and goes down..

Meantime Sanky gets up and he gets ready, he starts shouting…

Sanky: (shouts) shonaaa, my watch??
Shona: in ur shelf Sanky…

Sanky; my files??
Shona: on the bed…
Sanky: ?I’m sorry I dint see..

Sanky: shonaa….
Shona: ?if I hear a sound again il kill u..

Sanky: (teases) Shona, ur husband is going to office.. Don’t u know that u should be with him until He goes..

AP: Hahha Shona.. Stop this kitchen work.. And go..

Shona goes to they room… She looks at Sanskar, who is in formals and blazer… She admires him..

Shona: Woww Sanky.. This is called perfection… I just loved it…my hubby is sooooooooo cute!!

Sanky: shonaa, I’m telling u something did u forget?? What kind of wife u are..don’t u know that u should be with me..??

Shona: what kind of husband u are?? Don’t u know that, ur wife always care for u.. Nd she loves u soo much that she started cooking on her own for her husband?

Sanky: I know.. ? but my dear darling, who told u too cook… U be with me that’s enough!! (He tries to kiss her)

Shona: Sanky.. Ur late to office.. Goo now!!

He looks at her angrily.. Shona smiles and goes down..

Breakfast time:

All starts having breakfast..
Pari: Sanky when is Laksh engagement??
Shona: tomorrow evening mom.. We all will go before itself, Ragini will be very happy..
Pari: okay Shona..

Sanky: Kk Shona, bye.. (He kisses her forehead)

Shona: bye Sanky miss u!!!

Pri and AP smiles..

Sanky: hmm k bye!! Miss u too

Sanky and Adharsh leaves for office!!

Shona in kitchen preparing lunch… At that time she recollects the dream, that diary…
She thinks I saw that diary somewhere..
Suddenly she remembers that diary in Sanky shelf..

She gets shocked and runs to her room… She opens sankys shelf and starts searching it..
She gets surprised seeing it… She touches the diary..
“Same diary.. Why did I get this diary in my dream?”

She sits in the bed and starts reading the diary.. The each word she reads, she imagines everything in her past.. This made her to get tears.. Yess..she remembered everything…she got to know that she is Swara..

She is shocked..

Is this true?? Did I again born??
She cries caressing the diary… “Did Sanky know about it”?? And papa.. He is Adharsh jiju.. And Ma became dadi for me!!
She remembers all the time she spent with AP.. She gets happy and runs to see her..

AP room;
AP is in her room sleeping..
Shona goes to her room.. She watches her sleeping.. She thinks about her caring in past and present… She cries and touches her feet, for showing so much of love for a unknown relation like her..

AP gets up feeling the touch.. She opens her eyes and watches shona crying

AP:?Shona, why r u crying? Kya hua Beti??
Shona: love u Ma!!
(She hugs her tightly)
AP: (confused) Shona r u alright? Did u remember ur parents? Don’t worry Shona, they will come.. Nd now don’t cry..

Shona looks at her lovingly…
She sleeps on her lap.. And thinks..
“Am so lucky Ma to get u all again in my life”!! She remembers Sanky.. She feels like talking to him..

Shona: dadi.. Il come now..

She runs to her room and calls Sanky..

Sanky looks at her phone and lifts her

Sanky: hello Shona darling?? U called me this time.?? R u bored?

Shona listens to his voice.. She becomes soo emotional..

Sanky: Shona?? Kya hua??? Ur not speaking..

Shona: (wipes her tears) when r u coming??

Sanky: il come around 7:00 okay??

Shona: okay.. Come soon.. I love u Sansk..(she stops and continues) Sanky!!!

Sanky: haha love u too Shona!!
He cuts the call..

She looks at their pics.. She gets soo happy.. She remembers all the incident..
But she gets scared thinking how Jagadish tortured her.. She gets scared.. She again opens the diary… She reads the dairy again.. And smiles..

Suddenly she looks at the time it was 6:00
She gets happy..
She thinks
Swara..Sanskar is coming now.. Get ready, ohh god! I’m not Swara anymore.. I’m shona now.. But he is my Sanskar..

She goes towards her shelf and selects a red saree.. As she knows Sanskar loves her in red saree.. She gets ready..
And goes down..

AP and Pari gets stunned to see her.. That too in saree!!

AP: Shona.. Wow u look soo cute!!
Shona: Thankyou dadi..
Pari: what’s the special Shona??
Shona: nothing Ma.. I just felt like wearing it..

At that time she hears sankys car sound..
She feels shy and happy..

Sanky comes inside.. Shona gets more shy and she hides back of dadi..

Sanky: shonaa..(he suddenly watches her hiding) ohh!! Something is happening here.. Someone is hiding..

Dadi: hahah Sanky.. She wore saree.. That’s the reason.. She is feeling shy..

Sanky: ohh.. Saree? Shona in saree!!
Where Shona.. Show me!!

He pulls her out.. He gets stunned to see her..

Sanky: Woww Shona!! Ur awesome!! Now u really look like complete house wife..he keeps on praising her

Shona looks at him so lovingly.. SHe remembers all her past time with Sanskar.. She gets soo shy..

Sanky observes her shyness.. And he goes close to her and whispers
“Why my darling is soo shy today?”

Shona: (smiles) nothing… I’m not shy..

Sanky: ohh really?? Then why ur blushing??

Shona blushes Hardly and hugs him..

Sanky: Hahahaha Shona!!! Kya hua?? Itna blushing??

Shona: am I looking gud?
Sanky: u are beautiful forever

Shona: ?thanks… Leave this.. Go and get freshup.. Il get coffee for u..

Sanky: (smiles) Kk.. Come soon!!

Shona rushes to the kitchen and she prepares coffee for him..
She goes to her room.. Sanky is in washroom..

Shona: Sanky come soon.. I brought the coffee!

Sanky: haa Shona, 5mins…

Shona keeps the coffee on the table.. She looks at the mirror and goes near it..
She takes the lipstick and she applies it.. Suddenly She looks at her tummy..and gets shocked..

“Omg..Shona.. Ur becoming fat.. You should follow ur diet.. R else u won’t look beautiful.. (She keeps talking to herself)
At that time Sanky comes out.. He looks at Shona who is talking to herself..
He smiles and back hugs her..

Sanky: what my Shona is doing?? She is talking to herself very angrily.. That means Ur worried for something…. Kya hua Shona?
Shona: ?Sanky.. Am I looking fat??

Sanky: Hahahah fat?! Why did u get that doubt??

Shona: see my tummy.. I think Whatever I’m eating, the fat is been stuck in it!!

Sanky: Hahahah Noo.. Shona! Infact u look cute.. I liked it..

Shona: really??
Sanky: Yess sweetheart.. By d way.. What is this saree? U know, I couldn’t turn my face off from u.. U look that awesome
That too in this saree.. U look very different!! I just feel like kissing you..

He seducingly kisses her neck.. Shona turns towards him.. And hugs him shyly..

Sanky: (smiles) and this shyness.. God!!! That giving soo much of cuteness to ur glowing face..
(He cups her face and kisses her forehead.. He looks at her lips.. When he was about to kiss.. They was a knock.. It was Adharsh..

Adharsh: Varun!!
Sanky: Yaa dad..
Adharsh: Sanky, we need to go out for a meeting and a dinner too..
Sanky: 2mins dad..

Sanky: bye Shona.. He kisses her cheeks.. Nd I’m sorry?

Shona: Sanky.. No worries.. Go and help papa..

Sanky: (cups her face) bye!! Nd don’t wait for me.. U have ur dinner okay!! It takes time for us..

Shona: Kk!! Come soon..

Sanky smiles and leaves..

Shona changes her dress and she goes down..

AP; Shona, come have ur dinner..
Shona: Haaa Ma..

AP, Pari and Shona sits together for dinner..

Pari: Shona I did ur fav chicken curry.. Come have it!!

Shona: ?Noo Ma..I don’t want chicken..

Pari: ?then what ul eat Shona..

Shona: I’m feeling like to eat mangoes.. That too green mangoes.. Yummy!!

Pari: Hahha that is not for dinner.. Tomorrow.. Il buy that for u..

Shona: Kk Ma!!

They all have food together..

After sometime :
She goes to her room.. It was 12:30..
She waits for Sanky.. And falls asleep..


Sanky reaches home.. He goes to his room.. It was full dark, and full cool…he switches on the Light…And he finds Shona sleeping.. He smiles and switch offs the light..

He changes his dress.. And jumps into his bed to sleep and He hugs her
when he was about to sleep..
Shona: Sanky U came??
Sanky: (smiles) Yaa shonaa…u into sleep yet??

Shonaa looks at him.. And hugs him soo tight!!

Shona: I’m so happy Sanky…today is the best day in my life.., do u believe 2nd birth??

Sanky is shocked..
Sanky: (tensed) why r u asking like that??

Shona: (sleeps on him) il tell u onething, don’t tease me Sanky.. I really want to share this..

Sanky: ?what’s that??

Shona: this is my second birth Sanky.. ?Yesterday I remembered.. It was soo beautiful.. And u don’t believe this.. U know in my first birth.. Ur my husband.. And u belong to this family only!!

Sanky is shocked.. His eyes are filled with tears of joy!! He immediately switch on’s the light.. And he cups her face..

Sanky: (excited) Shona is this real? U got dream about ur past??

Shona: haa Sanky.. I know u won’t trust these births.. But This is true!! Nd she cups his face..Nd now I remembered Sanky.. Why dadi used to call me Swara, because in my first birth my name is Swara!! Nd ur name..

Sanky gets happy..he interrupts her and hugs her tightly!!!

Sanky: I know Swara, this is our second birth!! Because I remembered this long back.. But I dint tell u.. I was scared.. That’s the reason I dint tell u..

Shona: Sanky.. U remembered ? really??

She hugs him tightly and cries..

Shona: our love is true… I always used to think, why I love u so much.. This is because, this is destiny… I love u Sanskar..
(She cries hugging him)

Sanky hugs her with lots of love..
“I love u too Swara”

Swara smiles looking at him…

Sanky: but I will call u Shona.. This is our present life.. I’m soo happy… He kisses her face

Shona: Kk.. Even il call u Sanky only.. ?now no one can seperate us Sanky.. Because this birth was a gift from God! We never did anything wrong to others, that’s why we are blessed.. And we don’t need to worry at all..god will always take care of us..Nd I have full trust our love is true which will never die…??

Sanky: hahah Yaa.. Shonaa.. Ur right!!

They both stare at each other and sleeps holding each other in their arms!!

Episode ends


*Last Episode*

Bit emotional and lots of happiness yet to come…

What About Jagadish??
Wait for next episode..

I know you all don’t want to miss this FF.. Ul miss shova track..
But one day it should end.. So I’m ending it now with a happy note..



Once a upon a time they lived a king named Raja Suryavamsh!! He is very humble and gentle.. His only aim is to give happiness to his people in his kingdom..
He has only 1 son, his name is Shekar suryavamsh..
Everyone in the kingdom loves sheKar, as he is same humble like the King…

Years passed…
Shekar took the responsible of being king To rule, and he used to take advices from raja, and follows his steps..
Shekar is very good at heart… All are very happy in his ruling, but only sad thing is that Shekar doesn’t have kids..

He met many doctors but all used to say that he cannot have children.. Many advices Shekar to marry again..
Shekar wife Sharmistha suryavamsh.. Used to fee bad..and she decides her self to find for the solution..

One day she goes to meet a sage who stays in Himalayas.. And she tells her problem to him.. He gives a solution to do puja daily for 40 days and sacrifice something in return to God as a gift.. Sharmistha agrees and she leaves..

She goes to mandir and prays God to give her a child.. As a return gift il sacrifice my life for the happiness of my people and my kingdom.. As my child will be having many caretakers.. But for my people happiness il sacrifice my life..

She does 40 days pujas.. As expected she becomes pregnant.. It was a festival time in the entire kingdom.. All were happy but all times are not good.. The city has no rainfall since many months.. No water, no food..This made people suffer..
There is only a river nearby but it is occupied by another kingdom King Adhiraj..

Raja Shekar tried his best to get water and food for the people.. But adhiraj got angry knowing that the river is being used by other kingdom..

He sends a notice to Raja Shekar that this water wil not be given to them.. If u want water you should give me what I want..

Shekar agrees to it.. Adhiraj asks Shekar to write his kingdom in the name of his son Laksh adhiraj!!

Shekar wants to make his people happy so he accepts.. And writes the kingdom on the name of Laksh Adhiraj!! But Shekar tells Adhiraj that only ur son will get right on this kingdom, when he gets 25 years.. Until then he should not disturb his people.. Adhiraj agrees!!

Raja kingdom gets water.. But even that river is going to become dry in few months..As there is no rainfall since many months..

The people in kingdom are becoming sick..
The sage gets to know about this kingdom.. He goes and meet Raja suryavamsh.. He looks at Sharmistha being pregnant.. He feels happy and tells raja indirectly that.. The solution for this kingdom is only a star which comes into this word.. That is the gift from God..and a solution for this kingdom
He leaves..

No one understood what he meant.. Days passes…months passes… 9th month!!
One night.. Queen starts getting pain.. All gets worried… Sharmistha gives birth to a girl.. As soon as she comes out from her womb.. They was big thunders… Which made everyone shock as it is a symptoms of rain.. And finally it rains heavily…

The kingdom happiness has came back.. All are very happy.. …raja suryavamsh and Shekar suryavamsh gets happy and they remember the sage words.. And they think that the princess is a star for this kingdom..
With that happiness… Raja named the child as.. ‘SWARA’ means STAR…
Her full name was Swara suryavamsh’ and nick name as ‘Tara’
And their sacrificed this child to this kingdom .. As she brought the happiness back..
Days passed… Sharmistha remembered her sacrifice.. She writes a letter to the princess that how a girl should be, what responsibility she should take care of their kingdom as a princess..

She gives that letter to a servant and she tells that to give this letter to the princess when she gets knowledge to write and read..

Servant agrees.. Sharmistha kisses her princess and leaves the kingdom and sacrifices her life..

When Shekar and raja gets to know about the queens sacrifice for this kingdom.. They feel sad but feels proud for her sacrifice

Days passed…
Tara (Swara) grows up.. She is 8 years now..servant gives her a letter which was given by the queen..

Swara gets happy as she stars reading the letter where Sharmistha explained her how she should love others.. And all…
After reading the letter, she feels as if her mom is near to her.. Nd she promise her mom that she will love everyone without any difference and she will live for people…

She starts showing love to poor Nd other people like how her mother does…all her amazed to see her kind heart… All treats her with lots of love.. She has no worries.. She has everything in her kingdom…she has her age girls to play.. She goes to school along with others.. Though she is princess she has a loving heart.. She has no proud.. She is calm and humble.. But a pampered kid by her papa Nd grandpa..

One day… Adhiraj reminds Shekar that now his son is 15years.. Now he is leaving to a city.. ..But After 10 years my son will get 25years…I will again enter this kingdom to make it completely by my Laksh..and be ready…

Shekar is helpless.. He just nodes yes…

10 years later…..21st century!!!

Swara’s 18th birthday….
What happened??


Laksh: son of Adhiraj… A spoilt prince…And a selfish and angry person.. He only wants his happiness he don’t care about anyone..
He falls for Swara… And does anything to get her..

Sanskar: a student.. Who is very active, handsome, joyful.. Rags girls..Enjoys his college life with his friends..but good at heart..

Swara: a beautiful princess, who does anything for her people..

How she meets Sanskar??
She is somewhere in a kingdom and Sanskar is somewhere in the city..

How will the destiny bring them together??

Keep waiting for the episode 1 of my next FF…

The princess in Veil…

This may be history type to u all.. But it is not.. It’s fully a college love story..

The fun is going to be back…!!

Credit to: NEHA FF LOVER

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